30 November 2009


(I've also seen it spelled "Taqiyya".)
Are you familar with the term? If you are, you're a step ahead of this old rotorhead. I was quite aware of the concept, but had never heard the term to describe it.

The night before Christ's execution, Peter was asked if he knew Christ. Fulfilling prophecy, he denied Jesus three times.

Peter was ashamed and mortified at his own behavior.
Christians are supposed to be strong in their faith...
The faith builds a strong foundation for trust. When you can trust those around you, society can flourish and grow.

Muslims are taught a little differently.
If their lives are threatened they can lie, cheat, and deceive without religious repercussions.
That doctrine is called
What sort of culture is built on such a foundation?

Now, walk another step with me-
When you hear Obama administration officials talk about how closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay and bringing these followers of Allah to the U.S. will strengthen us as a society and build goodwill between us and the rest of the world, think of Taqiya.
When you hear what a terrible thing waterboarding is, think of Taqiya.
When you hear Navy Seals have beaten a Muslim prisoner, think of Taqiya.
When you hear President(?) Obama spent several of his formative years in Islamic schools in Indonesia...
Think of Taqiya!

In spite of what this administration would have you believe, WE ARE AT WAR.
And right now, because we want to believe "everyone is just like us"...
We're losing.

Precious Metals, @ 27November

Gold closed at $1175.50, another record high, up from $1146.80 last week.
Silver's close was at $18.49, up from $18.44 last week.

It's gonna be interesting to see the impact the Dubai implosion will have on all markets this week!
Think you oughta climb aboard this train?

29 November 2009

Band Of Brothers, Again.

The war in Europe is over, thanks in large part to the efforts of the brave men of "Easy Company". These men watch newsreels of the terrible struggle against the Japanese, and have been told only a certain number of them that meet an arbitrary threshold will be discharged and sent safely home... the rest will soon be transported halfway around the world to help finish the job against the Japanese.
In preparation for that likelihood, the company once again begins to train, replacements and old-salts alike...
Physical training, weapons training, tactical training.

There is a scene in that last episode showing a bunch of men who have been through the trial by fire together, out on a "patrol" in Austria, honing the skills that will be required in the Pacific theater. They hear a noise and a halt is signaled by the patrol leader. Looking around, they see a magnificent deer, at the alert, beautiful antlered head held high. Several of the men take aim on the creature...
Fresh venison would be a welcome addition to the chow the ARMY has been feeding them.
But the moment is magic... They're surrounded by beautiful unsullied forest and mountains depicted on picture post-cards. They all look at this gorgeous living thing and they can't pull the trigger. It turns and scampers away.
The scene was one of many that was so wonderful it made the tears flow, because I knew the feeling...
Before being drafted I enjoyed rabbit hunting. It was a chance to get out with the guys... to share an experience out of doors, and although the rabbits I shot always ended up on another's table, that meat was never wasted.
But hunting a creature that "hunts you" destroyed my desire to shoot animals. I haven't shot that old single-shot 16 gauge shotgun since 1964.

You may remember one of the channels aired "Band of Brothers" months ago and I commented I had digitally recorded all the episodes. What I failed to realize was that if I didn't "protect" them, they'd automatically be erased as new content was recorded. When I went to watch the third episode it was gone. I chose not to watch the rest until I could watch all in sequence. "Spike TV" ran the whole series, albeit WITH commercials, Thanksgiving Day. I recorded, AND PROTECTED them all.

I've been sick. I woke on Tuesday with a minor sore throat... ( I know you don't wanta hear this so I'll spare you the rest). Let's just say by Thanksgiving I had to get out of bed and get dressed to go to the dinner table and pick at the great meal Sara Jean had prepared. I've missed two days of work trying to heal. But being bedridden two days afforded me the chance to devote my undivided attention to the almost 15 hours of "Brothers" in sequence. Laptop at hand, I was able to pause the video, research people, places, things... then maybe rewind, and take it all in.
I finally finished it early this morning...
I'm speechless.

War is a terrible thing. It's also obvious that sometimes, war is the only way to survive... to achieve your goal.
There are scenes in the series that show atrocities being committed by Americans, but those atrocities pale in comparison to the scene of Easy Company discovering and liberating the Nazi concentration camp... atrocities committed in the name of the German people.
That set me to thinking of similar Japanese atrocities...
The Death March at Bataan.

