30 June 2009

Beyond Bonehead

Save The Polar Bears!

Those poor creatures!
Stranded. Starving. Helpless.
We've GOT to do SOMETHING!

So world experts decided to have a meeting and discuss the course to be taken to save these magnificent animals. That meeting will take place this week in Copenhagen. Dr. Mitchell Taylor, who has studied the animals in Canada and the Arctic for 30 years, planned to attend and share his expertise. But he has been denied a seat at the meeting...
It was decided his expert testimony would be "unhelpful".
Sorta makes ya wonder, doesn't it?

In the meantime, an investigation has been launched into the suppression of an EPA report suggesting that information on global warming is out of date and erroneous.
What's goin' on here?
Facts? We already have our minds made up...

29 June 2009

Colonel Ken Reusser

Shot down in World War II.
Shot down in Korea.
Shot down in Viet Nam.
Used the propeller on his Corsair to destroy an enemy aircraft after his guns jammed.

Rest in peace Colonel Reusser, and thank you.

F-22 @ PopSci

Go look.

Cabela's Update:

Yesterday I received this note via email:

Thank you for your recent order. We appreciate your shopping at Cabela's and hope that you had an enjoyable shopping experience.

Products Ordered

I probably would not call it that...
"Interesting" would be a more appropriate term. But all-in-all I think Cabela's probably handled this situation fairly well, and I'll certainly consider ordering from them in the future.

I'll be making shooty noises in a day or two!

28 June 2009

Let The Moonwalking Begin

Beyond saying I'm saddened by his death I won't comment on the passing of Michael Jackson. But I'll now make a prediction:
When Elvis died, his estate experienced a windfall. Record sales rocketed. People lined up outside Graceland with fists-full of dollars. Elvis impersonators came out of the woodwork.
I suspect many young men are practicing the moonwalk today.

27 June 2009

Charles Durning

Let's start with a great one, huh?
He has made the statement that great acting comes from listening.
I think one of the all-time greatest pieces of acting I ever saw was when this man didn't utter a word-
The scene is in
"Tootsie", and Dustin Hoffman enters the bar where Durning sees him not "in drag" for the first time. The Charles Durning character, who has been a little sweet on "Tootsie", slowly comes to the realization that Hoffman is Tootsie, and that realization is told through Durning's facial expression. It truly is worth the cost of the rental to see these few seconds of the film!

Thanks to Camerapilot's recommendation I did a little research on this hero.
He's nearly unbelieveable...
Drafted at 21, in less than six months he finds himself in the first wave to hit Omaha Beach at Normandy. Surviving that assault, he's injured and hospitalized a few days later but recovers quickly and is released once again for duty, just in time for the "Battle of the Bulge"! There he is captured by the Germans and is one of the hundreds of captured G.I.'s forced out of trucks into an open field at Malmedy by the SS to be massacred by machine-gun. Durning is one of a handful that escapes successfully.
He is the recipient of the Silver Star and 3 Purple Hearts.

It is understatement to say I am awestruck.

You can read more about Charles Durning
here and here.

22 June 2009

Camerapilot Comments

Friend "Camerapilot comments at my post "The List":

I have an idea I want to throw your way......
How about having a list of actors and directors that have served their country and held firm in their beliefs of the American way.
The list is long.

Thanks Jesse for your interest, and thanks for being one of the few to leave your thoughts now and then. I know your comment above to be true...
We've all seen the tributes to folks like Charles Durning, Don Adams, and other heroes now making their living in Hollywood.

My initial thought is not to start a list of non-traitorous Hollywood types, but to honor folks individually who have worked to keep us free and free the oppressed of the world. Reiterating, my post "The List" was to help others see the names of those folks aiding our enemies and helping them to kill our brave troops.

So for right now, there'll be no "Heroes of Hollywood" list. But I'll certainly consider highlighting those who have served so that the Hollywood idiots on "The List" can rub elbows with murderers and dictators.

