31 August 2022

The Damage Done

Some years back, two special FBI agents knocked on our door seeking information about possible drug activity (and other stuff) going on in our neighborhood. We invited them in, poured coffee, and had a nice visit with fellow Law Enforcement personnel.
If that same scenario happened today I would NOT allow the agents to enter my home.

Watching this fiasco unfold at Mar-A-Lago, knowing how politicized leaders of the FBI have become, I cannot help but wonder-
What's the likelihood the FBI would plant classified documents to be found during their "investigation"?
They are DESPERATE to keep Trump from running in '24.
That we even have to consider the possibility is... horrible.
But there you have it.

How does the FBI EVER recover its reputation?

27 August 2022

River Valley Campground, Cherokee, North Carolina

 (That's a photo borrowed from the WWW, but it's representative of the sites against the river.)

We just returned from a week's stay along the river in the photo... the "Oconoluftee" in Cherokee, NC.
The water there flows fairly rapidly across rocks. It ain't no "babbling brook"... the "white noise" it made was so loud Sara Jean could not sleep in our bed, which pretty much hung over the bank of the river. She vacated our bedroom and slept in one of the bunkbeds in the garage of the toy hauler to deaden the sound.

This was our second stay in our new RV, and we're still trying NOT to screw things up too badly. I'm surprised and pleased that the 28' trailer follows behind our 3/4-ton truck like a shadow. It reduces our fuel mileage from 21mpg to 14, but that number surprises most, (including me). The only disconcerting thing about towing the trailer is being passed by 18-wheelers...
As they are abeam the rear of the trailer the "Venturi Effect" sucks trailer and pickup toward them. Then when the tractor gets abeam the cab of our truck the wake of the semi pushes the whole shebang toward the road shoulder. This phenomenon keeps me on my toes.

We initially planned to take the most direct route to the campground from our home. That drive would have taken us through Knoxville, then Gatlinburg and the Smokey Mountain National Park. We've driven that route in our car in the past and found it beautiful. But in one hour at work two friends separately cautioned, "Have you considered what it will be like to pull that RV over that road?"
One of 'em even commented that he had seen rigs pulled to the side of the road with brakes SMOKIN'.
I thought about it, then decided on a different, not direct path. I'm glad I did. The route we took was still hilly and turny, but there were no uphill hairpin turns. We arrived without incident.

My sister and I rode the scooter half an hour to Maggie Valley and walked through the "Wheels Through Time" museum there. This was a "Bucket List" item for me.
I'm glad we went, but for me it was a bit of a disappointment.
I should have remembered that the founder of the museum was, for years, a Harley Davidson dealer. ALL of the motorcycles on display were American made. Virtually all of 'em were Harleys.
No examples of my first Harley... an Italian made "Sprint" by Aermacchi Harley-Davidson were to be found.
No Triumphs. No BSAs. No Italian scooters. No Japanese bikes.
Oh well.

We attended a showing of "Unto These Hills", a portrayal of the Cherokee Nation from their encounter with DeSoto, through the trail of tears, and up to fairly recent history. I was surprised that much of the play was devoted to the fact that SOME white men tried to avoid the tragedy that unfolded.
I felt the portrayal was more than fair.

We met my sister and Bro-in-law there and had a nice visit alongside the river. The campground is beautiful; the bathhouse is clean; and the campsites are more than adequately sized.
If you want to stay I suggest you make reservations.
If VERY LOUD white noise bothers you, pick a site AWAY from the river!

25 August 2022

Camp LeJeune Lawsuit

Sara Jean's brother was a Marine. He spent some time at Camp LeJeune. He died a couple years ago due to Cancer involvement in several of his organs. He did get decent care through the VA, and his wife continues to receive a check because of the ongoing water situation there.

Every time one of these ambulance-chasing Attorney commercials appears on TV now it is like she's being stabbed in the heart.

Shakespeare had it exactly right.

24 August 2022

Speaking English

"Buick" is "BYOU-ICK".
Shouldn't "Quick" be "QYOU-ICK"?
(Sorry. More 3 A.M. thinking.)

13 August 2022

"The Nest"

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus.
And we have differing views on what's best for our kids.
Women are natural nurturers.
Men? "Rub it off! You're okay."

Our son was 39 on his last birthday. While he lived in our home I used to emphasize to my wife that the most important goal for us as parents was to insure he could "spread his wings and fly"... survive in the cruel world as an adult.
She coddled him.
I wanted him to "toughen up".
For the most part, she won that battle. (I won a few.)
He had a Mother AND a Father (parents!)  living in the same home he grew up in.
And I think today that speaks VOLUMES.
He's turned out pretty well. (He's politically conservative!)

How many of these drug-addled, "triggered/woke" young people today had the luxury of a Father who could tie a knot in their ass when they got out of line?
How many Fathers were strong enough to do it?

Broken homes...
I think it might be the MAJOR problem we have in the country today.
And I don't see the problem getting fixed in the near future.

04 August 2022

Regular readers know I am a fan of "Svengoolie"... the syndicated show out of Chicago that mimics the old Saturday night horror shows of my youth in Indianapolis.
I LOVED the stupid/silly movies they shared, and the stupid/silly antics these hosts used to entertain those of us watching.

Some weeks ago TCM broadcast "Plan Nine From Outer Space" and I recorded it.
Sara Jean is away visiting family in Chicago, and it seemed a good time to "enjoy" the campy old flick.
How can I describe my reaction to this viewing?
Have you ever watched something so ludicrous you asked yourself why you were wasting this precious time, yet realized SOMEONE thought this was important enough to share with others?
"Vampira", the female featured in the Promo you see above was reportedly paid $200 for her part in the movie! (1957).

Can I recommend you take the time to watch this thing?
Does watching bad acting/listening to horribly written dialogue amuse you?
Then watch it.
Maybe once.
Like me.