28 August 2009

Why "Anonymous" Is Good

A blog acquaintance is expressing a negative view about online anonymity...
If you take the time to go back and read my original posts you'll find, in the first few, my explanation about why I decided to remain an anonymous blogger. My desire was mostly fueled by the fact I didn't want to be limited in expressing myself here. I thought, (erroneously I've found), that I might be able to write at length when I was having trouble at work, or with family/friends. But in those first posts I recognized someone willing to read my blog and do the research could figure out who I am. That's even more true now than then.
What I didn't realize was that many, including those same co-workers, family members, and friends could be guided to "Pitchpull" with a simple "Helicopter Blog" entry in any search engine. (That task is made a little more difficult because there is a Rock Band by the name of "Helicopter").

I spend a lot of time at work waiting for the telephone to ring. Much of that time I'm poking around on the internet reading news, surfing blogs, researching things of historical import to me. Sometimes I'll click on the "Next Blog" tab at the top of "Blogger" blogs just to see where it leads me. One night I did that and was transported to a blog with some interesting photographs, including an attractive face in the blogger's "Blogger" profile. I left a comment there expressing my appreciation for her work. The next day there was a comment here thanking me for my visit and complimenting me, saying how interesting she found "Pitchpull", and forthrightly asking me to stop by often and comment.

Joan Rivers wrote a book,
"Men Are Stupid... And They Like Big Boobs... " and Joan is MOSTLY right... Men ARE stupid. Men like boobs, big, small, and in-between. But I can tell you from experience, if a woman has an attractive face she can manipulate most men to do her bidding if she's smart, (and in my opinion most women are more wily than most men.)
So yes, compliments from this female blogger with a pretty face massaged my ego. I went back to her blog and found an email address in her profile and emailed her. From there a "virtual friendship" was formed.

At some point along the line I started hearing a great deal about "MySpace".
Remember now, I'm a complete idiot when it comes to computers and much of what they can do for me, so I asked my new virtual friend about MySpace. She responded by helping me start my own account, then sent me her MySpace account address so I could check it out. What I found there shocked me...
She was almost completely open with the information she gave others there.
I wrote her and told her she, a divorced Mother living by herself, was being too free with the information she was sharing with others. Surprised, she expressed doubt there was enough there for anyone to find her. So in less than ten minutes I dug a little, found her phone number, and called her. (She had a professional link to her son, and he was using his/her real last name.) She was dumbfounded. She'd been flirting with a few guys and had them sniffing around after her like puppy dogs. She suddenly realized any one of these guys could do what I had just done and could show up on her doorstep at any time. Too late, she began to try to cover her tracks a little.

I need not tell most of you this world is a dangerous place, getting more dangerous all the time. Just this past week we've seen a man arrested for vandalizing the headquarters of the political party he belongs to, trying to pass it off as hate from the opposing party.

So when others complain about anonymity online and the ability it gives all of us to speak freely about our passions, please consider what I've written. If you want to find me I know you probably can, and I'm fairly well prepared for unwelcome visitors. But I'd obviously like to make it as difficult as possible for you to throw a brick through my picture window, just 'cause you disagree with my politics.

To the blogger who thinks I'm just a mirage...
Don't think we'd be friends? Yeah, I realize now you're probably right.
But you don't know me at all except you've read my claim that I spent a year trying to protect your right to come online and say whatever you want. (And my efforts were apparently successful, weren't they?!!)

But here's what seems odd to me...
If you don't like what you read here, why come?
Am I THAT FAR into your melon?
Would you like for me to free you from my curse?
Abra-cadabra, PLEASE and THANK YOU!...
You're free. You don't have to come here anymore!

Keep your rotor in the green, man.

27 August 2009

Call Your Congressperson?

I just got off the phone with my Congressman's office person, wanting to express my opposition to his signing any Bill that will increase our already disastrous debt load, (the health care Bill).
When I tried to express my opposition she interrupted me:
"You have two choices... Pro or Con."