I'm proud to be an American.
I'm proud to be a Veteran and even remotely connected to these brave men... past, present, and future.
Millions and millions freed in Iraq and Afghanistan...
No more "Rape rooms".
No more humans being fed into wood chippers.
No more "Children's prisons".
No more women being beaten because they don't have "men's rights".
Women in those countries once again at least have a chance at equality in education and vocation.

My country is the world's best "force for good", and I am proud of her and the men who presently defend her.
To my fellow citizens who continue down the path of self-hatred...
Maybe you need to watch "Band of Brothers"?

27 November 2009

Character. Honor. Principles.

Now that it's a fairly sure thing Al Gore was trying to (succeeded in the case of some sheeples), pull the wool over our eyes about this AGW/Climate change fiasco, will he have the character to return his Nobel Peace Prize and his Oscar?
Will those of you who came here and argued that this was settled, "consensus" science have the character and honor to come now and apologize for trying to lead the rest of us to financial destruction?

On both counts, I bet not.
Character. Honor. Principles.


Tell it brother!

26 November 2009

Socialism and Thanksgiving

Click the link for the top video, "Too bad Marx didn't read Bradford".
Happy "Free Market" Thanksgiving, everyone!

25 November 2009

Thanksgiving Outrage

I am SO thankful for those still ready to be our sword and shield, since I'm getting too old to carry them myself.
I am outraged at those in my government that still don't seem to have gotten the message that we are at war and must fight those who would deny us our future Thanksgiving Days.
If I knew where to march, I'd grab my pitchfork, light my torch, and call for you to do the same.

Bizarro world!

(Added later)-

24 Hours of Separation

When your kid calls and says "How high should a fever go before you go to the Emergency Room?" your heart skips a beat.

"How high is your fever?"
"Son, it's time to go to the hospital."

When he doesn't take your advice you think, "Okay, a fever of 103 could affect his judgment. He's 17 hours away by car, so driving to him is out of the question. What now?"
Thank God we have befriended some of his friends in Phoenix...
We called one of them and asked her to check on him, and she did. His fever broke and in four days he was well. But once again it was a reminder of the difficulty that comes with being separated by nearly 2000 miles.

The fascination of Phoenix wore off quickly for him.
When he came home for Thanksgiving last year he prayed for snow. When I arrived at the train station to pick him up his prayer was answered... not much snow, the sky was just "spitting". But the sky was gray, the temperature was hovering near 32 degrees, and it was odd seeing my son enjoy weather we hoped would soon pass.

He lost his full-time job (and his health insurance) a year ago. Three part-time jobs paid the bills and left him with a little discretionary income.
Then he lost one of the top income-producing part-time jobs. He started pounding the pavement, looking for another job... ANY job. The thought of our child, a college graduate and expert in his field, unable to get a job as "greeter" at a big-box store, was frustrating. In four months he used up his savings and was embarrassed when he had to ask for help to pay his bills. Now this is serious... time to start thinking about "Plan B".

Jobs are scarce everywhere, and they're not much better here than there.
I called friends.
Friends responded.
We spent most of the day yesterday pounding pavement searching, hearing "Maybe".
On the way home we stopped to visit with one last friend. There we heard not only, "When can you start?", but "You can live in my property across the street."

It's a job he's never done before. It won't pay much more than minimum wage. But, as I so often say these days, "I've been employed and I've been unemployed. Employed is better."
It's a start. He'll be two hours away. Then next time he has a fever of 103 his Mother and I will be able to jerk a knot in his butt.

God is in control.

22 November 2009

Tattoos and Blood Donation

There was a blood drive in our town last week. I missed it once again because of my present work, sleep, work, sleep, work schedule. Motivated partly by the Ft. Hood terrorist incident, Sara Jean went to donate. Coincidentally on the way to work that night I heard a blurb on the radio about problems you might have donating blood at some facilities if you have "skin art".
I was listening to a distant AM radio station and static precluded me from hearing much of what I wanted to hear.
The straight skinny on tattoos and blood donation can be found

21 November 2009

Why Marriage Is Work

The intake vent to the furnace is in the living room, ten feet up the wall. The cover has to be taken down at least yearly, the dust visible to anyone who studies it. Eight screws hold it in place. Taking it down and putting it back up is a bit dangerous and a pain in the kazoo.
I took it down yesterday. She cleaned it, then decided it was showing too much wear and tear, so she painted it. This afternoon, re-installing it, I had seven of the eight screws in place when she looked up and said, " The vent openings have to point down."
I responded, "No, if the vents point down, you'll be able to look into this hole from the living room."
"No, the vents HAVE to point down or the dust will fall into the intake and we'll have to clean it more quickly."