21 June 2009

Super Glue

After years of exhaustive study and consulting with other users
I have determined something with certainty-

If you want to glue fingers together, cyanoacrylate is your glue. For all other purposes it pretty much stinks. I just tried, for the fourth time, to re-attach my rear-view mirror with no success.
During the process I almost glued my index finger to my thumb.
Frustrating stuff.

20 June 2009

Band Of Brothers

We're watching "Band Of Brothers" on "The History Channel". I've never seen the mini-series in its entirety, but it's obviously a quality piece, attempting to tell the story as true-to-life as possible.
One of the troops on the show is complaining about jumping out of an airplane while carrying his own weight in gear.

You may remember a few months ago I bought a weight vest to wear on our walks. It weighs 20 lbs., and Sara Jean has trouble lifting it. Finished with our 2-mile walk, I can definitely tell I've had a workout.

Our troops in Iraq patrol with some 70 pounds of water, weapon, and ammo, and they do this when the temperature is 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
Most folks these days can't carry their own weight on a 2-mile walk.
Our troops do it as a matter of course, knowing they may be fired upon.

God Bless them all.

The History Channel is running "Band Of Brothers" again tomorrow (Sunday), starting at 12:15 Eastern.
My Tivo is set... how 'bout yours?

19 June 2009

Perpetuum Jazzile

And no, I never heard of 'em before either.
But I'll be watchin' for other stuff from 'em in the future.
I love this song. I bet you do too...
Volume up!

Hat tip- Boortz

17 June 2009

Pounding The Road, South

(Wherein I find I am much more comfortable with "Bible clinging, gun toting, Nascar fanatic Bubbas than I am with 'intellectual liberals'".)

Little sister had busted her butt trying to make it as convenient for me as possible. She actually asked what dates were best for me, then told everyone else when to show up. How can ya not love that? But my work schedule is still inhuman, and to attend meant getting off work one day, packing for the long drive that night, then getting up early enough the next morning to arrive at the site before dark.
The plan worked fine until it didn't.

I got up early, well rested. I decided to make an adventure of it, so I plugged the destination address into "Carmen the Garmin" and let her take me along the route she thought most efficient. The path Carmen chose was interesting...
About an hour from home she had me on roads I had never driven. But her chosen route was gonna avoid major cities and therefore shield me from Friday afternoon-evening traffic jams. Good for Carmen!

A little Interstate driving, then she turned me onto a U.S. Highway... not limited access, but two lanes on one side with a median dividing two lanes goin' the other way. Traffic is light most of the way... nonexistent at other times. Other than a stop light once every two or three hours, this is far preferable to bein' trapped in a slowly moving parking lot on an Interstate.

Five hours into the drive I'm in the deep South. It's 94 degrees outside and the humidity is high enough that just conversing at the gas pumps is enough exercise to start a trickle of water flowing down your backbone into your butt crack. Sara Jean has allowed me to drive her car on this trip because hers is the only car with functioning A/C and we expected these temps/humidity. The A/C sputters and quits.
"The best laid plans..."
I smirk at my bad fortune and roll the windows down. Oh well, soon the sun will be gone and the temps will be bearable.

I press on. The drive is easy because roads are good and traffic remains light. Half an hour later my eye is drawn to a red warning light in the center of the dash...
It's the battery discharge warning. We've had a lot of trouble with batteries in this car so I'm frustrated but not surprised to see this light. I start thinking about how I'll find my way to Wally World tomorrow to have this battery replaced- again. After a few minutes I notice something else... the car is harder to steer.
Uh-oh. Now, finally the equation is plain... 2+2=4. Air conditioning, power steering, battery discharging... the common thread is that all are run by belts attached to the engine's crankshaft. I've got belt problems. I'm an idiot. These belts are original equipment on this car with 133,000 miles on it. I should have replaced them long ago.

