29 July 2022


You thought you were buying Percocet?
But instead you got a fatal dose of fentanyl?
Why were you buying Percocet?

26 July 2022

Winston II ?


"The Fog of War".
No question, there IS such a thing.
We cannot know what is actually happening in Ukraine. But it sure seems to me this is a "David takes on Goliath" situation. And we need to be on the side of David.

You may have already seen this video. Good.
If you have not be aware-
The destroyed airplane you see in the background in some of the shots was a "one of a kind" that I was truly fascinated with. This unique machine was intended to carry the Russian version of their Space Shuttle into the air.
Now it is GONE.

This is war.
War is expensive; destructive; and frequently stupid.

I am with Ukraine.

21 July 2022

Contempt of Congress

"The criminal offense of contempt of Congress sets the penalty at not less than one month nor more than twelve months in jail and a fine of not more than $100,000 or less than $100."

Contempt of Congress is a crime.
Doesn't that make the MAJORITY of U.S. Citizens criminals?

09 July 2022


I want to talk about "Phil".

Some years ago I lived in an apartment complex that was more or less dedicated to housing young adults- singles and marrieds. Management organized a monthly get-together- rock band, Las Vegas party, etc. Alcohol was provided. (I lived there three years. The parties ceased after one... fun while it lasted!)

I came home from work one evening and while parking my car I noticed a car with its hood up and a gawky man standing, looking at the engine with a puzzled look. I walked over and inquired about the problem.
"It won't start" says he.
"Hop in, turn your lights on and honk your horn" says I.
When he honked his horn his lights dimmed dramatically.
"Let's clean your battery cables", says I. We did. And his car started, no problem. Phil was amazed. I lived on the ground floor. Phil lived two floors above me. We became friends.

Phil was one of those people that was SO SMART he was weird. Phil had trouble making friends because his interests were... odd. He knew serious details about stuff you and I have no interest in at all. But if you gave him a chance to go into the details about the stuff that interested him, you could get interested too.
I'm a curious type. I thought Phil was neat.

Phil had been a Chemistry teacher at a local High School. During summers he had free time on his hands and took a part time job as a cook at a "Denny's" restaurant. After a while Phil used his tremendous thinking power to do the math and realized if he worked a regular shift at Denny's, then worked a little overtime at Denny's, he could make more money slamming together "Grand Slams" at Denny's than he could make trying to teach kids Chemistry that had no interest whatsoever in the subject.

This was true in the late 1970's. I don't know if it is still true.
But I have a suspicion that THIS is why our education system is in the shape it's in today.

Comment, plz.

03 July 2022

The "Weimar Republic"

Many are not familiar with the subject of the title. And that's a shame.
I know what happened, but I DO NOT know how long the process took to collapse.
Research is necessary.
It would be a good idea for you to also do research.