17 November 2009


I know it's a long way off.
But it's not too early to be getting your attitude right...
The Tea Parties definitely have me FIRED UP!
I'm hoping you are as angry and frustrated with the country veering left as I am!

The Senate seat Barack Obama vacated, now filled by Bozo Burris (D), is at risk.
Lindsey Graham, (Rino), South Carolina, watches as his numbers plummet.
That traitor Jim Moran (D, VA.) will have a viable primary challenger for the first time in years.

The time is ripe...
Time to put your rage to beneficial use.
Time to take advantage of those that now realize what a mistake they made last election and no longer have their heads where the "sun don't shine".
This is opportunity knocking.
Can we turn crap into fertilizer?

Start now making plans to elect true conservatives.
I don't care if they have a "D", an "R", an "I", or an "L" behind their name...
We MUST elect people who will not subjugate us to unconstitutional government power. We MUST elect people who won't willfully put our security at risk.
And the only way this will happen is to use the enthusiasm shown at the Tea Parties to elect true conservatives.

The primaries will be here before you know it...
The Congressional election is less than a year away.
Next November we can turn Bozama into a Lame Duck if we just move in concert with one another.
Pay attention... REAL conservative candidates will need our support.

Start getting focused now, people...
Start talking with your neighbors... gathering email addresses for a united front.


jinksto said...

I struggle. These are important decisions. They are important tasks and yet... I find that politics frustrates me. You get a celebrity president elected on charisma and race and you wonder; Is it worth it? The Republicans pick and choose who you will vote for. The Democrats do too. Anyone that truly cares gets buried in money. So how do I find them?

I've railed against folks on my own blog for not paying attention to important things but... well, I understand them. I don't WANT my life to be about politics. I don't want my life to be about global warming, or gun control or the latest conflict in godforakenlamabad that has nothing to do with me but that someone is trying to raise awareness to support. I don't want to be forced to watch the "survivor" version of the news in order to understand who I think is the best choice. I don't want to have to watch Beck either. I, dream of a time when all 100 seats in the Senate are filled by people who care. I really don't care if those people agree with me or not. Seriously, I don't. I want those people to care about the job, about the country, about me. It's all about the money now, about power. I want those people gone but I don't want to invest the time in it. Every minute that I spend reading up on it or watching news programs is another minute that I can't spend with my family or another minute that I can't spend working to make my life and theirs better or another minute that I can't spend in the outdoors of NC just enjoying what God has given me.

I'll do it. You can count on that but I won't like it. I want these people gone and you're right it doesn't matter which letter follows the name. If they care... if they Really care... we'll find them and I'll vote for them. It's going to be tough though. It's going to take a lot of fortitude to get rid of Pelosi and others by voting FOR a Democrat.

cj said...

Jinksto -

It is frustrating and it does suck down a lot of time better spent doing something else.

I am as furious with the so-called Republican leadership as I am with the left. Neither side gives a danged what the average American thinks. They've proven it over and over again.

Unfortunately, the only way to get things back to where they should be is for the average American to once again take up arms and demand to be heard.

On that note - the NY 23 race that went to the democrat may not be over. The difference is 3,000 or so votes and there are 10,000 absentee ballots still being counted. Now that outcome will be interesting...

It's too important to do nothing.


OuterMarker said...

I cant agree with you all more.

I dont care what side of the aisle they are on, all I care about is that they genuinely care about the direction of this country. If they care about keeping individual liberties and are grounded by the Constitution (not the "living, breathing document" crap), then they can only make better decisions than are being made now.

Our elected officials are WEAK. Our country doesn't stand a chance as long as we have politicians like these running our country. The answer is no longer REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRAT. It's about the PERSON and what values guide them. Where do they turn for ultimate moral authority? If the answer is some New Age idea of religion that surmises that we have no purpose as human beings, then we can expect to continue down this path. Our Constitution was based on a Moral Authority, i.e. a Creator...without that fundamental truth, there is no authority for morality/values and everything is relevant from person to person, and chaos ultimately ensues.

Sorry long answer. Didnt mean to write all that, but obviously I am passionate about this right now. I should be focused on my job and my family, but unfortunately we are ALL forced to step up and speak out against how the government is behaving.

Greybeard said...

Thanks for contributing, Clint. And no need to apologize... that was all cogent.
Friends and family, I want you to see something Clint did a while back that impressed me...
Click here.

jinksto said...

Wow, well done.

OuterMarker said...

thanks greybeard...
and by "relevant" i meant "relative" but you get my drift...