26 October 2008


This leaves me at a loss for words.
Don't waste your time leaving a comment which in ANY way could be construed as negative... it will be deleted.
Are you prepared to deal with this kind of nonsense after

4 November?


cj said...

GB -

I was the same way when I read an article where one of The One's followers said "He's our only hope!"

What ever happened to us being our own hope? To taking care of ourselves instead of wanting Papa Government to do it?

Obama and Superman?

Wait... I was going to make a sarcastic comment but...I think I get it.

They're both fictional characters, right?


wksaz said...

Hey GB, sorry to put this here but I thought you would find it interesting, you may have already picked up on it. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/environment/article5024190.ece (from drudge) I did.

I had posted a comment to rodolfo on a previous blog entry on this very subject.
I remember telling the aspiring aviator that aviation will be a ripe target for the greenies and I hoped that he would still have an industry to work in when they were done.

Take Care,

Autorotate said...

IBD has the race within 2.5%.

Not so fast Dewey...I mean Obama.