04 August 2022

Regular readers know I am a fan of "Svengoolie"... the syndicated show out of Chicago that mimics the old Saturday night horror shows of my youth in Indianapolis.
I LOVED the stupid/silly movies they shared, and the stupid/silly antics these hosts used to entertain those of us watching.

Some weeks ago TCM broadcast "Plan Nine From Outer Space" and I recorded it.
Sara Jean is away visiting family in Chicago, and it seemed a good time to "enjoy" the campy old flick.
How can I describe my reaction to this viewing?
Have you ever watched something so ludicrous you asked yourself why you were wasting this precious time, yet realized SOMEONE thought this was important enough to share with others?
"Vampira", the female featured in the Promo you see above was reportedly paid $200 for her part in the movie! (1957).

Can I recommend you take the time to watch this thing?
Does watching bad acting/listening to horribly written dialogue amuse you?
Then watch it.
Maybe once.
Like me.


Old NFO said...

LOL, saw that standing watch one night in Moffett. Yes, it IS that bad... :-)

Gerry said...

I have watched it at a midnight movie on a date in the late 70's.
Yes it was so bad it was entertaining. Like the first Sharknado.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Nope. Not again. Once bitten, twice shy.