30 August 2023

Welcome To Havana?


When we see photos of street traffic in Havana, Cuba I'm always amazed. Only the very rich (and politically connected) can afford new cars there. For the most part the newest autos you see there are pre- Castro takeover of the country, meaning almost all are vintage 1959 or earlier. The folks that own those old cars have to be incredibly ingenious to keep them on the road. How many miles does the '54 Chevy leading that line in the above photo have on the odometer?

On our leftie coast California has now mandated that NO automobiles with internal combustion engines will be sold in that State after 2035. Granted, that's a long way off, and there may be really wonderful improvements in technology that will actually make electric vehicles utilitarian by that time. But that will not only require changes in the cars themselves... California's electric grid will have to be drastically improved to service that increased electric consumption.

We're already seeing a change in the automobile sales market. Manufacturers, unable to sell the electric cars they are producing are jacking up the prices of gasoline powered cars to make up the shortfall.
That extra expense is having a ripple effect in that consumers are holding onto their older cars longer.
There's also been an increase in the price of USED cars because of it.

Our socialist government thinks they are doing what is best for us peons.
But the free market system knows better!

22 August 2023

"Viet Nam Veteran" Richard Blumenthal

YouTube should be against the law. It's like a drug.

Lately I've been watching videos of "Stolen Valor" by a Navy Seal by the name of Don Shipley.
During the videos Don's language frequently puts me off, but I certainly understand his frustration.
He claims that so far he has exposed 9000 fakers claiming to be Seals.
I believe him. As a Viet Nam Veteran helicopter pilot I too have had many experiences where I met people claiming to have been Huey pilots in Viet Nam, whose claims completely fall apart when details of their service are questioned.

Until recently I thought "Stolen Valor" was simply an irritation I had to put up with. But after watching Don's videos I've learned that IF anything of value is gained by the false claims, that is a CRIME. (That includes that 10% discount at "Hardee's!)

Pictured above is one of the sitting Senators of Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal.
Little Richard campaigned as a Viet Nam Veteran and won his election. I vomit a little in my mouth every time I see him on TV because he NEVER served in Viet Nam.
This fact is now common knowledge.
Little Richard has apologized for misspeaking.

Can winning an election to the U.S. Senate be considered gaining a thing of value due to Stolen Valor?
I think so.
Why is this liar still in the Senate?

If you have the stomach for it, search YouTube for "Don Shipley Stolen Valor".
They're entertaining.

19 August 2023

Being Self Centered

I. I. Me. Mine.
Never "Us". "Ours".
Some think the world revolves around them.
Being around it too long can be exhausting.

18 August 2023

To Me, This is Ironic !

California Governor Gavin Newsom is just about to have his competency challenged by-
Hurricane Hilary.

17 August 2023

My Changing World-

Question 1-
Who'da ever thunk we'd have a presidential candidate named "Rommyswommy"?

Question 2-
Who'da ever thunk I'd actually like the guy and possibly vote for him?

This is not my Father's Oldsmobile.

10 August 2023

Climate Change Worry

PBS is running a blurb about the people who are "anxious" about how climate change in the world is impacting them.
How sad. I'm not sure my input would make them feel any better-

The population of China is now (about) 1,500,000,000.
The population of India is now (about) 1,500,000,000.
Total population of those countries: 3 BILLION SOULS.
Population of the U.S.? ONE TENTH of that total.

China is opening a new COAL FIRED powerplant every week.
The people of India burn cow dung, (they pick it up free off the street) to prepare their meals and heat their abodes.
They are NOT signatories to any agreement to control climate change.

Ever hear the term "Drop in a bucket"?
Our worries about climate change accomplish little to nothing.

I refuse to worry about it.

09 August 2023

V.A. Care

Some years ago I registered with the Veteran's Administration "just because" I MAY have been exposed to Agent Orange. Since registering I have been subjected to a semi-annual checkup with them that is pretty thorough. Today was my day to pee in the bottle and have blood samples taken.
Frankly, it is downright freaky what they can tell about your health just by examining the fluids they take.
Today I got poked in both arms. My blood-taker started taking the sample in my right arm, then blew that vein and had to finish taking the necessary sample from my left arm.

My only complaint about this whole procedure?
I feel guilty walking into the facility-
Upright; with no walking aids; and all my extremities intact.

As a Purple Heart recipient I know I am blessed. And that knowledge makes me DOUBLY blessed.

06 August 2023

Portable Air Conditioner Update-

(Might as well start off with the lede.)
TEN THOUSAND BTU's sounds like a lot. But maybe we needed 20K?

When I ordered the unit, (if you're in the dark, drop down several posts until you see the photo of something that looks vaguely similar to R2D2), I thought it was about the same size as our son's unit.
It ain't. His is at least half-again bigger.
And because of that fact, it's sort of like General Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn-

Part of the limiting factor is the "exhaust tube". Obviously, the hot air has to be transported OUTSIDE. The tube to accomplish that is an accordion-style plastic tube about 8 feet long. The only place we can position the unit is in our bathroom, blowing TOWARD our bedroom. The tube is not long enough to allow us to place the unit all the way into our bdrm. Also the tube itself, carrying the hot air, gets... HOT.
Imagine that.
So it does an excellent job of cooling the room it is in... the master bath.
The master bedroom? I suppose it might drop the temp there a degree or two.

So IF you have been waiting on this update to determine whether or not to follow our example, some suggestions:
1. Do your research on where you can place the unit, including the positioning and length of the exhaust tube.
2. As we used to say while playing Pinochle in Viet Nam- "Go BIG or stay home!"

When you hear "size is not important", don't believe it.

02 August 2023

It's "Just A Dog".


Delivering "Meals on Wheels" we have one stop that inevitably pisses me off:
The dog is chained to it's dog house. It's been chained there so long all the grass within the length of the chain is gone exposing bare soil that turns to mud when it rains. Because of that she ALWAYS needs a good bath.
She's being fed and watered, but I think that's the extent of the care she gets from her "owners".
The dog is a sweetie. I'm guessing she's a Samoyed mix. When I pull up in the van to deliver the client's meal she perks up. She knows I'm going to not only pay attention to her, I always give her a Milk Bone treat.
I'm just sad I can only brighten her day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I've never understood how anyone can do this to an animal. I've pretty much had dogs and cats ALWAYS in my life. My exposure to them has shown me that they are all individuals with separate personalities. But one thing has pretty much remained constant with them all-
They are loyal and devoted to us. And some of them (the dogs) would willingly give their lives trying to protect us. Seeing this dog chained in the mud breaks my heart.

Our Chihuahua mix "Chico" passed away Sunday night. The post below this one will update you as to why. Losing him was... beyond hard.
Burying him was harder.
While I was present at home he was stuck to me like an extremity.
Getting accustomed to his absence is gonna take a while. Right now I'm seeing him everywhere, anytime something moves near me. Tears come easily.

When they die it hurts like heck.
But the memories of good times and the love he shared are irreplaceable.