Now my mind races, considering my options. It's Friday evening. I'm 90 minutes from my destination and I have to turn my lights on. If I completely discharge the battery the engine will die and I'll be stuck wherever that happens. I've got to have new belts installed to continue. Where to do that?

In a tiny South Alabama town I stop for gas, lift the hood and confirm both belts are in pieces in my engine compartment. Bubba comes up in his pickup truck with his date sitting alongside and asks about my problem. When I tell him I'm 90 minutes from a family reunion he says, "Buy me a tank of gas and I'll drive you there." I'm amazed... he just offered to drive for three hours and cancel whatever plans he and his lady had for the evening! I thank him and decline his offer.

I go back and ask the station attendent if there is an auto parts store nearby and am directed to an "AutoZone" store just down the street. Perfect! I like AutoZone-
I can buy the belts and they'll loan me tools to install the belts there.
I pull into the AutoZone parking lot 15 minutes after they have closed. I know I can't go on, so I go back to the gas station and get directions to both motels in town, aware that at any point the battery may discharge completely. It's dark and I'm having to use my headlights. Both motels are displaying "no vacancy" signs. I cross my fingers, and the car starts again. I drive back to the AutoZone, roll the windows down, recline the seat, and shut the engine down for the evening. It's 9 P.M. and the store opens at 8 A.M..

It's clear so the night cools quickly. I fully expect the local constabulary to stop by in the wee hours to find out what the heck I'm doin' sitting in front of this store, but she/he's too busy...
I watch as she/he chases down a speeder and issues a ticket. Later I hear her/him zoom by with lights and siren, only to watch an ambulance follow 15 minutes later.

I wake at 6 A.M. feeling surprisingly rested, considering. I pour the last cup of coffee, now tepid, from my thermos. It's far better than nuthin'. The AutoZone manager shows up at 7 A.M., opens the door, then locks it behind him. I get out to stretch my legs, sipping my coffee, and he comes to the door and says "How can I help you?" When I explain my dilemma he opens early, sells me the belts, and hands me the tool I need to put them on.

Hood up again, I'm already sweating in the heat even though it's not yet 8 in the morning. I'm out of my league with this repair... the space available to install the belts is minimal, and I don't know how to adjust the idlers/tensioners to loosen them enough to fit the belts, then re-tighten them. A young black man walks up and asks about my problem and I tell him. He says, "Lemme help you." He quickly realizes he needs another wrench and obviously the store manager knows him 'cause he comes back out with wrench in hand. In 20 minutes my belts are installed properly. I pay him for his work and I'm on my way. The Air Conditioner blows cold air. The power steering works. The battery discharge light is gone. It's a beautiful day and I'm on my way to hug friends and loved ones.
This story will surprise only those that have never spent time in the South. I've experienced similar scenarios several times in my life. It's part of the reason I love the South and those that live there.
Can you imagine how this story would have unfolded in Chicago?
Differently, I think we'd all agree.

One quick observation that puzzled me:
I had occasion to drive through the tunnel that goes beneath Mobile Bay on I-10 this trip. Carmen continued to track my progress even when I was in the center of the tunnel, probably more than a hundred feet underground/water.
How'd she do that?

16 June 2009

Stop Killing Innocent, Unarmed People!

Why is this unlikely to happen in the U.S.?

Because our Socialist government has seen the guns and ammunition numbers.
NEVER forget that.

Whose Ox? The Other Guy's!

I said, "The government has changed the bankruptcy laws and has stolen property from individuals".

He said, "Don't you agree it's better to save those companies and save all those jobs?"

I said, "So you think stealing those folk's property is okay?"

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" was his response.

My head almost exploded.
How many patriots have died trying to prevent this from happening to our country?