I've generally been pleased with the way my Congressman, (a Democrat), has represented me and have voted FOR him in many, many elections.
But Congressman, I have a multitude of choices when it comes to your continued tenure in Washington...

And I'll be writing you a letter reminding you of those choices.

Just So You Know-

Sinclair thinks I'm filled with hate.
(Interesting... apparently some commenters disagreed.)

24 August 2009

Dealing With Huge Numbers

$9 Trillion.
Let me once again write that so you can see the number:

That's the number President Soros, (excuse me, that was a Freudian slip), President Obama says our national deficit will reach within ten years, assuming no more debt is added during his administration.
It's an impossible number to digest.
Let's try to understand it this way-

A second is a very short period of time, right?
But nine trillion seconds= 285,388 years.
(Check my math, if you can find a calculator that will hold that number!)

Think we'll ever pay off this debt?

Nine trillion is impossible.
Fourteen trillion is impossible for even economists to comprehend.
Buy Gold, silver, and

23 August 2009


Wouldn't ya love to see the Congressman tap dance to answer that question?

22 August 2009

Social Security

Yeah, folks are waking up. It took a 2X4 upside the head, but their eyes are finally open. Seems half those polled would like to opt out of Social Security.

Tell you what, Barack Ponzi...
Even at this late date in my life, at a time when I'm eligible to retire and start receiving Social Security payouts, I'd make this deal in a heartbeat:
Pay me what I've paid in a lump sum, no interest included. I'll gladly take that money and invest it for my future.

You want to manage my health care program?
Ha. You're kidding right?

19 August 2009

I'm Furious!

This upset me so much I went to bed angry!
I left a comment at that link that I think is worthy of your time, if Bob will publish it and leave it there.

This Doc Has Read The Bill!

Bumped back to the top of the page. Newer posts are below.
We now know more about how some legislators are trying to force this legislation into law, despite the fact most of them haven't read the bill and cannot correctly answer questions posed to them at Town Hall meetings.

(And I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to read Flightfire's "long response" about the anesthesiologists compensation!)

Have you read the Bill?

Of course not. Nor have I. I'm not sure I'd understand it even IF I read it.
This note looks genuine to me, and Dr. Fraser takes the work out of it for the rest of us...

"Senator, I guarantee that I personally will do everything possible to inform patients and my fellow physicians about the dangers of the proposed bills you and your colleagues are debating.

Furthermore, If you vote for a bill that enforces socialized medicine on the country and destroys the doctor/patient relationship, I will do everything in my power to make sure you lose your job in the next election."

You GO Doc, and THANK YOU!
Dr. Stephen E. Fraser's easily understandable summation and full email to Senator Evan Bayh is
at this link.

This Is A Joke, Right?

I was riding my bike into town on a feeder street to buy a few needs for later activities. In the oncoming lane a big Crown Victoria came to a stop and flagged me as I passed...
"Sir, can you help me?"...
A bald-headed man, probably 80 years old, maybe older.

"Well I'll try. Whatcha need?"

"Do you know where the Comcast Cable office is? I need to pay my bill there."

"No sir, I don't do business with them. Do you have an address for them?"

"No I don't. I have the bill here..." (Flashes the the bill at me.) "I'm assuming they're in the business section in town."
(Our town of 7,000 has one main drag where most businesses are located.)

"Do you have a phone number for them?" (I have my cell phone and will call them if it's a local call.)

"No, all I have is their business office in Indiana."

"So you set off to pay this bill not knowing where you were going? You wanted an adventure, didn't you!"

"Yeah, I guess I did."

I got him turned around and headed back toward our business district where he said he'd ask for more directions. I had to laugh... this incident reminded me so much of this joke.
On his bumper? This sticker-




Stolen at Instapundit

18 August 2009

Lock And Load

First, an observation from personal experience-
I reside in an area that at one time had a thriving industry where even folks without a High School diploma could go to work and make a decent salary. And many of my neighbors did just that-
They left school and went to work. So by definition we could call them short-sighted, couldn't we?
For them, this behavior trait showed up in lifestyle decisions too-
Looking out at my retirement years, I was denying myself some of the finer things in life by stashing as much as I could in my IRA and 401K plans.
Not these folks! Immediate gratification was the name of the game...
Big new truck.
Big new car.
A Harley-Davidson motorcycle of some sort.
Big Bass boat.
An RV of 30' length.
And of course a nice home.
All this "living" left no money at all for the future.

