01 January 2009

Shameful Top Ten List-

The list of the top ten MOST CORRUPT POLITICIANS in
Washington, D.C. has been released by Judicial Watch:

10. Rep. Don Young, R-AK

9. Sen. Ted Stevens, R- AK

8. Rep. Rick Renzi, R- AZ

7. Rep. Charles Rangel, D- NY

6. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D- CA

5. PRESIDENT ELECT Barack Hussein Obama, D- Chicago

4. Rep. Jerry Lewis, R- CA

3. Presidential Advisor and Illinois Senatorial hopeful Valerie Jarrett, D- IL

2. Sen. Chris Dodd, D- CT

1. GUESS WHO? I'll let you click the link for the big(?) surprise! (It's another D.)

So republicans have 4 outta 10, and only one name in the top five? C'mon repubs...
You can do better!

(UPDATED, 1159 hours- Re-reading the link I find I skimmed the lead too quickly. This list is in reverse alphabetical order, so there isn't a bad-to-worse order here. All these folks are dirty.)

Thanks Instapundit.


Ward said...

The list lost its credibility when it mentioned Obama's "corrupt dealings with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers."

cj said...

Gee, Ward, you men it's okay to befriend an unrepentant terrorist and be involved in, if not corrupt, at least some very shady dealings with him? I mean, I know The One can do no wrong but really...

GB, the only thing that upsets me about this list is the fact that there are Republicans on it. I expect better of them and when they do stupid things, I want them to pay...