Seven screws back out, I turned the vent 180 degrees and started to re-install it. I had three screws started when she said, "WAIT! Were the vents up when you first took it down? 'Cause that's really ugly!"


NOT! How It's Done

Embarrassing and expensive...
With the factory check pilot and Border Patrol Standardization pilot aboard!

20 November 2009

Precious Metals, 20 November 2009

Gold last week- $1116.80. This week- $1146.80, another record high.

Silver last week- $17.39. This week- $18.44.

If you think it's too late, I think you're mistaken. This train has a long journey ahead.
You can check spot prices of the precious metals "live"

Paint It Black

Watch Michigan!

Now All I Need Is A Gun Rack

Sara Jean has wanted one for years, since Mom gave us her set of "Friendly Village" dishware. We've had no place to display it. So a week ago I took my own advice...
By opening a "Macy's" charge account I got an additional 10% off a China cabinet that was already reduced 30% in price.

...No interest charged for one year, so I'll be paying the loan back with dollars that are of less value than the ones I borrowed. (See the post immediately below this one.) What a deal, huh?
We're far enough from the store, they won't deliver it... we gotta go get the thing. And that will be no small matter... the distribution center where we need to pick up our new piece is all the way on the other side of BigTown, a little more than two hours away. As you can see, this cabinet is a two-piece affair... the top is mostly glass to display the dishware. The bottom is fronted by two big doors which, when opened, reveal two shelves and two drawers for storage of flatware or the remaining small body parts of folks who show up on our doorstep wearing anything with Barack Obama's image on it.
Put together, the two pieces are 82" tall, 17" deep, and 50" wide.
Obviously, when we go to pick them up they'll be in big cardboard boxes...
Not a load we can shoehorn into the back of a 4-door sedan. I need a pick-'em-up truck.

How often do you find yourself in this position?

Me? I find myself needing a pickup three or four times a year, minimum. The last time I needed one was when I took five 30-gallon containers full of crushed aluminum cans to the recycling center. That effort earned me something like $78, which, considering I had to drive 3 hours round-trip seemed a little sad. Add to that the fact that I always return a vehicle with a full tank of gas and it was even sadder. Add to that the fact there was a stiff wind when I stopped to fill the gas tank that ripped the big door from my hands and slammed it into a short concrete pole protecting the gas pumps, dinging the door to the tune of a $120 repair on the borrowed truck, and the $78 for recycled aluminum ended up being philanthropic environmentalism on my part. Look, I care about the environment, but the only reason collecting and crushing the aluminum cans was attractive was because there was money involved!
I needed/wanted my own pickup.

My neighbor two doors down lost his job in the Spring. Unable to find work, he's slowly been selling off his possessions, including an old 1988 Chevy Silverado. When I saw the "For Sale" sign I asked "how much?"
"What all is wrong with it?"
"It runs good, but the gearing is wrong, so 70 indicated is actually 55 m.p.h.. And the rear main seal leaks pretty bad... I just keep adding oil to it."
I drove it. It ran fine and sounded good. I paid him and brought it home.

So I've owned this ratty old thing now five months or so, and I've been waiting until I have the time to replace the seal myself, (I'd need help to do it right), or until I have the money to have an expert do it. And then I noticed something...
When I went out to start the truck a couple weeks ago, there was no oil on the dipstick. WTH?
A leaky rear main would not empty the crankcase while the truck was sitting.

I took the truck to my mechanic for repair and told him what I know...
"The former owner says the rear main seal is bad, but the oil is getting out statically, somehow."
My wrench-twister called me yesterday-
"The oil pan has a hole in it. Looks like someone scooted the engine across a concrete floor on the pan and wore a hole in it."
Me... "Fix it."

So now I have my pickup.
Ratty lookin', runs great... I don't have to worry about where I park it.
I paid $800 for the truck and $300 for this repair, and I'm kickin' myself for not having it fixed sooner. If it wasn't illegal, I'd put a gun rack with a lever action .30 cal rifle in the rear window.

