29 April 2023

Military Reunions

 I'm writing this from Columbus, Georgia where I'm attending a reunion of graduates of Officer's Candidate School. These reunions are therapy for me. I'm surrounded by like-minded people who had similar life experiences 50+ years ago. We're VERY comfortable with one another so conversation flows freely, and is sometimes compelling.

To get here I entered the address of the hotel into the GPS and followed "Carmen the Garmin's" instructions. She did a great job.
Some several miles North of Columbus I ruefully smiled:
"Columbus, Ft. Benning... next exit."
With our new social conscience that sign, and MANY others around Columbus will be changed.
Fort Bragg. Fort Rucker. Fort Lee. Fort Hood. And how many other BIG road signs will be coming down?
At what cost?

But we'll all feel better, right?

12 April 2023

The Coming Democrat Primary:

"But whatever you say about RFK Jr., he never drowned a woman, like his uncle. He never crippled one, like his brother. He never raped an underage babysitter, like another of his brothers. He’s never been accused of raping a woman, like one of his cousins, or beating a teenaged neighbor girl to death with a golf club, like another of his cousins.

Come to think of it, his opponent for the Democratic nomination, Joe Biden, has been accused of rape, by his former aide Tara Reade. And unlike Biden, none of Bobby’s daughters have ever written in their diaries that Daddy used to take long showers with them when they were 11 years old."
Howie Carr

This campaign will be mighty rough for "Average Joe". Republicans will enjoy it; democrats will squirm.

Pop the popcorn.

10 April 2023

Anheuser Busch's Dilemma


I moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 1974. The guy that lived in the apartment above mine owned the roofing company that had re-roofed the Anheuser-Busch brewery.
"Hey Greybeard... Come with me. I'm gonna inspect the work my crews have done at the brewery and we can drink all the beer we want while we're there."
At that time, (no longer), there were coolers of draft beer strategically placed throughout the brewery and workers could drink all the cold beer they wanted. Contractors could too.
We became "tipsy" roof inspectors.

We met one of the brewmasters and I got to ask a question I had been curious about-
"How do you make 'Light Beer?'"

"Basically we just add distilled water to it" was his response.
I stopped drinking Light Beer at that point. If I want Light Beer I'll add my own water, thank you.

This kerfuffle about the brand will be interesting to watch.
In my opinion, A/B has backed themselves into a corner with their customers-
Can they apologize? If they don't, they're gonna take a huge hit in sales. (Just ask "Kid Rock"!)
If they do, they'll lose the Trans community, and the apology probably will now fall on deaf ears to the customers that have been loyal to the brand.

Coca Cola realized their mistake with "New Coke" and changed course.
I don't think that will be possible for Anheuser Busch.