26 April 2019

Come sail away with me...

We are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as I write this, halfway 'twixt Hamilton, Bermuda and Horta, Azores. With the help of some amazing technology, we still have a decent (not perfect) internet connection and can watch "Fox News" on TV in our Stateroom. Our disembarkation point is Lisbon, Portugal. There, we pickup our rental car to drive to Gibraltar. "The Rock" has always been one of my must-see's. I've reserved quarters for two nights at Moron Air Base. With that name, we just hope our reservations there come off without complication!

Yes, it's been a while since I've blogged. I've discussed before how Facebook has made a dent in the urge many former avid bloggers have had to share their feelings on their blogs. But I do have an audience here that I don't have at FB, and I feel guilty when considerable time has passed since I've shared my doings and thoughts with you here.
(Some of you should be grateful you're not on my "Friends" list. 

I DO rant.)

This is Sara Jean's fifth cruise; my fourth. We're on the same ship we were kicked off when I compound-fractured my ankle in Santorini, Greece last year. We like the boat. It's big enough to provide lots of diversions. Alcohol is free, unless "top shelf" is a must for you. And with a capacity of 760 or so "guests", it's not so huge that it inundates small town ports when the ship docks.
And we're now taking a look at a cruise next October that sails out of Venice, Italy for 11 nights and includes many Mediterranean stops, including Santorini, and finishes at Athens, Greece. I want to go back so I can have GOOD memories of lovely Santorini!
If you'd be interested in cruising with us, let me know. I'll forward information to ya.

We are blessed. My family is healthy. I've got good neighbors taking care of our property back home, including one wonderful guy who picks up our mail daily and will mow our grass once while we're gone. Lucy is the guest of two wonderful people that love her as much as we do, and would kidnap her if they could figure out how to erase our memory of her.
Life is good, folks. When I can figure out how to painlessly burn these calories, life will be perfect.

Be safe and well everyone.

09 April 2019


For almost thirty years I held down two full-time jobs.
For almost twenty of those years I worked two full-time and one part-time job.
I was exhausted much of the time. But I LOVED the work.
Yeah, my family time suffered somewhat. But my family is now reaping the benefit of my past efforts.

I know there is always a "Back in my day..." factor, but I don't see many young people striving to succeed as I did.
In Arizona, "Help Wanted" signs were EVERYWHERE, while many intersections were occupied by folks with "Homeless and hungry" placards.

I know... I'm a dinosaur.
But I'm a very confused dinosaur.
Have we simply lost the ability to derive Joy from work?