07 January 2021

A Fork in the Road

Winston Churchill, I think, is the greatest man of the 20th century.
Have you seen "Darkest Hour"?
It's a MUST. Get-r-done.

I've watched videos of Charles Lindbergh urging the U.S. to stay out of WWII.
He was a courageous man. But he was DEAD WRONG about Hitler and the Germans.
And we almost waited too long to get involved in protecting people's freedom.

I watched the events unfolding at the Capitol yesterday.
And I'm upset.
But I'm also sick and tired of smart people doing stupid things.
Our Nation has been "Codependent" for too long now, helping parasites to hurt themselves, and us.

Is it time for the "Tree of Liberty" to be refreshed?
And I hope all of you I care about are prepared for what's coming.