24 December 2013

Christmas In Phoenix

An old friend wrote about the blog, "You haven't written lately".
She stays updated on my life reading the blog, but doesn't provide me the same convenience, via blog OR Facebook.
So...  I take her comment while biting my tongue.

But her point is well-taken-
I wrote and told her much of the pressure to rant is now vented via Facebook. There's no denying that outlet tempers my urges to come here and express my thoughts.
But, although I cannot put a finger on it, there's more to it than that.
Is it because I feel "the inevitable" will now happen in spite of all my warnings:

Tytler was right, (if indeed the quote is his).
And we are THERE.

But it's Christmas Eve.
We're in Phoenix, and good things are happening all around us.
Our son is healthy. We are healthy.
We look at the world around us and realize we are blessed in ways for which we cannot possibly thank our maker enough.

So I'll not trouble you with a rant today.
Today I just wish for you these things:
A roof overhead.
More than enough food to eat, shared in the closeness of those you love.

There certainly ARE indications good things are beginning to happen around us...
Because God IS in control!

Merry Christmas everyone.