15 June 2009


My family started camping when I was barely a teen. My Dad had jerked the seats out of a Corvair "Greenbriar" Van and built a camper to sleep two. Like today's campers, the bed could be raised and used as a dining room table. On the roof, a folding tent was secured for two more to sleep in. At the back door he had ingeniously built a cabinet that the door, when removed, could be used as a cooking platform. Mom could just pump up and fire up the Coleman stove and we'd soon have hot, delicious victuals. I wish I had good pictures of that camper now... my Dad was a genius.

Back then, when you talked "camping", most folks immediately thought of sleeping in a tent, on the ground, with a campfire burning nearby. It wasn't too long before I started hearing the phrase, "The closest I want to get to camping is the 'Holiday Inn'"

Right now I'm sitting in a pavilion in a campground. The Wifi signal is "Very Good". Within a few yards there is a volleyball court, a basketball goal, a heated indoor pool, a hot tub/jacuzzi, an outside pool, and a nice "jungle Jim" set for little ones. Attached to the pavilion is the club house with restaurant and game room, complete with big-screen TV and pool table, ping-pong table, foosball game and more.
I'm surrounded by RV's. It makes me laugh now to think how we, in our little Greenbriar camper, used to feel sorry for those folks waking up in tents on rainy mornings. The Holiday Inn cannot hold a candle against these RV's, some of them costing half-a-million dollars, and there are TONS of them in this campground and campgrounds all across America. America has certainly found "camping", but that word itself is getting harder and harder to define.

It's sad...
There are no campfires here, so campers no longer sit around and visit after dark.
It's sorta like staying at the Holiday Inn.

11 June 2009


They were gracious hosts. When they heard we were going to stay in a hotel they opened their beautiful home to us. The hostess and I were to attend the same meeting, so it made arrangements much more simple... we could discuss the meeting beforehand and share transportation the morning of the meeting.

All went well until we started talking about current events and the subject turned to politics. When they discerned my political leanings they confided, "We're not big fans of George Bush."
That was understatement. It quickly became obvious both host and hostess were full-blown BDS sufferers. Conversation for the rest of the stay was civil, but tense.
At weekend's end we hugged and thanked them for their hospitality, and as we turned to get into our car the host shouted "I'm not rich enough to be a Republican!", and quickly closed the door before I could respond.
Irritating and cowardly...
These folks have beautiful homes in Michigan and Florida...
How "rich" do you have to be to be a Republican?

He's long retired from GM.
Now, frightened to tears about what Bozama is doing to our auto industry, they're being forced to consider their vote in the last election. They're also having to consider selling their home in Florida, in what may be the worst real estate market in decades.

I think soon they'll be poor enough to be Republicans.

09 June 2009

Things That Make You Go "Hmmmm".

(You'll need to click and enlarge the pic to see what I want ya to see.)
The central gauge in that picture is the fuel quantity gauge for the BK117. I love flying this helicopter almost as much as I loved flying the Huey, and oddly, they share a common fault...
Like many helicopters, they're too "short-legged", meaning they have little endurance. The Huey burned roughly 100 gallons of JP-4 or JetA per hour and carried 209 gallons of the stuff.
Do the math-
Taking off with full tanks and considering the required reserve, you knew you'd be stopping to fill 'er up again in less than two hours. The BK's two LTS-101 engines combine to burn almost 80 gallons per hour if you consider starting and hovering for takeoff. From the above gauge you may be able to see there are about 165 gallons in the main tanks, and an additional twenty gallons in the two supply tanks for a total of 185 gallons. Figuring conservatively, I plan for about 2 hours and 15 minutes before it wheezes and gets quiet.

I took the picture to illustrate one of the things that is frequently wrong with aircraft and the regulations that concern them...
Above the fuel gauge you can see a placard that reads, "Max Usable Fuel 1230lb." Usable fuel is the fuel the pumps can actually suck up and provide to the engine for burning. A certain amount of fuel in the tank(s) of most aircraft cannot be utilized, and is therefore "unusable fuel".

The placard, required by the FAA, complicates matters...

