30 June 2009

Save The Polar Bears!

Those poor creatures!
Stranded. Starving. Helpless.
We've GOT to do SOMETHING!

So world experts decided to have a meeting and discuss the course to be taken to save these magnificent animals. That meeting will take place this week in Copenhagen. Dr. Mitchell Taylor, who has studied the animals in Canada and the Arctic for 30 years, planned to attend and share his expertise. But he has been denied a seat at the meeting...
It was decided his expert testimony would be "unhelpful".
Sorta makes ya wonder, doesn't it?

In the meantime, an investigation has been launched into the suppression of an EPA report suggesting that information on global warming is out of date and erroneous.
What's goin' on here?
Facts? We already have our minds made up...


Flag Gazer said...

30 years experience vs Gore's neverneverland - why would you be surprised they chose Gore?!!

cj said...

Correction, GB - we don't need no stinkin' facts that disagree with The One's beliefs and positions.

Don't you know that we all need to fall into lock step, the sooner the better?


ddf said...

Looks like the SOP for the current set of "Law Makers"; promote one side of argument, ridicule the other side and push too much paper through to be read. "Oh, the sick and helpless needing health care". The question is, has irreversible harm already been done to this Republic?

The Old Man said...

Yes, ddf.

camerapilot said...

Look up Sylvia Earle.
I have known about her for many years and I wish that more of us would recognize her name and her works, to do so would mean that we have a chance at making our world right and that we could carry on the existence of all species including our own.
Happy 4th.

Greybeard said...

I'm quite familiar with Dr. Earle. I first took notice of her when she was a fairly Hot Babe 40 years ago running around the bottom of the ocean in that "Michelin Man" deep sea suit.
I'd consider and respect whatever she might have to say on the subject, just as I think others should consider and respect what Dr. Taylor has to say.
That's not possible here. They DO NOT want to hear, nor consider dissenting opinion.
(The science is settled, don't you know that Mr. Galileo!)