11 May 2009

A Quick Note To Republican Leaders

Big Lose-
Bush (twice), McCain, Specter.

Big Win-
Reagan, Gingrich

Do your homework folks.
2010 is just around the corner.


Erik said...

They said there would be a black president when pigs could fly, 100 days later....... BAMM Swine flue!

CJ said...

GB -

History repeats itself. History repeats itself. History repeats itself.

Four years of Carter were followed by eight years of Reagan.

History repeats itself.


camerapilot said...

Alright you guys & gal's, read this with your best Shakespearean accent....Welcome citizens to the folly of man and behold.
These days are no different from those that were seen by ancient Greeks and Romans. We repeat ourselves and still not learn.
Let us continue, it will not be our end but power will shift most suddenly.
We are a very young state and there is still much that we need to experience as all other countries have done before us.
Heed advice from the past and do not support these politicians who continue burning carts of our money before our eyes. Okay?!!