But then the economy changed, and because of environmental policy their industry was considered by the public to be "toxic". Their employers shuttered and closed, leaving these non-skilled laborers with no future, and no education to offer.
For months the newspapers were filled with motorcycles, bass boats, RVs, for sale.
Then it was 4X4 trucks.
Then it was the Cadillac or Lincoln.
Then it was the house.

Some of these folks are friends, so it has been painful to watch. But still, why didn't they learn some of the same things I learned from fables told when we were young?
So as an "ant" I've watched "grasshoppers" with interest all my life, feeling fairly secure that I was doing the right thing, living below my means and saving for the future.

Now I'm hearing rumblings that scare me to death. Granted, this is just talk now, I suppose thrown out there to see how we ants will react.
Think it's just "right-wing nutjobs" overreacting?
Take a look here and here.
If it's a reaction they're looking for, my reaction is this:

Right now I can only imagine two things that would make me take up arms against my government and some of my fellow citizens-
Restricting 2nd Amendment rights, and stealing funds I have suffered my entire life to put away.

Once again folks, here's the deal-
Sit quietly, and these Socialists will steal your stuff.
(They already stole GM/Chrysler bondholder's stuff!)

Be alert. Let your elected representatives know you're mad as hell, and you're not gonna take it anymore!

UPDATE, or I should just say MUCH MORE on this subject, (with some great comments), here.
I see the change. Now where is the hope?

15 August 2009

I Channel Jack Benny

I've been driving my old Maxwell for almost 100 years now. What a great old car! Puttering around town with the infrequent trip down the Interstate at a blazing 45 miles an hour, I put about 5,000 miles per year on the old "Maxie".
Let's do the math-

93 years times 5,000 miles per year equals 465,000 miles, right?
(I have no idea how many miles are actually on the car... the speedometer/odometer quit functioning 50 years ago!)

But here's the problem. The old car is an antique and is worth a fortune to collectors. It's my daily driver, and insurance companies cringe at the idea someone could collide with me and do serious damage to this old gem. Insuring it has become a huge burden.

And parts? Oh, don't get me started! I mentioned the broken speedo... where do you think I'm gonna find a speedo cable for a 1916 Maxwell, for heaven's sakes? When parts break I'm having to fabricate replacements these days, Do you have any idea how much that costs?! (Insurance companies do, that's why my insurance premiums are absolutely through the roof!)

But here's the deal-
How fair is it that I have to pay a fortune to drive my car? Is it fair that I have to pay so much more for parts than my neighbors? I don't think so!

I want our legislators to resolve my problem. I want them to pass a law to help me continue to drive my old Maxwell-
I want affordable insurance!
I want an affordable extended warranty to fix anything that breaks on the old gal, and I want that warranty to include all "pre-existing conditions" like my old speedometer cable!

Is this too much to ask? After all, it's my RIGHT to drive my old car and if I cannot afford it myself, the American taxpayer should subsidize me, right?

Power to the people!

14 August 2009


Four years ago I published this post questioning why folks follow professional sports, considering Pro athletes don't normally play in cities they grew up in. Today Michael Vick held a news conference announcing he's returning to NFL football with the Philadelphia Eagles. How's that make you feel?

If people have paid their dues for an error I'm all for giving them a second chance. Still, I don't understand why we're paying this man over a million dollars to play a game in a city far away from where he grew up.

It simply makes no sense to me at all.

13 August 2009

Hurling Day

Man I loved that show! (I hadn't realized until researching for this post that the great Jim Henson was involved with "Dinosaurs".)
"Hurling Day" was one of my favorite episodes and highlights Obama's problem. He must calm his elderly constituency about "Death Panel" problems associated with cutting medical costs.