The gauge reads gallons of fuel. How many gallons in 1230 pounds?
Jet A weighs 6.84 pounds per gallon. I just grabbed my calculator and did the math-
My "Max Usable Fuel" is 179.82456 gallons, so 5-and-a-sip gallons in the tanks are unusable.
Wouldn't it be nice if the required placard said,
"Max Usable Fuel 179 Gallons"?

There's an old joke among pilots that goes,
"Hi. I'm from the FAA and I'm here to help!"
It always gets a chuckle.

08 June 2009

"You Scare Me."

Well written and to the point, penned by a successful businessman and author, the New York Times wouldn't print this letter.

Gee, I wonder why?
Tip 'O hat to Instapundit

They WANT To Believe!

She came through the door flush with excitement...
"You've gotta see this!"
She'd been "selected" to be a member!
And what a club to belong to... at the top of her list was the name of an NFL Quarterback, the owner of a hoity-toity restaurant, and a very popular local TV personality. These folks certainly lend credence to the venture, right?

She needed to "invest" $1,000...
Write a $500 check and send it to the name at the top of her list, and another $500 to the person that recruited her. Then all she had to do was add her name to the bottom of the list, then go and recruit two new "investors". Recruiting the two new folks would repay her initial investment. Then when her name reached the top of the list, she'd receive $128,000... like the NFL Quarterback whose name was now there.
I asked, "What's being produced here? This is nothing but a pyramid scheme... a money shuffle. Eventually the population of 'greater fools' will dry up and this thing will fall of it's own dead weight"

But she wanted that $128,000 and wrote two $500 checks.
The State Attorney General started his investigation the very next day, and within a month the whole scheme had collapsed, and she received a thousand dollars worth of quick education.
I've looked for links to share with you but it turns out it was a regional thing, and doing so would reveal my location. So would giving you the name of the scam, but be aware... the name was every bit as misleading as is the term "Employee Free Choice Act".

She WANTED to believe. Greed is such a strong drive...
We know the names of Charles Ponzi, Michael Milliken, and Bernie Madoff only because there are large numbers of seemingly intelligent people who ignore the old saw "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is".

So now President(?) Obama tells us his stimulus plan will lead us out of the desert. He tells us hundreds of thousands of jobs will be "saved" under his extraordinary direction.
So far as I can see, the only thing being produced is bigger government and a larger drag on taxpayers. There's no added value of goods and services here. But there are still lots of folks who WANT TO BELIEVE Obama can do what he claims, so we've not reached the point of collapse quite yet.

Later we'll be able to add a name to our list:
Ponzi, Milliken, Madoff...

07 June 2009

Greybeard's Economic Indicators

"If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."
Man, that's true in my household! She thought she needed her hair trimmed, and the only gal she trusts to do it is 25 miles away. The only way I feel reasonably comfortable driving that far for a "trim" is to insure we accomplish several errands on this one drive.
(I know folks living in large cities must do a spit-take reading that sentence but you have to realize... driving completely across our little town takes all of five minutes at 30 miles per hour! So for us, this is a relatively LONG drive.)

Knowing we'd be making this drive, I started my list-
I gave our only corkscrew to our invalid neighbor who asked me to pick up a bottle of wine for her last week. She wanted Liebfraumilich. It only comes in bottles with a cork. She had no corkscrew so I gave her ours, and we needed a replacement.
When I'm upstairs I have to play "plug swap" to plug my laptop into an outlet. Another power strip would solve the problem. (What'd we ever do without them?)
I need a new toothbrush.
I need "no more tears" Baby shampoo... (I use it to scrub Lucy's head during her once-a-week bath.)

I drop Sara Jean off at the mall and drive across the street where I can get everything on my list cheap- BIG LOTS! As I park my car I notice another car jockeying for a parking spot...
A Cadillac Escalade. An attractive, well-dressed gal follows my path into the store.