We'll go get the China cabinet my first day off work...
In MY pickup truck!

17 November 2009


I know it's a long way off.
But it's not too early to be getting your attitude right...
The Tea Parties definitely have me FIRED UP!
I'm hoping you are as angry and frustrated with the country veering left as I am!

The Senate seat Barack Obama vacated, now filled by Bozo Burris (D), is at risk.
Lindsey Graham, (Rino), South Carolina, watches as his numbers plummet.
That traitor Jim Moran (D, VA.) will have a viable primary challenger for the first time in years.

The time is ripe...
Time to put your rage to beneficial use.
Time to take advantage of those that now realize what a mistake they made last election and no longer have their heads where the "sun don't shine".
This is opportunity knocking.
Can we turn crap into fertilizer?

Start now making plans to elect true conservatives.
I don't care if they have a "D", an "R", an "I", or an "L" behind their name...
We MUST elect people who will not subjugate us to unconstitutional government power. We MUST elect people who won't willfully put our security at risk.
And the only way this will happen is to use the enthusiasm shown at the Tea Parties to elect true conservatives.

The primaries will be here before you know it...
The Congressional election is less than a year away.
Next November we can turn Bozama into a Lame Duck if we just move in concert with one another.
Pay attention... REAL conservative candidates will need our support.

Start getting focused now, people...
Start talking with your neighbors... gathering email addresses for a united front.

16 November 2009


I've been voraciously reading and digesting for quite a while. To the degree my understanding will allow, I've been tryin' to share with ya. (Don't want my peeps to be left behind!)
A few months back I suggested all that money spent on big bailouts would cause more problems than it would resolve because the money supply would increase and eventually make all our dollars worth less... maybe eventually actually make them worthless.
I also have been worried about the FDIC's ability to insure all the accounts of folks in those failing banks and suggested at some point a biggee might fail and
really put a strain on the Fed's already stetched-too-thin insurance coverage.

You may have noticed all the ads for gold on TV?
Even if you haven't,
others have!

By trebling the country's deficit since he's taken office, Obama has turned a terrible GWB economy into a house of cards...
It's just a question of time until the breeze picks up.

I still hope for the best,
But I'm desperately preparing for the worst.


The phone rings and I answer...
"Weather check for XXXX coming back into XXXX."
"We can do that."
"Then your flight is a go. You will meet the ambulance there carrying a thirteen year old female victim of a fall."

We take off and get pointed in the right direction. I dial the waypoint for XXXX hospital into the GPS...
"Base, this is XXXX 3."
"XXXX 3, your ambulance contact is 4 Edward XX on XXXXXX. They were enroute from Littletown to (Children's Hospital) with their patient who is now experiencing unbearable pain."

"Roger. Our ETA to XXXX is now 14 minutes."
"Roger that."

Two minutes pass...
"XXXX 3 this is base."
"This is XXXX 3, go ahead base."
"The ambulance now indicates they'll arrive at XXXX fifteen minutes after your arrival."

It takes a minute for this to register.
If this patient needs to be transported by helicopter, why are we wasting that fifteen minutes?
"Base, this is XXXX 3."
"XXXX 3, go ahead."
"Call XXXX ambulance service back and see if there is somewhere along their route we can meet them to save time, please."
"Roger. Standby."

While my base is doing that I change frequencies on my Wulfsberg radio and try to contact the ambulance directly...
"4 Edward XX this is XXXX 3, over."
A few seconds silence, then, with siren in the background we hear, "XXXX 3 this is 4 Edward XX, go ahead."

"Is there anywhere we can meet you along your route to save a few minutes here?"
"We are just coming into the city limits of XXXXXXX now. There is a High School parking lot where you can land. Are you familiar?"

Now we are seeing the lights of the ambulance in the distance...
"We see you now. We'll follow you to the landing area."

And we do. The landing at the High School is accomplished between light standards in the parking lot next to the football field. There is loose gravel all over the lot that kicks up more dust than I expected as we land, but it's not of serious concern.
My crew moves to the ambulance while I secure the aircraft and get out to keep others from approaching the tail. Eight minutes later the crew loads the patient and we takeoff and fly 23 minutes to the receiving hospital... a distance that would have taken the ambulance an hour, easily.

After the flight I learn...
This 13 year old female was playing in an abandoned warehouse with friends (at night!) and fell through the roof fifteen feet to the concrete floor below. She has broken legs and other traumatic injuries, but her head is apparently okay, thank goodness.

