22 June 2022

Women Republican Candidates

"The key to taking majorities in Congress is women republican candidates".
That's the latest theme.
Liz Cheney. Olympia Snowe. Susan Collins. Lisa Murkowski.
I guess I'm just stupid...
How is electing women improving Congress?

12 June 2022

This Political Circus

Lookin' into my Crystal Ball-
Barring something totally unforeseen happening prior to the November elections it looks as if republicans are a shoo-in to retake our House of Representatives. It also looks like it is entirely possible republicans might take power in the Senate. IF that happens, one of the first things I think will happen is the investigation into this Hunter Biden laptop catastrophe will accelerate. And IF the connections to our president(?) that appear to be there come to fruition, "Joey" is in trouble. I think his impeachment is a near certainty.
With a republican House AND Senate, he could end up being the first president ever to be tried and convicted of "high crimes and misdemeanors" and thereby removed from office.
Like Richard Nixon, I suspect he'd resign rather than have that fact end up in the history books.

That leaves us with Kamala Harris in the White House. And although that would be disastrous for our country, her administration will be interesting (and entertaining?) to watch.
Maybe there's a real skeleton in her history too? If so, how soon can the "revenge" impeachment of Kamala happen?

With a republican House of Reps we won't have to worry about president Pelosi, thank GOD.
It's even possible the new Speaker of the House might be a conservative.
... Nah.
Nevah hoppen G.I. !

We are living in "interesting times".

08 June 2022

Big Holes-

Some would suggest this post is a mistake.
Maybe it is.

I own a few firearms. Out of all I own, my favorite is a .45-cal. Colt Combat Commander.
With it, I can shoot a flea off a gnat's ass. (And that is sayin' something for a round that large!)

My second favorite is the .357 Caliber I carried while I was a Deputy Sheriff. (Department regulations forbid me from carrying my beloved Combat Commander).

Remember me? The old FART?
A year ago we left home for a trip South and I hid both guns in a "safe" place during our absence.
When we returned, I could not remember where that "safe" place was and could not find my two favorite shooty thingies. So I had to fall back on less-loved shooty thingies.

Today Sara Jean shouted from upstairs... "GUESS WHAT I FOUND!"
My readers are smart.
They know EXACTLY what she found.

Second-best is okay.
FAVORITE is better.

06 June 2022

Huge Numbers-

I think I have made this comment before. The stupidity of others forces me to try to "break through" again:

Population of China-
1,500,000,000. (Yes, that's ONE BILLION, Five Hundred Million.)
The country produces electricity by burning coal.

Population of India-
1,400,000,000. (Yes, that's ONE BILLION, Four Hundred Million.)
They burn DUNG to cook their food and produce heat for their homes.

Population of the U.S.A.-
325,000,000. (And granted, that's growing every single day.)
Nevertheless, that number is 1/10th the total population of China and India combined.

Can someone tell me again why I need to lower my thermostat and turn light switches off to save Gaia?
We truly are idiots, ya know that?

02 June 2022

The Anal "Root Canal"

My bride and I are undergoing "formation colonoscopies" tomorrow.
Over 50 years of age?
Have you had one?
You must.

The procedure RUINS two full days. The "prep" for the procedure requires you to drink a gallon of nasty-tasting fine plastic goop that is indigestible. By the time you finish the final few glasses of what is euphemistically called "Golightly", you MUST be close to a commode because that stuff is gonna be in your body for just a few seconds.

But this discomfort is important. During the probe, the Doc finds stuff (polyps) in your colon that might cause future problems, and "nips them in the bud", negating future problems.

So RIGHT NOW I start drinking this horrible liquid. And our next 24 hours will be devoted to "heading off at the pass" cancerous bad stuff.
It's horrible.
But necessary.
And at 75 and in great health, I'm glad our medical technology is there to improve our future.

01 June 2022


I've mentioned before that on 19 occasions I had the experience of flying a small helicopter back to the Midwest from the Robinson Helicopter factory in Torrance, California. As I departed the factory the Lycoming air-cooled engines normally had between 5-10 hours flight time on them to insure they ran properly, didn't leak oil, etc..

Depending on winds and which model Robbie I was flying, the flight time back East was generally between 17 to 22 hours. The factory filled the crankcase with non-detergent oil for the "break-in" period.
Departing the factory they would give me 4 extra quarts of oil to insure I could keep the engine "topped off" for the trip home. That oil had a big "M" on the label to indicate it was "Mineral Oil"... (non-detergent).
Their recommendation was to use the non-detergent oil until the engine oil consumption slowed, then switch to the regular aviation detergent oil of the customer's choice. By the time I reached my destination back in the middle of the country the oil usage of the Lycomings had normally settled down so we could drain and switch oils.
THAT is the way I got comfortable "breaking-in" an air cooled engine.

I just bought a new generator to use when we go RV-ing. It has an air-cooled 312cc engine. It came delivered with NO oil in the crankcase and, oddly, NO instructions on how to break the engine in, other than warnings in BIG red letters that there was no oil in the engine and the proper amount of engine oil had to be added before starting.
So I decided to follow the instructions I've gotten accustomed to with the Lycomings. I went to my local auto parts store and asked for "break-in oil" and got a blank stare in return. No dice.
Across the street to the competing auto parts store, the clerk lead me to the paint section and tried to sell me a quart of mineral spirits!

I realize engines are manufactured to higher tolerances these days. Oil too is better, with more additives, than it has ever been. But I'd still be more comfortable running the generator's first few hours the "old school" way.

Am I just an old fuddy-duddy?
(Try to be nice now.)