20 June 2009

Band Of Brothers

We're watching "Band Of Brothers" on "The History Channel". I've never seen the mini-series in its entirety, but it's obviously a quality piece, attempting to tell the story as true-to-life as possible.
One of the troops on the show is complaining about jumping out of an airplane while carrying his own weight in gear.

You may remember a few months ago I bought a weight vest to wear on our walks. It weighs 20 lbs., and Sara Jean has trouble lifting it. Finished with our 2-mile walk, I can definitely tell I've had a workout.

Our troops in Iraq patrol with some 70 pounds of water, weapon, and ammo, and they do this when the temperature is 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
Most folks these days can't carry their own weight on a 2-mile walk.
Our troops do it as a matter of course, knowing they may be fired upon.

God Bless them all.

The History Channel is running "Band Of Brothers" again tomorrow (Sunday), starting at 12:15 Eastern.
My Tivo is set... how 'bout yours?


ddf said...

I had rented the set from Netflix, one dvd at a time. I always looked forward to hearing the opening theme, knowing that I was going to enjoy the next 90 mins. Great stuff.

camerapilot said...

Our family is very proud to have Charles Durning as a friend. Please look up his name by searching IMDB which is a movie data base.
Charlie is a survivor of D-Day and many other WWII events.
He is a member of those Band of Brothers and a most kind man.
Bless them all.

Crown-n-coke said...

I watched the mini series on HBO, got the DVD set now, It's something I can watch over and over. very powerful. Have to admit it brought more then a few tears to my eyes. Very well done, even if the 2 producers were Hollywood leftists.

the golden horse said...


Thanks so much for the Heads up. I am like you, I have never gotten to watch it either, but wanted to.

Take care and Happy Father's Day to you.
I am going to be grandma really soon and her daddy is out on his ship right now. Bless them all.
We are leaving to be with mommy and baby this week. Hope she waits for us.

Things are a little stressful with NK doing their thing, but we have to believe in our amazing SBX system, which just left here last week, to do her thing out in the Pacific.

Keep this little state in your prayers.

Capt. Schmoe said...

I saw Band of Brothers when originally shown on HBO and have the Boxed Set. In my most humble opinion, the finest mini-series produced by anyone period.

Dick Winters is the kind of leader that we should all model ourselves after. I am sure that to his kids, he is just Dad or Pop; to his grand kids he is grampa; to he his friends he is Dick. The rest of us should call him hero.

He and others like him literally saved the world.

BTW, the same producers are currently making another mini-series on an outfit that fought against Japan in the Pacific. I think that they have finished shooting. I can't wait until its out.

Thanks for the post.

Erik said...

Best series ever. I have all episodes on my pc and watch them over and over again. Especially touching are the statements from the real people portrayed in the series at the beginning of each episode.

cary said...

Speaking of weight a modern soldier carries - it's more than the knights of old wore in their all their shiny armored glory...

Hope your Father's Day was a good one! Hope to see you in July.