08 September 2020

"Take a Chance On Me"

 I once read an article that suggested when we look into a mirror, the reflection we see is a face we want to see. We change our expression and turn our faces into the best light so we see what we want.

Our PBS station last week aired a bunch of programs about various cultures, concentrating mostly on music. I recorded documentaries and semi-docs about the "Stones", the "Who", Neil Diamond, Leon Russell, "Riverdance", and ABBA.

Last night I watched the ABBA program. Back in their prime I had a HUGE crush on Agnetha.
They showed Bjorn, Bennie, and Frida as they attended an anniversary showing of "Mama Mia".
Those kids have gotten so OLD! How is that possible?
When I look in the mirror I've aged very little.

I must be livin' right, huh?

07 September 2020

Reverse Mortgages

I got pulled in by "clickbait" that turned out to be a place for others to argue...
Tom Selleck is evil because apparently he's shilling for a company that wants to steal "seasoned citizen's" homes.
I have no intention of biting, but it sparked a question I've had for some time:
How does getting a reverse mortgage on my home differ fundamentally from refinancing it?

I've given considerable thought to refinancing our home, then using that "nest egg" money to either buy real estate, or precious metals, or both. I could then pay off the refinance over a period of years while holding the solid stuff in my hand, or enjoying a piece of property that hopefully will increase in value.

I don't know anything about reverse mortgages, obviously.
Are they a scam?