31 October 2008

The Halloween Deputy

Late Halloween night.
He collided with a train.
He wore a Deputy Sheriff's uniform, complete with (real) badge.
Returning from a party, he had a load of ethyl alcohol on board.
He was in trouble. If he truly was a Deputy, he was in a HEAP of trouble.

The ER had called the Sheriff's department for information. All they could do was affirm an officer by that name worked for them.

Both his femurs were broken. I've written before about the force required to do that...
Force so powerful it can burst or dislodge organs from their attachment points.
He definitely needed the helicopter.

Whether or not he was a Deputy had no effect on his medical care.
But somehow it did affect the stress level of all providing the care...
Were we dealing with someone who, like a soldier, regularly put his life on the line for others?
If so, what would cause him to be so intoxicated, even on a Halloween night?
This accident would be a life altering event, no matter what.
Would his job also be in jeopardy?

We loaded and transported him to the trauma center, still not knowing his official status.
Only later did we hear our patient's brother had loaned him his uniform for a family Halloween party.

And he survived.

Compare and Contrast

Common sense isn't common.
This guy was brilliant.
Compare this video to the "no worry about my gas tank, no worry about my mortgage" video below.

Vote. Use your "un"common sense.
(Stolen at Fatale Abstraction.)

This Election's BIG Loser

The media.
And as a result, the news consuming public.

No matter the outcome, the winner of this election will be considered illegitimate, because our news organizations have failed us.

I don't think we yet realize how big a deal that is.

Via Email From a Friend-

Dear Fellow Business Owner

As a Business owner who employs 30 people, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barack Obama will be our next President, and that my Taxes and Fees will go up in a BIG way.

To compensate for these increases, I figure that our customers will have to see an increase in my fees of about 8%. I will also have to lay off six of my employees. This really bothered me as I believe we are family here and didn't know how to choose who will have to go. So, this is what I did.
I strolled thru the parking lot and found eight Obama bumper stickers on my employees
cars. I have decided these folks will be the first to be laid off.

I can't think of more fair way to approach this problem. If you have a better idea, let me know.
I am sending this letter to all business owners that I know.


Utopia Is Coming. Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Life is just gonna be swell:

Barry will bring us heaven, right here on earth!

Thanks again Instapundit

30 October 2008

The Friend of My Opponent-

...Is my enemy.

Yours too.
Someone please, tell me again why associations are irrelevant?

The "LATE" Barack Obama

Tip 'O Hat to Ace of Spades.

Non-Partisan, Taxpayer-Funded A.C.O.R.N.!

But Wait, There's More!

Did you watch Barry's infomercial?
Wouldn't it have been nice if he had held a 30 minute news conference instead?
Maybe then we'd know what we need to know about the man.

Burning Questions-

We just returned from another enjoyable weekend spent with old H.S. classmates.
Saturday night, clear and chilly, was comfortably spent around a wonderful bonfire.
I made a comment that was as much a question as statement of fact, then promised myself I'd find the answer:
Wood doesn't burn.
Agree or disagree?
Look it up.

And another burning question-
I spend a great deal of time with Mr. Lycoming's product purring along behind me.
That purring is the result of some pretty violent stuff going on in that reciprocal, internal combustion engine.
Most of us have at least an idea of how that engine works, but...
When the spark plugs spark and ignite the fuel/air mixture, is that an explosion?
That fire obviously has to progress mighty quickly.
Your answer?

29 October 2008

Half And Half

From a comment to a post at Epi's blog-

Him: "You know, he's half black and half white. Is it the black part you don't like or the white part?"

Me: "It's not the black or the white, it's the red."

My feelings exactly.

The "Talented Tenth"

...Been a while since I checked on Rattler Gator.
That's a mistake.
He always gives me hope for change.


"It is terrible," he says. "Combined with the fact that we don't have voter ID in Mississippi, anybody can show up at any poll that happens to know the people who have left town or died -- and go vote for them."

Vote early.
Vote often.

Pravda, Izvestia, et al...

If you are not afraid of this election, you must be clueless:

Read John's post,

Then read this satire(?)

My comment at John's blog:
"The only difference between us and the old Soviet Union now is that the government is not controlling the release of information...
liberal media outlets are.
Government control of information will start 4 November."

I asked before and I'll ask again-
Why would any Jew vote for this guy?

Now add to that-
Why would anyone?

28 October 2008

Three Generations, From "Greatest" To "Gimme".