I love Big Lots. I can easily wander around in these stores for an hour, now and then finding stuff I simply cannot do without for the price!
And that's exactly what happens...
I find a nice pair of behind-the-head Sony earphones that I can use while riding my bike wearing my helmet for $4.99... into the cart they went! Others are doing the same thing...
The store is full of browsers looking for bargains.

I check out and go back across the road to check on SJ. My drive takes me past the "Saturn" car dealership, now closed and empty.
There are few people in the stores. There are lots of kids, walking the mall, seeing and being seen. But few are carrying bags of goods they've bought.

I realize my observations are not scientific. I realize they're simply a snapshot of a certain locale at a certain time of day. But the overall impression is that everyone is being cautious with their wallet.
Big Lots, Walmart, and Costco still seem to be doing well...
Even with the Cadillac Escalade crowd.

05 June 2009

Operating In Our World

Man, it's as nearly perfect as it can be outside-
Cobalt blue sky and a light breeze, 78 degrees with low humidity.
I weeded what the deer have left of my garden, then started tinkering with the old pickup I just bought. (More on that later.)
This weather makes you want to stay out of doors!

When the weather is NOT like today I think about how work gets done. I'm always surprised when I go to visit Big Bubba in Phoenix to see work crews out in temperatures of 110 degrees, but then think, "If they didn't work in these temperatures, no work would ever get done!"
The other night we were watching another episode of "Ice Road Truckers"... they're operating on the "Dalton Highway" in Alaska on this segment. They showed how they prepare trucks to operate in temperatures of -40 degrees and less.
We don't like working in temperature extremes. Our machines don't much like it either. I've done no research on the reasons why, so maybe one of you can educate me, but it seems the reason why is we are limited to using resources formed in our environment, particularly our fuels, lubricants, and cooling fluids. Through our use of chemistry we have learned to operate in more extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. I think we've extended our abilities further into the cold extremes than the hot... witness the two rovers we landed on Mars. Both survive and operate in extreme cold conditions.
Neither we, nor our machines do real well in extended temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and almost nothing works for long above a temp. of 130 or so.

Considering these limitations, how will we ever get up close and personal with the extremes we'll encounter on Mercury, or the toxic environment of Venus? Will we continue to make small technological steps until we can build machines that will work there? Or will we have a "Eureka" moment when someone thinks outside the box and solves the problem with a brilliant idea?
I'm sure it'll be a little of both.

And that journey itself will be fun to watch.

04 June 2009

Obama's Misery, June, 2009 Update

Again, I have to admit surprise- This fiasco is unfolding more slowly than I expected.
But Chrysler and GM are both closing dealerships, so those sales and service facilities will begin to feel the impact. Close behind will be layoffs in trucking and other auto-related industries like tires. Interestingly, auto parts and independent service facilities may experience increased business due to folks hanging onto their cars longer.
California and Illinois are bankrupt and both States are facing massive service cutbacks due to employee layoffs.

Last month's index was 8.12%. This month it barely changed and came in at 8.16%
There is no way the unemployment and inflation numbers will go down over the next months. The only question is, how high and how fast will they go up?
We'll see.

New figures, made available just after I published this post, show unemployment jumped to 9.4 percent, making the revised "Misery Index" 8.66%.
Hang on, we're just gettin' warmed up!

"Maneuverability Is Irrelevant"

Our machines vs. their machines...
Sci-Fi stuff!

03 June 2009

R.I.P., U.S.A.?

I'll paraphrase the question posed at the post here:
What circumstance would move you to violent action against our government?
I was surprised and dismayed to see several comments similar to this one-

Grimshaw says:
June 1, 2009 at 20:27
How big would a moral outrage have to be before you turned to violence? Big. A clear threat to the core freedoms of my family, with no viable alternative options (like leaving the country). Life isn’t exactly miserable in the US, despite all the crap.What prevents you from acting violently up to that point?High personal cost, the ability to live a good, relatively free life now, and the availability of other viable options (like leaving the country or going ‘underground’).

