21 October 2023

When We WANTED To Win -

The year 1863 was a big turning point in our Civil War. In the West U.S. Grant realized shutting down the South's ability to use the Mississippi for resupply would cripple them. To that end he laid siege to the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi, using artillery to continuously shell the town. That resulted in Men, Women, and children digging caves to survive, denying the Rebels ammunition,  and forcing soldiers and civilians to go hungry for seven weeks until they finally surrendered.
Of course there was wailing and gnashing of teeth from civilians in the North because of how inhumane this treatment was...
NAH, forget that!
The North wanted to win! They rejoiced when Vicksburg surrendered.

Tecumseh Sherman used a "scorched earth" policy in his "March to the sea" in the East, making life as miserable as possible for the enemy stating "War is Hell", bringing an end to hostilities.
WINNING was the goal.

In World War II, Allied forces in Europe used incendiary bombs to annihilate the town of Dresden, killing (hundreds of?) thousands.
The firebombing of Tokyo yielded more deaths than dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
And then there ARE some questions about the necessity of using "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" to end the war, (although most of those questions are now "Monday Morning Quarterbacking"). 
Few questioned our actions in 1945.
Back then we WANTED to win.
What has happened to us since?

In Korea we fought with one hand tied behind our back.
Same thing in MY WAR, Viet Nam.
It seemed we didn't want to hurt our enemy "too badly".
Our military actions now seem to drag on forever, likely resulting in more casualties on both sides of the shooting.

Our weak "leadership"... our country is now being tested all around the world.

It's time for BIG change.
Remember in November.

16 October 2023

The Incredible Shrinking Woman !

"Let's get your height and weight" said the Physician's Assistant.
"Okay", says my beautiful wife.
"You're 5 feet 7 inches" says the P.A..
"That's NOT POSSIBLE!" exclaims my spouse.
"Well, let's check it again".
And the numbers didn't change.

When I met her 43 years ago she was 5 feet 11 inches tall, blonde, and all legs. In MOST stores she was easy to find because she was taller than the goods displayed in the aisles... all I had to do was look for that blonde hair over there across the store.
No longer.
Somewhere along the way in that four decades she has lost 4 inches, (mostly in her neck).

Apparently this is not unusual.
Now I'M frightened to get on the scale and be measured...
I was a little "vertically challenged" to begin with!

13 October 2023

Lifeboat Theory?

I'm trying to imagine the horrible situation Israelis are now facing. They're now realizing the only way forward is to eliminate HAMAS as a threat, but that means the almost certain death of many innocent hostages being held by these barbarians.

I'm reminded of the Lifeboat reality-
When your Lifeboat is at capacity and another survivor appears needing to be saved you have a horrible decision to make that is really no decision at all-
Letting another into the boat will result in losing all.
So unfortunately, the latecomer must drown.

Protecting their homeland, Israelis will have to accept the fact many hostages will be murdered or will be killed while the IDF bombs make the world safer for everyone. Watching this unfold will be heartwrenching.

Our world is upside-down.

06 October 2023

The Coming Surprise?

Knowing what was "Possible", some time ago I started reading what happened in Argentina when the economy collapsed there, and I can actually begin to see similar events happening here.
One of the things our Marxist/Socialist/Communist brethren don't realize is this:
When the Zombie Apocalypse happens here and we are shooting at one another, what will happen to Social Services?

Your family is threatened by blood sucking parasites, will you stay at your job?
No. We used to talk about this at work:
If my family was threatened at home, that EMS helicopter was gonna be unstaffed.  I will be home putting rear sight behind front sight.
The sick and injured that need the helicopter?
So sad. Too bad!

And do you think the folks that provide water when you turn the tap...
Electricity when you flip the switch...
Think they will be there when their families are in danger?
(Consider Chicago O'Hare right now. How long will those "undocumenteds" remain calm if they start getting hungry?)
We are stepping into uncharted territory here.

Pray for the best.
Prepare for the worst.
And watch ALL the news to know what is unfolding around you.

04 October 2023


"Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst."
My preparations may be for nothing because against Zombies my home is likely indefensible. I've taken the attitude that before I die I intend to make the world a better place by taking out as many brain-dead people as I can before I'm taken out.
I'm just glad I don't live in New York, Chicago, Baltimore, etc..

"Prepper!" has been a term used in a derogatory fashion by people smarter and better than me...
Until recently.
I'm hearing it used much less frequently these days.
And I smile.

A currency with which you can barter with your neighbors.
And a means to keep Zombies from stealing your preparations.

Hope for the best. But be a good Boy Scout.