My Dad was a World War Two Veteran.
Awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star, at our dinner table he was a living history lesson.
Looking around at my contemporaries I find most of them also had live, talking examples of what it takes to preserve the freedoms granted to us in the Constitution sharing their homes.
Everyone calls them "The Greatest Generation".
When needed, they didn't shirk...
They answered the call.

The next generation, my generation, was different.
Many were like me...
Raised by a brave, unselfish man, there was no question what I had to do when I was called.
Running to Canada was out of the question.
Getting married to avoid duty was out of the question.
I served.
But many, for whatever reason, did not. I've heard all the explanations...
"Illegal", "Immoral", "Unnecessary".
If you agree with that line of thought, come talk to some of my Vietnamese friends.
Prepare to be embarrassed, or worse.

Now comes the "Gimme" generation.
Some of them come here and comment.
Intelligent and quite able to speak their minds, they have all the answers to life's problems because they were raised in an environment where self-esteem was all-important.
Many have never felt the sting of switch or belt against their buttocks as children...
That would hurt their egos. That would embarrass them.
Better to use logic with them, right?
Rationalize with a precocious 7 year old.

But what has that attitude gotten us?
Selfish, self-centered kids, raised in a poor teaching environment, they have almost no ability to discern what is best in the long-term for themselves, for their children.
They are young enough to have never seen the abject failure that Socialism has brought in EVERY country that has tried it.
(One misguided soul responded that Socialism was successful in Sweden.
She had no idea of the social unrest there, and also didn't know Sweden is slowly moving towards Capitalism to resolve problems. They're also considering joining NATO because they cannot afford to defend themselves against aggressors.)

So here we are, facing an important election with large numbers of these "me!" generation kids fainting to the sounds of the most unqualified, misguided man to ever run for the office of President of the United States.
No amount of logic seems to make a dent...
"Don't confuse me, I already have my mind made up."

In spite of millions and millions being spent... lots of talk with nothing being said... our only hope is that many of these kids have actually turned out pretty well... (take a look at our all-volunteer military.)

The poll numbers ARE tightening.
Is the "in the tank" big media in for a huge surprise?
Won't surprise me.

27 October 2008

Honoring Our Heroes-

Vote as they will vote.
(The comments are interesting.)

Read this, and then the comments to the article.
(And my sense is that this is EXACTLY how the election will play out!

26 October 2008


This leaves me at a loss for words.
Don't waste your time leaving a comment which in ANY way could be construed as negative... it will be deleted.
Are you prepared to deal with this kind of nonsense after

4 November?

25 October 2008


I just finished watching Juno.
What a pleasant surprise.

There are certain moments in movies when an actor can knock me out...
No lines to speak, the acting is all done with facial expression and body language.
In "Tootsie" Charles Durning amazed me with his expression in the bar scene when he comes to the realization that Tootsie is a man.
Ellen Page has a solo scene with no lines where you know she has made an important decision, and the young actress pulls it off.
Bravo Ellen!

Casting is great. Everyone is believable. I liked Jason Bateman, Jennifer Garner was excellent. Michael Cera, an actor I had never seen before, does a wonderful, understated job as Juno's best friend/paramour.
J.K. Simmons, playing Juno's Dad, steals every scene he's in.

Rent it.
I liked it enough that I will again, later.

24 October 2008

VooDoo Economics

Lots of folks spouting Comrade Obama's line...
"Tax the rich. Spread that income around."
And you know what, on the surface that doesn't sound so bad...
Until you start using your brain a little.

I've blogged before about basic Sociology and Psychology.
No one refuted my comments then, they just ignored them and repeated the Socialist Party line...

"Stick it to the rich guy. He got that money through greed anyway."

As I see it, there are three problems with that thinking:
1. You are still rewarding poor behavior, and therefore will get more of it.

2. Obama's plan to soak the rich by increasing Capital Gains taxes, while eliciting a "go get those fat cats, Tiger", from the low-IQ crowd, will work negatively in another arena he hopes to improve- Job creation.
If I'm a "fat cat" and you increase my cost of doing business, I'm either gonna slash my costs, maybe by laying off employees, or pass those costs off to taxpayers and consumers as an expense-
the cost of doing business. Or alternatively I'll move my production facility offshore to avoid those costs altogether. Fat Cat won't pay them at all...

The consumer, and frequently the POOR consumer, will suffer most.

3. And back to Capital Gains tax increases-
Think this will only hurt the upper 5%?
Think because you aren't as rich as "Joe the Plumber" you don't pay Captital Gains taxes?