Leave the country?
Yes, he said one of his options was to leave the country!

What in Hell has happened to us? The bastion of freedom... the country millions are willing to risk their lives and break the law by crossing a desert border illegally is indeed being "changed" by our present leadership. I continue to be heartened by the number of patriots willing to raise their right hand and swear "to support and defend the Constititution" in our military. But I also have a growing sense of resignation about the decline of our country that I can only compare to the last two years of the Carter administration.
God help us.

After signing the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin reportedly said to other signers-
"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."
Funny stuff, but deadly serious too. He and all those who signed that document knew his statement was true. And it's true today too... we need to be forming associations with like-minded people and making plans.
Most all of our "Founding Fathers" were well-to-do and could easily have fled the country, but flee to where? Where could they have gone to exercise the freedoms they were seeking? How would things have changed for the better if they hadn't taken a stand?
That is the condition I find myself in today. I HATE what is happening to my country, but tucking my tail between my legs and running is out of the question...
Where would I go that is better?

So I'll also stand. No buggin' out for me.
I certainly hope I don't have to fight...
Been there. Done that. Didn't like it much.

But it's an interesting question... "What would it take...?"
You can read my answer in the comments at the link to the post above. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

02 June 2009

Fifty Feet of Hose

That's an exaggeration. I think. After being drugged with the Demetrol and Versed, they may have dressed me like Corporal Klinger in drag and taken photos to embarrass me later... I can't really say.
But I called yesterday to schedule colonoscopies for me and Sara Jean. I cannot remember when I had my last... was it three years ago? Longer? This will be the first for SJ. It doesn't matter that I've had one before, the Doc still wants to consult with us to check medical histories and to explain what to expect. I asked about two things:

1. During the last procedure the Doc was dismayed to find I had felt considerable discomfort while the last measure of the scope/camera was inserted. He indicated I needed more drugs. Apparently now they knock ya completely out, so we won't remember a thing this time.

2. I asked about the VERY INAPPROPRIATELY NAMED "Golightly". It was BY FAR the most uncomfortable part of my first procedure. (And reading that post indicates it's been longer than I thought... almost five years!)
Through the grapevine I have heard there is now a pill to take that cleans you out without the nasty, salty, boring gallon of Golightly.
They don't use the pill here. We're still gonna have to force down a gallon of weak saline solution.
(Sara Jean is already saying she'll cheat.)
The consult is scheduled for 16 June. Our procedures will be scheduled then, probably sometime in mid-July.

If you're over 50, why not go schedule yours today so we can compare notes?
Farrah Fawcett will be proud of you.

01 June 2009

Just Seven Months Ago-

Rodolfo, remember him? Seven months ago he said,
"This socialism diatribe is a stunt. You need to understand what *future* I'm talking about. I'm not talking about any specific policy. I'm talking about the new generation of voters that's sick and tired of the partisan divide that has dominated the political discourse by you, GB, and your equivalence on the far-left."

Flightfire, remember him? Six months ago he said,
"You need to stop all this ACORN registering to vote crap. Every single report that I've read says the allegations are way overblown."

Seen the news lately boys?
Tell us again... who did you vote for?
And how much debt do you now find yourself responsible for?


As previously noted, our aircraft was approaching a major maintenance event and we had to switch into another BK. That meant moving all the stuff necessary to do the job from one helicopter to another... medical and aviation. Quite a task.
We got a flight almost immediately after the switch, and on the way to pick up our patient my crew was still putting things into their proper places.
Over the intercom my Flight Nurse says, "Was this aircraft in Kansas?"
"No, I think it was in Wisconsin" I respond.
"Well, there's a card here with the pre-programmed frequencies for Topeka, Manhattan, and Witcheeta" he says.
It took a second to resolve...
"Wichita?" I ask.
Paramedic and I begin to laugh heartily.
This Nurse is a good guy and a good Nurse.
But he needed a good nickname.
Now he has one.