21 April 2024

Krystal Hamburgers

We're visiting Big Bubba in Clarksville, TN.
I'm learning to LOVE this town... close to Ft. Campbell if we need the services there, but with enough other concerns that it does not feel totally taken over by the military.
And they have a "White Castle" AND "Krystal" hamburger store here!
If you live North of the Mason-Dixon line you're probably familiar with White Castle "sliders" and either love 'em or hate 'em. Count me in the "love 'em" category. In High School me and my buddies used to have contests to see who could eat the most "belly bombers".

Home from Viet Nam I was stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia as a Flight Instructor.
There I was introduced to "Krystals". They are Southern cousins to the White Castle. To me they have a slightly milder taste and the bread is more like "Kings Hawaiian" buns.
I PREFER them to White Castles.
So when we come to visit our son we always make a trip to buy a sackful of burgers. And I did that yesterday.

Under the "Sackful" column was the list:
12 Krystals- $13.09.
24 Krystals- $26.49.
And I wonder how many folks think they're getting a bargain by buying in bulk.

I went home with TWO 12-Krystal Sackfuls!


Ed Bonderenka said...

I went to the radio station Christmas party last December and everyone was supposed to bring something to pass around. There were ribs, brisket, desserts, etc.
I found I could attend at the last moment so all I could think of to bring was to stop and pick up a bag of 24 White Castles with a ton of fries and something else they included that escapes me. Oh! Chicken Rings!
The station owner went nuts saying he almost did the same thing and they were gone in no time.

There is a chrome diner near me, Angie's Burgers that features a larger version of a white Castle and they have the best fries on the planet and fantastic milk shakes.
It's a lot of will power to drive by there and not stop.
My son live 15 miles away and he'll make the drive to go there to buy dinner for his family.

Old NFO said...

Gah, I can't stand them. Food poisoning ONCE, and never again... LOL

Gerry said...

My stomach just did a slow roll just reading that post.
I had a coworker who would empty the whole service wing at about 1400 after eating at Krystals. The place was put off limits to him after the second eruption occurred.