You own stocks, right?
Like me, you have stock in BIG OL' TERRIBLE OIL, right?

Are you sure?
Got an IRA?
Got a 401k or 403b or any other retirement plan?
Own a mutual fund?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you probably own oil stocks.
You also pay Capital Gains taxes, either personally or as an expense of the plan.
Barack Obama wants to give you a tax increase.

Where's he coming up with this "95% won't pay more in taxes" lie?
Why aren't the masses catching on to the impossibility of what he's promising?

How's Your 401K/IRA Doin'?

The stock market takes a look at stuff like this,
and its reaction is here, in case you haven't looked at your retirement statement lately.

Obama has a bridge in brooklyn he'd like to sell ya.

"Blue Canoes" and Their Progeny

When I started flying for the ARMY we were forced to endure an hours' simulator time a week.
It was a mostly a waste of time.

We called them "Blue Canoes".
Modified WWII "Link" trainers, they were single pilot, the exterior painted royal blue, an almost coffin shaped box. I suppose to make us feel less ridiculous being encased in the thing, they had actually attached a set of stubby yellow wings to the "fuselage".
They started life as fixed wind simulators and had been modified with a collective on the left of the seat for power control, rather than a panel-mounted throttle. They could rotate freely around their yaw axis... their only (terrible) attempt at "motion freedom".

In their defense, they were a good IFR procedures trainer. But putting aviators in a cardboard box and having them respond with the proper language to radio calls over a headset would have been nearly as effective and a whole lot cheaper than the blue canoes.

Shortly after I got home from Viet Nam the ARMY bought and started training in full-motion simulators. What a change! The "box" you climbed into was the size of a small van.
Pilot AND Copilot... the view surrounding you was EXACTLY that of being in a Huey cockpit. The windshield was opaque, simulating actual IFR conditions. When flight simulation started, the box was lifted into the air via a 3-axis hydraulic system. Moving the controls resulted in VERY realistic movement of the hydraulics...
(Once, given a complete loss of tail rotor and gearbox on short final by the operator as a joke, I crashed hard enough to pop both doors of the simulator open!)
These simulators were expensive. As I recall, an operator actually rode herd on a pod of four of them at a time, so operating them also included her/his paycheck.
Still, they were less expensive than actually going out and lighting the fire in a Huey, and a pilot could be given a complete loss of tail rotor and gearbox on short final without fear of loss of aircraft and two pilots. They were worth the cost.

I have NO experience with simulators today, but like you, I've seen videos of them.
Full motion, complete with video surrounding your field of view... they are a quantum leap improvement over the full-motion simulator that was such an improvement over the "blue canoe".

I think I have heard our military aviators now spend almost half their time in these simulators.
I'm sure aviators don't hate them the way we hated the canoe. It's time well spent, and cost effective too.
Darren or anyone else familiar with the new flight simulators...
Educate us please.

23 October 2008

History- 1948

Image borrowed at VariFrank

For FlightFire-

In comments to a post below, FlightFire stated that voter registration shenanigans weren't a problem so long as the citizen only voted in one location.
This article should be a "gentle education".
No charge, FF.
You're welcome.

Think "Voter Fraud" WILL NOT be an issue on 5 November?

The Coming Ice Age

"...a funny thing is happening to global temperatures -- they're going down, not up."

When it is painfully obvious they're wrong, will the "Global Warming" fanatics have the stones to admit it?

I know, I know, it's a local situation, not global.
But if reading the first sentence of this article doesn't crack you up, you have no sense of humor!

21 October 2008

Three Cups... "C Cup" To "B Cup"?

I LOVE Boobs!
Size, shape, color... immaterial.
Boobs are wonderful... the initial nurturers.

But they can be such a health concern for women.
Like the title of my post, you may have been titillated to read because of boob size.
But I also found this Coffee/Cancer study interesting.

Do you like BIG BOOBS?

20 October 2008

Chief Executive Obama!

Yeah, Obama has Executive experience.
And how'd he do at it?
He was a total failure!

Hey Gang!
Let's make this guy the most important leader in the world!

4 Dead In Illinois

2008 has been a terrible year for Helicopter Ambulances. I think I read there have been 9 fatal accidents involving EMS helicopters this year. There have also been several serious accidents that have not resulted in fatalities.
The latest happened in Aurora, Illinois.
It was a Bell 222, an aircraft I consider to be the most beautiful rotorcraft flying. Some of you may recognize the "triple deuce" as the aircraft used in the TV series "Airwolf".

