23 May 2024

23 May 1966

The note came from my Uncle Sam. It "requested" me to report to the induction center in Indianapolis to serve my country for two years.
And I reported and served.
I decided to take lemons and turn them into lemonade.
That decision for me was life changing.

When you're given a basket of lemons... invite friends over for beverages.

21 May 2024

Kindle, and The "Catch-22"

I like reading. I read a lot.
I like History, historical novels, and Science Fiction.
In my office I probably have, (and I'm ashamed to admit this), a library of about 300 books in my "when I have the time" stack.
It gives me comfort and makes me smile to look at 'em.

I've seen others reading books on their "Kindles".
They seem to enjoy them.
Books on Kindle are cheap. Amazon sometimes offers them to me through one of their programs for free.
That's a temptation.
But there's a problem. I like the feel of a Codex. I like the smell of a Codex. And looking at books in my library gives me "warm and fuzzies".

While considering putting thoughts to "paper" on this post
I remembered reading Joseph Heller's "Catch-22"-
You've no doubt heard of it. That's because it is a GREAT BOOK.
But I read it while preparing to start Flight School in 1968 and preparing for my tour in Viet Nam.
My thoughts at the time were, let's say, divided.
For me the wonderful thing about a Codex is that I could get to a point in my reading and say-
"Wait! What?"
And I could flip back a few pages and refresh my memory about how the story was unfolding.
(This is even MORE true with another of my favorite reads... "DUNE") !

A lineup of 300 or so "to read" books probably precludes any future purchase of a Kindle device...
Unless you convince me here that it would be a good idea, with compelling reasoning!

13 May 2024

In 1971 my fellow Flight Commander "Harry" let everyone know his '67 427cu. in. Corvette with three two-barrel carburetors was for sale. He had received orders to return to Viet Nam for a second tour.
When I expressed interest my friend Harry said "Greybeard, you DON'T want this car... When you put your right foot to the floor the gas gauge needle moves just as quickly as the speedometer! It gets 6 miles per gallon on PREMIUM fuel."
I passed on the purchase.

Now that car, similar to the one pictured above, is valued at well over $100,000.
But it's a paperweight...
Who could afford to drive the thing today?

05 May 2024

Jack Dempsey's Dog

My school bus driver also owned the local hardware store. He was a good guy and knew me well enough at age 9 to address me when we met. His name was "Jack".
Jack owned a little terrier that raced alongside his truck as Jack drove to the hardware store.

Pulling out of his drive one day, Jack ran over his dog. Luckily, he didn't kill him .
But the dog's injury required a trip to surgery where his right rear leg had to be amputated.
Next thing I knew the dog was back chasing after Jack's truck as he went to work. If you didn't look closely you could never tell the dog only had three legs!

I don't think I ever knew the dog's name.
My friends and I called him 'The Arithmetic Dog"-
Because he "put down three, and carried one"!