31 March 2024

Peter's Testimony

I LOVE the Dolly Parton version, but post this version hoping to impact a different audience this Easter.

20 March 2024

Too Old To Drive?

At what point in life should you hand over your keys?
I think that certainly must be examined on an individual basis. I began to be frightened with my Dad's driving when he was 78+-, but that fear was influenced by the fact that macular degeneration  was beginning to be a factor with him. He drove FAST. And I didn't think his vision and reaction time were sufficient for his physical condition.

I just turned 77. Of course, I feel perfectly safe to drive. But am I?
I find myself being distracted by stupid stuff these days. (What's that bright shiny object over there?!)
More and more I'm getting a "buzz" from the rumble strips we find alongside our highways these days-
Thank Goodness for 'em.

I had a friend (named "Finis", believe it or not. His parents decided he absolutely was their LAST child!)
Finis's car, a BIG Ford LTD, had battle scars all over it. Finis smiled and said he "Parked by feel".
I tried to keep my car as far away as possible from where I knew Finis would be parking his TANK.

I don't wanta be like Finis.
But I sure understand what it is like to be facing the situation where I have to forfeit my key FOB.
What d'ya think? When should it be apparent that a "Seasoned Citizen" should resort to calling a cab?

17 March 2024


I was kidnapped by my Federal Government in 1966.
The letter informing me I would be kidnapped was quite friendly:
You are hereby ordered to report for induction into the Armed Forces of the United States, and to report at..."(followed by the place, date, and time I was to be abducted.)

Today I was thinking-
Nineteen year old kids today have nervous breakdowns if they are told "No". They need "Safe rooms" to retreat to if things in life begin to get a little tense.
How would they handle if they received such a letter today, knowing it might result in them giving their life in the defense of the country?

I'll answer that question with a question-
How are all our services doing with recruiting these days?


04 March 2024

Becoming "Mig Pilot"-

I read this book several years ago and keep a copy of it on hand to lend to others. If you've not read it you should. It lays out the path that Lt. Belenko followed to realize his government was lying to him and lead to his defection, bringing with him for our examination the airplane maybe most feared by the West.

I'm almost there with my government today.
Black is white.
Our economy is wonderful.
And there is NO PROBLEM at our border.

My problem? (Maybe my salvation!)
I know about "Winston Smith".
And for that I thank George Orwell.