30 March 2023


My wife was born and raised in Chicago. Her family still lives there... NOT actually in the City, but in various suburbs. When we chat with them they assure us they feel safe in their cocoons.
"Nimby" stuff.
A dozen or so kids die in the city every weekend. "Not my problem... all that stuff is happening several miles away"... in The Zoo-
Chicago's Southside.

And then comes the mass shooting in Nashville, and those same people get all up in arms about gun problems.
And I shake my head.
Yes, there is a problem. But the reason these kids are dying goes WAY deeper than just guns.
And government is at the heart of the trouble.

We don't have the time to discuss ALL the "Whys".
And we probably wouldn't agree anyway. Lefties "have my mind made up. Don't confuse me with facts."
SEVENTY PERCENT of Black babies are born to single Mothers. So those kids have no Father figure in their lives ready to tie a knot in their ass when they misbehave while growing up. They go out and find a "family" gang and that group establishes their value system.
And why does this problem exist? Our Government pays these Mothers to have babies!

We already know this 28-year old in Tennessee had a confused upbringing.
Just how "confused"? We'll find out when we learn more about the manifesto She/He left before killing a bunch of innocent Christians.
But still there is now outrage because our legislators are doing nothing about "assault weapons".
And "Jacoby" in Chicago will go out this weekend and shoot up a bunch of Chicago Southsiders.

How did Jacoby get his gun?
If you take Jacoby's gun away from him, how long will it take for him to find another?
What legislation would stop Jacoby from being an angry thug, capable of killing his fellow man at the drop of a hat?

Our world is angry.
Can we find a way to fix that?
I have an idea the left WILL NOT LIKE-
Let's learn.

28 March 2023

Gun Violence Solution-

My bride is not only "movie star beautiful", she is also smart.
She has a solution to all this gun control controversy...
At birth, cut off baby's thumbs.
With no thumbs, no gun or rifle can be cradled with enough force to pull a trigger.
(Or just abort 'em. Aborted babies don't kill people.)

No charge for this "think tank" brilliance, folks.

19 March 2023


On more than a few occasions I have been swept off my feet by a beautiful face.
The image above is just one example.
Can you identify her?

11 March 2023

Anger. 10March23

She'll be angry if she knows I posted this, (so keep it to yerself).
I have a hiatal hernia. Sometimes, particularly when I'm eating fowl or fish, I swallow and that food makes it about halfway to my stomach.
It ain't comfortable. Sometimes the situation requires I excuse myself to the bathroom. (I'll leave it at that.)

Yesterday my beautiful bride brought me a Quesadilla made of turkey, cheddar cheese, and a light squirt of yellow mustard. It tasted great. BUT... About halfway through finishing the thing I had a "stoppage". And the fact I was uncomfortable caused Lewy Body Dementia to take control of my wife.

She got upset that the meal she fixed me caused me discomfort. MY discomfort made me less tolerant of her upset condition. Once again I forgot that at times the person that looks like my bride... is no longer the wife I married. I'm now married to this disease.
My problem is that I have not yet learned how to defuse the situation. And yesterday I failed completely.

Change DOES NOT come easily for me.
But for me to remain sane...
To care for her in the best way possible...
Major change is gonna have to happen.

If prayer comes comfortably to you, pray for me and all who are dealing with dementia and other terrible health issues.
Thank you.

10 March 2023


 Hope for the best. Plan for the worst. Silicon Bank in California just filed for bankruptcy-

We are on THIN ice.

05 March 2023

Mother Nature's Pruning

We live on 2-1/2 acres with an adjoining 5-acre pond. We love our neighbors and MOST of the time love our homestead.
Until the wind picks up.
On our property you'll find Maples, Oaks, Paperbark Birch, Hickory and one Pecan tree. When the wind blows, as it has recently, Mother Nature does a natural pruning of the trees, especially the Maples.

It's been quite windy recently, so last week I decided to clean up the mess Mom Nature left for us. We have a "Burn Pile" down near the pond and I move the downed branches there. Weather permitting we let our neighbors know we'll be setting the pile afire and invite them to come roast weiners and burn marshmallows.
An hour into my cleanup task I realized a couple things:
I'm no longer a 27 year old, and-
I've got to get off my butt and resume walking again ASAP.

As we've said many times before- this "aging" business is no fun at all.