27 February 2023

Big Brother Loves You-

BIG PHARMA wants nothing but the be$t for you. (Take your meds.)
Big government wants nothing but the be$t for you. (Vote for Joe!)
Pay NO ATTENTION to the man behind the curtain. He has your best interest at heart.

10 February 2023


Our neighbor..Two doors down.
On our daily walks we'd have to stop at his fenced-in yard and "give a little love" to this dog-
A 100+ pound walking mass of "give me some attention" canine named "Bear".
He wanted "some" attention, but after a few ear scratches and some "whatagoodboys!" he would have enough of that and wander away.
This was an almost daily experience.

BIG dogs live, on average, about 10 years... 12, IF you are fortunate.
Bear is 14.
And tomorrow, he will be no more. Our neighbor has resigned himself that Bear's quality of life is just not there.

Tonight we went over to say our goodbyes. Bear paced the floor... he cannot get comfortable. He begs to go outside, then begs to come back in after a few minutes.
Several times while we watched- his back legs gave out on him and his butt hit the floor.
Trying to comfort his owner we assured him-
"Yes, you're making the right decision".
I cry...And feel somewhat stupid that I'm crying.
This isn't even MY dog. But it IS a friend of sorts.

Many times I have commented that we invite these fellow living creatures into our lives knowing from the outset that in 10-15 years we will suffer heartbreak that will make us miserable.
And still we do it- because the positives SO FAR outweigh the negatives!
Bear has been a now-and-then bright spot in our life.

And we will miss him.

08 February 2023

AMC Theaters and Graduated Pricing-

My family went to see "Elvis" during a matinee showtime at an AMC theater about a month ago.
Great movie. Recommended, even if you are not an Elvis Presley fan.
There was one other person in the theater other than my bride, son, and myself. We obviously had our pick of any seat we wanted from which to watch the movie.

Now the powers-that-be at AMC are discussing applying "graduated pricing" at their theaters...
Seats in the middle of the auditorium will be priced higher than seats in the front rows, and maybe seats way back in the back?

-Will you pay a premium price to sit in the middle of the theater?
-If you enter an empty theater having paid the lower price for "undesirable" seats, will you sit anywhere you darn well please?
-Will ushers become "enforcement personnel" and demand you prove you are sitting in the seat you paid for even if the room is virtually empty?
-Is this idea more or less likely to make you want to watch a movie in an AMC theater?

If AMC management is trying to increase profitability, I'm not sure this will play out as they imagine.

07 February 2023

Trump's Financial Statements

I made the mistake of dialing NPR on my FM dial this morning only to hear a lawyer discussing the investigation into "Corrupt" president Trump. The DONALD apparently paid Porn actress "Stormy Daniels" $130,000 to keep her mouth shut. Yeah, he's a dirtbag.
So they are going over Trump's Business records with a fine-tooth comb.

Now I just hope these same folks delve into Brandon's financial statements from ALL his private businesses.
Oh, wait...

03 February 2023

Old Friends; New Friends

I may be the outlier.
I'm still in touch (via this magical invention we're now using) with the neighbor I played Cowboys and Indians with 70 years ago. And I'm glad.
...High School Classmates have seeped out of life's fissures.
Several of the guys I rubbed elbows with in Officer's Candidate School still pretty regularly converse with one another. These guys all meet at now-and-then reunions and hug one another without embarrassment.
Flight School buddies... Fellow Viet Nam Vets... similar situation.
On my search engine I frequently enter names of old girlfriends, friends, and acquaintances that have had an impact on my life. This is how I found (and was shocked by) my first wife's obituary.
My point is if you've been an important part of my life in the past, chances are I'd probably like to find out what has happened to you since we were last in physical contact.
So I admit to cruising FaceBook now and then, trying to find old friends... male AND female.

What am I noticing?
Something that should have been obvious, but took a 2X4 to my left temple to sink in...
Not everyone has the desire to stay connected with their past as I do. To some, I'm a considerable pest.
And that is simultaneously a revelation and disappointment. It requires a "reset" in thinking.

The "salve" that helps heal the dull ache caused by that reset?
My continued efforts to locate folks from my past continue to be successful.
And many of those contacts are actually glad to hear from me and share histories.

It's a wonderful way to pass the time, doncha think?

01 February 2023

How Divided Are We?

So the Paul Pelosi video has been released.
I heard he and his assailant shared the hammer when the Police came.
I heard Paul Pelosi was in his skivvies and the assailant was likely a homosexual lover.
But now I've watched the video, and I am sickened by what I see.
I'm ashamed to admit I thought the rumors were true. I risked my life to defend this country because I loved it... still do.
But we are broken.
And we need Jesus Christ to lead us out of this hatred and chaos.
...Rant... OUT!