We still don't know the "whys".
What we do know is that it was nighttime, the aircraft was on its way to Children's Hospital of Chicago with Pilot, Nurse, Paramedic, and the patient, a 13 month old little girl on board. Over Aurora they ran into the support cable for a tall antenna and crashed, killing all aboard.

News reports and comments from EMS bloggers bring many questions to mind:

1. Why did this pilot not see this obstruction? There are unconfirmed reports the tower did not have the required lighting.

2. This tower was 700+ feet tall. Why was he cruising at an altitude low enough to strike this tower, even if it was unlit?

3. (At my age I hate to approach this question.) This pilot was 69 years of age. Was his physical condition a factor in this accident?

4. This baby was a seizure patient. Was it medically necessary to fly her?

A radar track for the aircraft shows no anomalies, so there are no indications of mechanical failure. More questions will no doubt be asked as the investigation of this accident unfolds. But as an industry insider I am sure of one thing...
We fly far too many patients that could, and should be transported by ground.
I sincerely hope this accident is the impetus for discussion as to how we can safely and more efficiently use EMS helicopters.

More details than you could ever want to know on the subject here.

19 October 2008

Nurse William's Excellent Adventure

Road trip in a fast car, through the eyes of an experienced Trauma Nurse.
Short, interesting installments.
Like the sound of it?
If you have a little time, I think it's worth your while:

Read first.

Part One.

Part Two.

Part Three.

Part Four.

Leave him a note to let him know what ya think, and tell him Greybeard sent ya.

17 October 2008

Kill The American Dream?

I have a full-time job.
At that job I work 42 hours per week.

I own a personal business.
It's hard to put a finger on how many hours I devote there.
Some weeks it's a lot. Some weeks, depending on weather and other factors, I do almost nothing. Over a year I probably average 20 hours a week trying to keep this business in the black.

I work part-time as a flight instructor.
Again, this work is spotty, but looking back over the last year I estimate I average another 20 hours per week in flight and ground instructing.

I own a rental property...
There's another few hours per week devoted to keeping the bills paid and organizing the inevitable required tax information.

On top of all this, until recently I've found time to be on a couple Boards-of-Directors... presiding over one of them for a year.

You're kidding, right?!!

Don't get me wrong... I'm working over 80 hours per week not because I'm forced to, but because I want to. I enjoy the work.
I enjoy the people I associate with. I like the things I can afford because of the income my work brings me. It gives me pleasure to know that several others make a little extra cash because of my efforts.
I think I'm exactly like "Joe the Plumber"...
The guy Obama wants to tax so that he can "spread the wealth around" to others that aren't willing to work 80+ hours per week.

Want to "change" the world?
Do like the Soviet Union and so many other Socialist governments from the past have done...
Make it unpalatable for me and others like me to pursue this American Dream.
HOPE will go out the window, but you'll certainly see CHANGE.

Be very careful what you wish for.

15 October 2008

Want Hope?

... Then DON'T listen to this audio:

Hat tip Fausta's Blog
Upon hearing the audio my paramedic asks, "How many times have these folks registered to vote?"

Change We Need?

"The most important change would occur in the Middle East, where 'decades of putting Israel's interests first' would end."
Jesse (Hymietown) Jackson on the Obama Presidency.

Preferably in short sentences with small words, explain why any Jew would vote for this man.


One of the things in the news today is Obama's statement that if we return to the draft to fill our military ranks, we should also conscript females.
McCain disagrees.
I agree with Obama... sorta.

I have always felt we should adopt a system similar to the Israelis'...
Everyone serves.
Now I'll admit I'm no expert on the Israeli system, other than the fact that men and women serve. I believe they still exclude women from certain combat positions. But by going through basic training, women are trained in infantry tactics, and are trained for and would be expected to jump into a foxhole with a rifle next to a man should their position be overrun.

For me, "equal rights" has always been the crux of the matter. When I was in Viet Nam, one of the first female helicopter pilots in the U.S. ARMY came to our battalion. She wore the same rank on her collar as me. Her paycheck had the same figure behind the dollar sign as mine. But she COULD NOT perform my job...
Restricted by regulation, she couldn't be exposed to combat.
Equal pay for equal work/responsibility? Hardly. So it was hard to swallow...
But it wasn't her fault.

