10 October 2019


While we were in New York in May we went to see The Temptations "Ain't Too Proud" just off-Broadway. Our 36-yr old son sat alongside his parents and knew all the words to the songs.
And I remembered:
He grew up buckled into his seat in the rear in our car listening to "Oldies" or "Classic Rock" radio.
And we liked it LOUD.
On a road trip when he was about 13 or so he asked, "Mom, were you and Dad Hippies?"
And we LOL'd.

During the day I wore OD Green.
But after hours I wore Bell-bottom pants with flowers embroidered around the cuffs, and gave the "peace sign" to every motorcyclist I passed on the highway.

I'm glad to have lived that life.
I'd also bet he's glad he knows all the words to "Ain't Too Proud To Beg".