08 May 2009


I'll never forget it... the first time I saw a photo of Farrah Fawcett.
I was knocked out.
I think the pic was in "Soldier's" magazine, which had a "cheesecake" photo just inside the last page of every issue. (Wonder if that's still the case?)
She's a week younger than me, and now she's apparently at death's door due to rectal cancer.
How sad.
Too often these days we hear of someone discovering a problem and then waiting to see how it progresses before seeing a Doctor... waiting, while time is of the essence.
Too often the problem is something virulent that might have been fixed had the victim seen a Doctor immediately. Our family lost a 44 year old friend three years ago because she waited until her nipple inverted and began to release a discharge before consulting a physician. Right now we are watching a 40-ish family member fight stage four cancer with a problem she ignored too long... now she's hoping experimental drugs that have been used on very few humans will be her salvation.
I rant a lot on this blog, and I don't think ranting is much fun.
But if I touch just one of you and motivate you to do what you oughta be doin' anyway, then my ranting is worthwhile...
Don't wait.
Find something "odd about your bod" that spooks you a little?
What's it gonna hurt to have an expert check it out?
And now I'll heed my own admonishments...
Sara Jean has never had a colonoscopy. I haven't had one in ten years.
I'm scheduling them today. If you're over 50, why not do the same?
Don't wait 'til it's too late.
Let's live and laugh and blog for years to come!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! When I first looked at that photo, I thought it was GH over in Hawaii!

Seriously, you are kind to pass on your advice...thanks, GB.


Crown-n-coke said...

Good advise GB, I had my first scope in my early 40's and had some stuff removed so I get scoped every 3 to 5 years since, so far so good, no cancer. we have another Sears tech who only had days left, his started with lung cancer now spread to most of his organs. We have had a lot of techs with cancer in recent years, only 2 have survived. I quit smoking over 25 years ago, so I got that in my favor, my dad died of liver cancer in 92 or so. I get checked up the waazoo my my doc ever year. Hope to be here a while, but you never know.

camerapilot said...

Good advice. Be aware in everything you.
My mum is Western Band Cherokee. Grandma died last August, almost a 100.
Went to a doctor or I should say a doctor came to her when the hay wagon she was riding fell over and put her in a coma for a week, that was in 1917. Never went to a doctor unless "something was hanging off or pointing in the wrong direction."
Oh those Injuns!
Oh one more thing, Grandmother liked eating doughnuts(powdered) and drinking beer on Saturday mornings while cleaning the yard.
Heya Hey!

cj said...

So, first you nag about seatbelts and now you're adding this?

You trying to save us all, GB?

You're a good man.


the golden horse said...

Yeah, Bo, I don't know where GB keeps getting these old pictures of me.
Good advice all the way around. Got better half to do the test, now to get brave enough myself.

Gotta share this, today, I got carded for buying a six pack of beer. At first, I had no idea what the clerk was saying, then I had her repeat it, boy was I flattered.
Then it hit me, they swiped my ID card, just another way for big brother to follow us. I mean, get real, do I look under 21?
And it wasn't even my beer.