Did my decision to not wait fifteen minutes for the ambulance to arrive at the original destination make a difference? I don't know.

But my thought was, "If she needs the helicopter, why not use it in the most efficient way possible?"

This is why I LOVE scene flights!

15 November 2009

Another Tragedy-

Initial reports of this one are unsettling, but there are still WAY too many EMS helicopters crashing and killing those they're trying to assist.
Night flying, weather flying, night flying in weather...
Just say NO folks!

Won't Make My "List"!

Asked to participate in political discussion, John Mayer allegedly responded the way all celebrities should:

"Have you ever heard me play guitar? I’m really f*****g good.
You know what I’m bad at? Answering questions about public health care. This is not in my wheelhouse. Do you have any questions about music?"

(Found that at "Girl On The Right")

Precious Metals- At Friday's Close

At the close of business on Friday:

Gold, $1116.80, up from $1096.00 last week.
Silver, $17.39, up a penny per ounce from last week's close.

14 November 2009

Purple Hearts At Ft. Hood?

This will be interesting to watch.

Should the soldiers at Ft. Hood be awarded Purple Hearts? As a recipient of the award myself, I think they should. But if I were a wagering man, I'd wager the Bozama administration won't award them.
Because they're trying desperately to make us believe we're not at war. The Purple Heart is awarded only to those "injured in combat by enemy action."

-This administration now won't even use the term "War on terror".
-They are bringing the 9/11 perps to New York to try them as criminals, rather than allow, as we have in wars past, military tribunals to prosecute their cases.

They won't want to admit this is what it is... the act of an enemy combatant during a war, even though we now know Major Malik Nidal Hasan was a "Soldier for Allah" in frequent contact with Al Quaeda operatives and was sending most of his pay to Pakistan to support some sort of nefarious activity.

Watch and see what happens here...
Those dead and wounded heroes will be awarded some kind of medal to thank them for their service...
But I'll bet they don't get Purple Hearts.

More detail on the subject here.

13 November 2009

Where We Are, Friday, 13 November, 2009.

First, I'll admit something that will surprise you:
I'm glad Barack Obama was elected...
Because if McCain had been elected, he'd be making many of the mistakes BHO is making and I wouldn't be able to shout "FOOL!" at the top of my lungs. He'd be my fool.
Bringing Khalid Sheik Mohammed to trial in civilian court is such a huge mistake, I can't assign words to describe how I feel right now. I'll ask again...
Is this administration systematically TRYING to destroy this country?

Obama's election has opened the doors to blunt, honest discussion that we've avoided too long. If you didn't see Glen Beck's program this afternoon, you missed an eye opener...
A crowd of Black people talking openly about how Liberals cause many of their own problems. (I know... many of you have been convinced Beck is a loon, but most of you have never watched his show, have you?! Take a look at today's show... it'll be on again late tonight. Then try to tell me he's not doing constructive work.)
It's a discussion we MUST have. It's a discussion I think we would not be having had McCain been elected.

Obama ran his campaign saying he'd bring us together. So far, he's pushing the races apart. But his election has made this discussion possible, so I'm sincerely hopeful the healing may begin in spite of him, rather than because of him.
How odd, huh?

Let Me Tell You A Story

I love stories, don't you?
Let me tell you one that will strongly reinforce something you already know, but may need to be reminded about:

A former student was giving helicopter rides at a fly-in at a local airport in the R22.

A 55-or-so year old man approached him and said, "I'd like to buy an hour in the helicopter". My former student said, "I have several people here in line waiting for a ride. If you can wait until 5 O'Clock, I can take you for an hour then."
The gentleman agreed to that arrangement.

He returned promptly at 5 P.M. and my student flew him around the local area...
Over his house and his place of business...
Over several of the area landmarks. My former student, an instructor in his own right by this time, allowed the man to take the controls and showed him how the individual controls affected the machine in flight.

On the ground at the end of the hour my former student turned to the gentleman and asked, "Well, what'd ya think about that?!"
And the man quietly began to cry.
Perplexed, my friend asked him, "Did I do or say something wrong?"

"No, it was wonderful!