Discussion about women filling combat positions goes 'way above my pay grade. But I have always wondered...
Why not draft EVERYONE?
Upon completion of High School or College, why not require two years military service from all citizens... men, women, homosexuals, able-bodied and wheelchair-bound.
Two years of service to the country would emphasize and illustrate many things. Two that quickly come to mind are:
It would instill the idea that there are more important things in life than "self".
Testing for aptitude, training someone for a job, then giving them nearly two years experience in that skill would give all conscripts a civilian-marketable job history. There are plenty of rear-area jobs that could be, (and in some cases are), filled by wheelchair-bound civilians already.

So to John McCain-
I would like for you to rethink your attitude toward this Obama idea and take it one step further.
So long as it is fair... so long as EVERYONE is expected to serve... a universal draft might not be such a bad idea.
Consider it.

14 October 2008

Personal Dynamics

We hear the car door slam.
Ten seconds... that's what it takes for her to gather up the things she'll use during her shift, walk to, then open the front door.
And the moment she crosses the threshold, we ALL know what sort of day we'll have.
We hope she's smiling. All too often she's not.

She has problems in her life. Her husband has health problems that required his early retirement from work. We hear her talking on the phone with her teenage daughter, and to say there is 'tension' in that relationship would be kind.
I don't know husband or daughter well, but I have worked with this woman a long, long time, and I know her moods.
I'm glad I only WORK with her.

She's a damned fine nurse.
If I regained consciousness in the rear of the helicopter looking squarely at her face, I'd know that I was getting first-class medical care.
But when I drive to work and see her car in the parking lot, I know my shift will be difficult.

Sure, all of us work with a few folks like this. But this job attracts people with big egos... it's almost a requirement to survive here. Add big egos to difficult personal relationships and you have a recipe for interesting times. Our company has sponsored several classes on making interpersonal relationships better... I think that's commendable, but I think it has little or no long-term effect on behavior. At your core, you're either a happy person or you're not.
In this gal's case, you can see it in her face when she steps through that door.

I feel bad for the rest of us.
I feel worse for her.

11 October 2008


The most serious fuel crisis of my life...
The annual inflation rate at nearly 20%...
Mortgage rates so high, no one could contemplate buying a home...
Hostages being held in Iran, and a failed military rescue attempt...
U.S. morale so low, the bottom looked like up!

You sir, are an idiot, and would do well to shut your pie hole.

10 October 2008

From The Ground Up!

Well, it's a mess.
We can all agree on that, certainly. What we'll argue about is how we got here...
And that will break on this John Edward's "Two Americas" class warfare argument.
Greedy fat cats caused the problem, right?
Yeah, I can see that Senator Chris Dodd and Congressman Barney Frank contributed greatly. As a matter of fact I think they both ought to be in jail. Problem is, these "fat cats" will possibly be part of the democrat majority in Congress starting next January.
Think this single-digit popularity Congress is horrible? Just wait until we have a democrat President in place to go along with their every whim. And an even worse nightmare? The next Senate may have enough democrats to be filibuster proof... republicans may be totally impotent!

On more than one occasion I've heard Obama proclaim he's gonna "grow the economy from the ground up!"
(The crowd goes wild with applause, cheering!)

How's that work?

Humor me now, 'cause I'm gettin' old and my synapses don't work the way they use'ta:
You and me, we just started working at McDonald's because we just got out of High School or we lost our jobs as editors at the New York Times. While I flip burgers and you drop the fries in the trans-fat-free oil, we get to talking about Obama and his "ground up" theory.
You say, "I know! Let's make electric cars!"
What a great idea! With an energy efficient electric car we could save a ton of money driving to McDonald's to work! There have to be MILLIONS of others like us... all needing an energy efficient way to get to our minimum-wage jobs.
So we get together with our other McDonald's employees... to start this venture we'll certainly need a good business plan, right?
We're gonna help "The Big O." grow the economy from the ground up!

Help a soon-to-be senior citizen, Obama supporters...
Where's this scenario go from here?

09 October 2008

Stolen Elections

Think there'll be big trouble after this election?
Count on it!

(Once again suggested by Instapundit.)

ACORN stands for Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now.
Community Organizers?
Let's see... where have I heard that term before?

08 October 2008

Do Something, Even If It's Wrong.

I came home from work and went right to the bathroom to get rid of what remained of the two cups of coffee I had earlier. She followed me. When I noticed the wallpaper had been changed she asked, "What d'ya think?"
I didn't like the change, and told her so.
Of course she was disappointed...
She had done a great job, and assumed I'd be pleased.
But we both liked the wallpaper she had covered. It had been on that bathroom wall since we moved into this house, and she grew tired of it. I still liked the old paper.
She did too. But it had been up there a while, so on a whim she decided to change it. We left the "changed" paper there, and I still don't like it as much as the previous wall covering.