Two quick thoughts:
1. The left called GWB Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!
But this is the closest thing to eugenics I have seen proposed by any administration and what do we hear from the left? Crickets chirping.

2. If we are fortunate we'll all get very old. Do you want some bureaucrat to decide whether you live or die?

09 August 2009

Where Do We Go From Here?

You've gone from interested, to concerned...
From concerned to anxious...
From anxious, to angry...
From angry to furious.
How do our leaders respond?
They use
"The Chicago Method"
"They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That's the Chicago way!"

At this point they've dispatched thugs to beat up those that disagree with Bozama.

If you are at the end of your rope, knowing their Modus Operandi, what's your next move?

President(?) Obama names his new Townhall Healthcare Debate Czar!

07 August 2009

"You See A Lot of Bad Stuff, Don't Ya?"

The point of the service is to move folks with big problems quickly to get life-saving, maybe life-changing care. All EMS folks are exposed to ugly injuries and sickness. Helicopter EMS people, by definition, get to see more of the worst cases.
This one was ugly and tragic-

"Your patient is a 32 yr. old female. Her arms were caught up in, crushed and burned by the machine she was operating."

Replacing a sick fellow employee, she was operating a machine with which she was not familiar. Her job was to put cardboard containers of product into a stream of shrink-wrap plastic and run both through a set of extremely hot rollers to encase the individual product containers in weather-proof plastic. She somehow got both arms into the hot rollers, burning the muscles on both to the bone.
A Mother of three trying to make some extra cash for the family, she'll no longer be able to feel the warmth of her kids faces as she wipes away their tears.

Try to be careful out there folks.

04 August 2009

Zero Calories!

One of my now-and-again helicopter students is a Boeing 757/767 Captain for a national carrier, based at "Bigtown". Six years ago he began to have problems with his vision. The problem soon worsened to the point he could no longer read his charts at night. He could no longer pass an eye exam, and lost his medical. This is one of any pilot's biggest nightmares...
For a guy whose above-average income depends on being able to pass a Class I flight physical, it's a life-changing event.
Subsequent testing found he had a tumor on his brain stem. The location of the tumor made surgery a life-threatening proposition, so he couldn't find a Surgeon willing to take on the task of removing it. All told him to accept his fate, look for other work, and watch the progression of the growth of the tumor.

Luckily for him we have a major medical school in Bigtown. He went to the head of the neurology department at the School and pleaded his case. The Department head agreed to take the case personally, but reiterated the possible consequences of cutting on that part of the brain. My student didn't care... if he couldn't fly he'd just as soon face the prospects of taking the step to "the next stage of life".

The Surgeon removed a 4-inch square plate of my student's skull and attacked the tumor from the back side. Upon reaching the tumor he was surprised...
He expected the growth to have the consistency of jello. But this tumor was hard, about the size and shape of a
Buckeye. Puzzled, he scraped off a sample of the tumor and sent it off to the lab for identification. When the results came back he thought they were a mistake, so he took another sample and sent it to a different technician...
It came back with the same finding...

This skilled Surgeon carefully removed the tumor, and in a year my student was back flying the big Boeing.

My student admits to drinking six or more Diet Cokes per day before his surgery, but the brand of beverage is not important...
Most all sugar-free drinks now contain Aspartame.
Obviously he now has that addiction under control...
He now drinks nothing containing Aspartame. Relating this story to others, I hear anecdotes about China banning the substance and other individuals having other health problems related to the chemical.

Personally, I won't stop drinking diet sodas or other beverages containing the substance, but I don't think it's a good idea to be drinking mass quantities of anything that has a chemical like Aspartame in it.

I like water.
I hear drinking Green Tea has health benefits, (as does red wine for those not flying within 8 hours).

But it's probably a good idea to cut down on diet sodas, huh?

I don't think we need to cut Aspartame completely out of our diets, but I do think we probably need to moderate our intake of any non-organic substance.
What about you...
Got a story to relate?