I'm a Dentist. There are five chairs at the Dental Center we flew over, and three other Dentists work in my practice there. I've done well. I've worked hard all my life, denying myself vacations and other nice things, saving and looking forward to being able to retire about now. I've always loved helicopters...
Always hoped to learn to fly them and maybe buy one for my personal use. I've just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer... I have just a few months to live, and I now realize I should have done this YEARS ago!"

Then he turned to my former student and through tears looked him squarely in the eye...
"If you have a dream and you have the resources to pursue it, don't procrastinate."

The very next week, my former student purchased a Robinson R44 he had been eyeing for a couple weeks...
And that is money he's never been sorry he spent.

Got a dream you've been putting off "until later"?

Think about my story.

12 November 2009

Applebee's- Thank You!

I like "Applebee's" restaurants... good, reasonably priced food, with friendly servers and a comfortable atmosphere. Restaurants that get that combination right are likely to succeed, aren't they? Well Applebee's has, and they have the "Goodwill" thing nailed too. Let me tell you more-

A year ago or so one of my Medics informed us his kidneys had failed and he was undergoing dialysis. A devout Christian, one of his Sisters in his congregation was a good DNA match and had agreed to give "Joe" one of her kidneys. (Doesn't the selflessnes of that act blow you away?!!)

Joe began to do lots of fundraising stuff to raise money to cover costs not covered by insurance. He did all the things you normally hear about... auctions, etc., but there was one thing he did that surprised me... an "All you can eat pancake breakfast at 'Applebee's'". The restaurant opened early... 8 A.M., and allowed his Church to come in and take the place over. I don't know the full details, but members of the congregation waited and bussed tables while the restaurant provided all the pancakes, sausage or bacon, orange juice and coffee I could embarrass myself eating, for a cost of less than $10. The place was packed and was a successful fundraiser for Joe.
I was impressed with the number of congregants helping my friend, and I was surprised the restaurant would expose themselves to this kind of risk... many of Joe's Brothers and Sisters in Christ were youngsters... some servers looked to be 12 or 13 years old.

Wednesday night, after our niece's visitation, we went to Applebee's in Hugetown to eat. A sign next to the front door announced they'd be offering free lunch or dinner to Veterans and active duty and retired military folks tomorrow, Veteran's Day. So on the drive home from Hugetown yesterday Sara Jean and I stopped at an Applebee's near a big military facility to take advantage of their generosity. The place was PACKED with people and it was fun looking around, picking out the Veterans, trying to figure out which war they might have served in and what branch of service they were members of. (A truck right at the front door had a beautiful custom paint job with the "Eagle, Globe, and Anchor" covering the hood.)

It truly is a fraternity, this group of folks we found ourselves surrounded by...
Men and women... black, white, brown, yellow, and red... old and young...
All conversing with those near them, laughing, sharing stories.
It was such a neat experience!

Thank you Applebee's for the wonderful gesture, both yesterday and with "Joe's" fundraiser. Looking at the number of folks jamming your restaurant yesterday, I hope you made money. I have ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT you made many friends that will darken your door in the future!

10 November 2009

Smiling At Memories

She was a fine addition to our family.
Sara Jean's brother had married her mother a short time before, inheriting this beautiful 14 year old cheerleader. It's Thanksgiving Day, and we are realizing more and more what a wonderful choice he's made. Both fit into our family seamlessly.

Dinner is still an hour or so away and she's taking advantage of our great weather outside, practicing her cheerleading moves. My Dad grabs his camera and begins to record her practice.
Now we have transferred that recording to DVD. Anytime we want, we can go back and see her moving this way and that, pausing, biting her lip a little in thought, then continuing with her routine.

That was 22 years ago.
Our cheerleader went on to become a grade school teacher. She married a fine young man and had two children, both boys. A little over a year ago she had an odd pain and sought medical care...
Ovarian cancer.
Of course we were crushed. But so long as she is alive we can hope for a miracle...
Some new medical breakthrough...
Spontaneous remission.
But you know from the outset it'll be a tough journey. Hard for her. Hard for her family. Hard on her little boys who are too young to understand what's going on with Mommy. And hard for those of us in the extended family to watch from a distance.

And in the end, as is so often the case, you just pray for an end to her suffering.
Her suffering ended Sunday morning as the sun rose on an absolutely beautiful day. That near-Springlike weather has continued, so as we set out on our journey to celebrate her life with family, we rejoice that our long drive won't be made more difficult with ugly late-Fall weather.
Tears will come, of course. But smiles and laughter too. And in the back of my mind I'll always have the memory of that pretty 14 year old, pensively biting her lip, trying to remember that next move.