You've gotta be careful of change.
It's not always a good thing.

06 October 2008

Like An Old Pair of Slippers

Regular readers know it.
Newcomers need to know I probably spend more time behind a cyclic than behind a steering wheel.
Like you, I'm comfortable in a car. But I'm equally comfortable in the helicopter.
Taken for granted, when the unexpected happens, either can kill. When the red warning lights come on, it's scarier when you are 1,000 feet above the ground going 150 miles per hour. Resolving the problem will take more than just pulling over to the berm.

I've been in Destin for 9 days.
Actually, I was last in the helicopter more than two weeks ago.
That's a long time to be out of the cockpit of a complex aircraft.

Tonight, when I return to work, I'll have to get reacquainted with my flying machine.
I'll adjust my seat and anti-torque pedals, then I'll climb in and do a mental "spool-up"...
I'll simply soak it all in...
A twin-engined aircraft has lots of dials, switches, levers, instruments, and circuit breakers. When the fertilizer hits the fan, I need to be able to react with the same reflexes you'd have if you see a soccer ball bounce into the street while driving your car.

It's been two weeks.
Where is that switch to arm the fire suppression system?

It'll take a few minutes.
My life, my crew's life, and, if on board, the life of my patient depend on my instant reflexes.
It's worth a few minutes.

Two Years of Democrat Oversight-

Hat tip: Stephen Green.

05 October 2008

OTD@Destin, October 2008

Out The Door.
We've been here 9 Days. As always, time passed too quickly.
We've gained a few pounds and a lotta memories.

Have you ever been here?
I recommend it.
We're looking forward to our next trip down already.

03 October 2008

Andrea Shea-King Warms My Heart

Got a few seconds?
It's worth your time.

A. Flat. Out. Lie?

YouTube will have a dynamic effect on this election.
Gotta love YouTube!

".... In My Adult Life...."

She said, "For the first time in my adult life...." and finished that sentence with words that shocked me. Later in the week she repeated the statement, and public reaction was such that the democrat party wisely took Michelle out of public view for a while to allow things to cool down.

Now let me share something with you:
I'll start my sentence the same way but finish it differently...

For the first time in my adult life I'm truly afraid of what will happen when the results of this election are tabulated. I fear it won't be pretty, no matter the outcome.
It may be disastrous.

Obama's friends from ACORN are working in Ohio to lock-in the vote for him there.
(If you don't know his history with this organization, you need to google it and him and educate yourself.)
Democrat operatives around the St. Louis area are denying constituents their right to freedom of speech in order to insure nothing bad is said about their candidate.
This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

So, why am I afraid?
In the face of all this vote corruption, does my vote mean anything?
How will I feel when all the votes are counted?
I'm fearful that I, and millions of others like me, will feel this election has been stolen by ACORN, democrat brown-shirts, and a national press that, like CBS in the previous election, has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for democrat party talking points. (You are no doubt aware that the moderator of tonight's "debate" has written a book praising the messiah, to be released inauguration day, right?)
Many have made the accusation (incorrectly) that the 2000 election was stolen.
The election of 2008 truly could be.
How will conservatives react if they feel their votes were nullified?

"Progressives", remember this:
We conservatives tend to cling to our Bibles and guns.
Most of us have several of both.
We already know we cannot trust our media. We're beginning to learn we can no longer trust our government.
How badly do you want to win? How far down this path do you truly want to go?

Bible and guns...
Conservatives have both and know how to use them. We'll rely on the Bible, no matter what. It's my fervent hope we won't feel compelled to use the guns.

02 October 2008

Lightning Strikes Twice

We're in Destin, remember, so things are a little discomboobulated.

She came up the stairs behind me and stood at the landing, adjacent to my recliner, quietly.
After a few seconds I said, "So honey, are you ready to go for a walk?"

"When you hear what I've done, you won't be calling me honey."

Her tone indicates I'm in for some pain.

"Can you believe I did it again?!"

Only this time she did it better. All that's left is the cover, wet and limp. No trace of anything else remains.
A year of phone numbers, appointments, tax information, addresses, and memories...

I smile and say, "Well, no amount of worrying will bring it back."
But I'm sick inside.
This too will pass.