04 May 2009

Jon Stewart Is Ignorant... Or Why This Nation May Cease To Exist.

Ronald Reagan said it, and more and more I'm seeing how true it is...
"It isn't that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so much that isn't true."

There's another statement we'll all agree is true, attributed in various forms to several authors...
"Those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it."

Our problem today is, most under 30 years of age don't know history. One intelligent commenter here informed me some time back that Jimmy Carter established the Federal Reserve Bank, for God's sake! It's important for those of us that actually do know a little history to remember that these kids, (and I mean no disrespect calling them kids because I'm certainly NOT a kid!), weren't born until 1979, so the only Presidents they truly have any memory of are Clinton and Bush.
The other difficulty is, they get most of their news from boneheads like Jon Stewart and Keith Olbermann.

In a recent interview on his show, Jon Stewart referred to Harry Truman as a war criminal. His reasoning? Because dropping the bomb on the Japanese was unnecessary.
(Like today's bonehead Liberals, he doesn't know the face of true evil. He thinks all Truman had to do was reason with the poor Japanese, and all those lives would have been spared.)
Stewart has since apologized and recanted his statement. I guess even today's pseudo-intelligentsia are subject to public outcry.

There's another statement we ignore at our peril...
History belongs to those writing the history books. Given the time and the right circumstances, history books would show that Hillary truly did land at Kosovo under enemy fire, and that FDR did in fact give his fireside chats over national TV!
This B.S. has gotta stop. And the only way it will stop is for those of us who know history to reveal how stupid Stewart and Olbermann really are.

I need about fifteen minutes of your life.
After these fifteen minutes you'll know why those of us that had WWII Veterans sitting across from us at the dinner table have an advantage over today's 30-somethings. These fifteen minutes will make you at once proud, and will set off the alarm in the back of your head as to how much trouble this nation truly faces. Go here and watch Bill Whittle EVISCERATE Jon Stewart, then send a link to the video to all those you love. Send it to anyone you think still has reasoning power.
Send it to those that voted for Bozama but are now having second thoughts. And if you are moved by the video, consider scrolling down to the "New Members" tab at the bottom of the page and registering...
It's free, and increasing registered members will empower those making such videos to do more.

I'm hopeful it's not too late to turn our troubled country around.
God be with us.



Stewart recanted his Truman comment, saying it was a stupid thing to say. O'Reilly played the segment tonight. Probably find it on youtube.

Crown-n-coke said...

"WHO CONTROLS THE PAST, CONTROLS THE FUTURE, WHO THE CONTROLS THE PRESENT, CONTROLS THE PAST" slogan from Big Brother, Orwells 1984, I must have read that book 10 times and watched the movie 30 times. I was always fascinated by the image the book imprinted in my mind of what a hopeless world it would be if a socialist /communist /totalitarian government ruled the world. I never thought I would ever have to worry that it could happen in this country, until now. The slogan I quoted refers to Winston Smith’s job in the Ministry of Truth which was destroying old news articles if a Big Brother prediction for a ration improvement didn’t come about and rewriting the article to fit what they had accomplished, or if they had to make someone an “unperson” and erase all mention of their existence. So, because Big Brother, or big government being in charge of all forms of media, or having NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, Hollywood, ect. In their back pockets, alter history. They keep the masses believing that their only hope is Obama’s big government. Changing history is the only way they can keep themselves in power and when you have control of virtually all media, the truth fades in a very short time example, you would never know it from reading a paper or watching TV that the economic turmoil we are now racing falls directly in the lap of the liberal big government, ie Frank, Dodd, Clinton, Carter, Johnson. Tell a lie long enough, and loud enough, and it becomes for all practical purposes, the truth. Anybody that has not read Orwell’s 1984, should read it now, or get the movie. It will scare the hell out of you given what we’ve got in the Whitehouse today. Big Brother is watching!

OlePrairiedog said...

Thanks for the link. I registered and forwarded to appropriate folks. Keep them coming GB, I'm listening.