We love you Jenn. We are glad you are at peace.

Out Of Thin Air

Obama says, "We are gonna do X !", and the crowd roars.
"We are gonna do Y!"... excited shouts and applause.
"We are gonna do Z!"... tears of joy, followed by fainting.

The country is bankrupt.
Others around the world already know it... witness India's big Gold purchase last week. Look for China and other U.S. debt holders to follow suit.

So when fearless leader says "We are gonna...", ask yourself-
"Where's the money for that coming from?"

Drug users need to quit ingesting.
Alcoholics have to push the bottle away.
Politicians have to stop buying votes with other people's money.

09 November 2009

Representative Republic?

I'm going to change.
I don't like writing to my elected representatives because it seems like complaining. I don't like complaining and I don't like complainers. It's time for a mental adjustment...
"The squeaky wheel gets the grease."

Back in '78 I wrote both my Senators advising them I thought the Panama Canal Treaty was a mistake. They both sent a form letter in return, telling me about 80% of their constituents agreed with me, but they knew MORE about the situation than the rest of us and they were going to pass the treaty against our wishes.
Now, the Chinese are running the Panama Canal.

Last week I wrote my congressman telling him not to sign this horrendous health care reform bill...
A bill he could not possibly have read, and therefore could not possibly understand. I told him if he passed this bill I would work fervently in the next election to insure he was defeated.
He voted for the bill.

People, we're being ignored by folks who think they're smarter... better than we are. They think they deserve pay raises while they ignore us... while the economy falls apart before our eyes.
They think we need a health care system they won't be subjected to themselves.

It's time for "Change we can believe in", and the only way we can make that change is at the polls.

President Obama asks, "Are ya fired up?"
Yes Sir, I think you'll find we are!

07 November 2009

It's Easy To Be Number 1 When...

A little crude, but made me laugh:

Trickle UP?

Can someone please explain to me how giving gymnasiums full of stimulus money to huge Corporations and Government agencies to disburse as they see fit fulfills the promise of "building the economy from the bottom up"?

Bizarro world!

06 November 2009

Precious Metals, 6 November, 2009

Gold- $1096.00, a new record high.
Silver- 17.38, down .04 for the day and .34 since my last "metals" post.

No, You Can't!

(Read this post without "the rain" coming.)


The employment rate would not go above 8%, right?

This administration hasn't a clue about how to run this country.
In light of their lie about the unemployment numbers, please tell me why I should believe ANY further utterance from this pack of jackals?

Someone... anyone... wake me please!

UPDATED: More, with a graph.

05 November 2009

We Want Cyrano!

Sara Jean says, "We should elect the guy that writes Obama's speeches."
Many times, she is the wisest person in the room.

One of The Secrets-

If I tell you the answer, you MAY remember.
If I can prod you 'til you give me the answer, you WILL remember.

04 November 2009

Post-Election Questions-

Many pundits have said Obama's Presidency would be considered a failure if he didn't get some form... ANY form of health care reform passed.
Apparently, negative attitudes toward this Obamanation of a bill drove Senior citizens to vote for republicans. What message do you think moderate democrats will take from last night's election? Why is crazy Nancy still pushing for a vote on the bill this week? Is she afraid constituents will further sour on the bill as they learn more about its contents?
Is Obama already a Lame Duck President, less than a year into his first term?

Isn't it amazing? Who'd have thought we'd be entertaining these questions today?



"India’s decision to exchange $6.7bn for gold equivalent to 8 per cent of world annual mine production sent the strongest signal yet that Asian countries were moving away from the US currency."

It may be too late to get onboard at bargain rates, but it's not too late to protect the value of your current $$$$.
Look around you at what is going on in the world, (like in India).
Think ya oughta get on board?

You can read the full article

03 November 2009

3 November 2009, Election Night

I know, it's still early. But early results are encouraging.
This appears to be TRUE CHANGE, and that gives me HOPE the country won't be dragged so far into socialism that it'll be irretrievable.
Now Mr. President(?), let's talk about those "Skyrocketing energy prices" and "bankrupting those coal companies"!
Tea partiers, we still have work to do.

Neil Boortz on "The Religion of Peace"

See if you don't find yourself nodding your head in agreement: