29 April 2024


A member of any of various ancient and modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, HEBREWS, AND ARABS.

These days we're obviously using it incorrectly!

27 April 2024

"El Futbol es un Juego Muy Importante."

That title is one of the few things I remember from two years of High School and one semester of College Spanish.

Our neighbors have a seven year old daughter that we have "adopted" as our grandchild.
Weekends on Saturday mornings are reserved for watching she and many of her friends chase and kick a soccer ball up and down a small field. That ball spends almost as much time "out of bounds" as it does on the playing field.

I've determined the only thing I am more indifferent about than Soccer is a Soccer game played by a bunch of 7-yr olds where they don't keep score.

(Last year it was "T-Ball". That's sleep inducing too.)

25 April 2024

My Purple Heart-

My co-worker is young enough to be my son.
He's a good guy and I really like him. Next week Sara Jean, Big Bubba and I will be headed West to Flagstaff, AZ on the Amtrak train and this man will be doing my job. So I've been training him.
Today, the subject came up that my Dad and I are both Purple Heart recipients.
He surprised me with this question-
"How much does your Purple Heart weigh?"

I'm glad he asked. It's an indication of how little many people know about our world these days.
If you also would like an answer to the question, the PH medal weighs a few ounces... no more than the "Good Conduct Medal" I also was awarded. But anyone in the military, when I'm in uniform, will notice that Purple ribbon on my chest, even though it is an equal weight with the other ribbons.

Our country has changed.
FEWER people are signing the "Blank Check" to "Support and Defend" our Constitution these days.
And that fact bothers me a lot.
The fact it doesn't bother others bothers me a lot more.

21 April 2024

Krystal Hamburgers

We're visiting Big Bubba in Clarksville, TN.
I'm learning to LOVE this town... close to Ft. Campbell if we need the services there, but with enough other concerns that it does not feel totally taken over by the military.
And they have a "White Castle" AND "Krystal" hamburger store here!
If you live North of the Mason-Dixon line you're probably familiar with White Castle "sliders" and either love 'em or hate 'em. Count me in the "love 'em" category. In High School me and my buddies used to have contests to see who could eat the most "belly bombers".

Home from Viet Nam I was stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia as a Flight Instructor.
There I was introduced to "Krystals". They are Southern cousins to the White Castle. To me they have a slightly milder taste and the bread is more like "Kings Hawaiian" buns.
I PREFER them to White Castles.
So when we come to visit our son we always make a trip to buy a sackful of burgers. And I did that yesterday.

Under the "Sackful" column was the list:
12 Krystals- $13.09.
24 Krystals- $26.49.
And I wonder how many folks think they're getting a bargain by buying in bulk.

I went home with TWO 12-Krystal Sackfuls!

20 April 2024

Genetically Modified Foods-

"GM Foods" are evil, right?
When someone tries to make that point I ask, "How much can we discuss about Gregor Mendel?"
"Does the name 'Norman Borlaug' strike a familiar note?"
Those questions normally drop stupid people on the spot with a "through and through" head wound.

Don't be one of 'em.
Do your research.

17 April 2024


An enemy is someone trying to destroy you.
This man, his boss, and our Senate leadership fit that description.
IF(!) our country still exists in November, we MUST remember and vote accordingly.

02 April 2024

This Happens Surprisingly Often:

"Wanta sell it?"
I smile. "No, it's not for sale."
We're talking about my '97 3/4 ton, extended cab, long bed, Cummins diesel truck. It has 278,000 miles on it and still runs like a sewing machine.

The research for the purchase began before my retirement in about 2008 or so.
I wanted a vehicle that could safely pull a Recreational Vehicle. A Pickup would fill that need  and the bed of the truck would provide utility even when not being used to pull the RV.
Being able to tow a heavy load meant I'd be limited to a relatively heavy truck (3/4 ton) with a BIG, powerful powerplant... diesel or gasoline? Diesel powered trucks get better fuel mileage, but that benefit is offset by the fact that diesel fuel is much more expensive than gasoline these days. But the reputation of the Cummins/Ram fascinated me.
I searched eBay for months and finally saw a truck that was almost exactly what I was looking for in Palm Desert, California. The young man selling it warned "If you live in California don't bid on this truck. I'm selling it because it will no longer pass California emission requirements". He listed all the improvements he had made to the truck, some of which improved performance but made it pollute more.
He had fixed the "Killer Dowel Pin" problem, which was one of my main concerns.
I won the auction at a selling price that surprised me and could sell the truck at any time for more than I paid for it, even though the truck is now (27 years) old.

It's been an interesting vehicle to own. About once every three months someone who knows these trucks will approach me with an offer to buy it.
The truck in the picture is a half-ton with a gasoline engine, but looks a LOT like my beloved truck.
I know you're envious.
Don't hate me