13 May 2009

A Leaf In The Wind

I seldom hope the telephone rings, but today is an exception. Yesterday I completed working 14 of 15 days at my EMS job. Today I have two students scheduled for flight instruction. The forecast is for wind to gust from 15 to 25 with peak gusts of 35 knots in rain and thundershowers. My drive to the airport takes almost two hours, so I wouldn't be crushed if my students both call and ask, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

So I know I'm not mentally at 100%, but who is these days?
And there's more to consider here-

Both these students are rated helicopter pilots building time for their commercial rating. They're less likely to try to kill me while I teach them. Demonstrating how to fly in less-than-normal conditions will be good training for both.
The little guy on one of my shoulders is saying, "Call them and cancel. You've got lots to do here at home!" (We leave for 9 days vacation in Destin on Friday.)
On the other shoulder the little guy calmly says, "There's time to do everything you need to do. These guys will benefit from this training. And they've already been waiting more than two weeks to fly with you."

It's rained a lot here, so my lawn is out of control. Knowing the rain was coming today I mowed in the dark for an hour last night. I've still got to mow the back forty or we'll have lions and tigers and bears lurking there when we get home from vacation.

But I suspect the phone won't ring and I'll drive the two hour drive, then be subjected to being battered around in a tiny helicopter by strong, gusty winds. And my students will learn they too can handle such conditions if they know which situations to avoid.
Truth is, it's the first step that's the hardest. Once I'm on my way my head clears, I relax, and everything seems to make more sense. And I know my students need to know how to deal with difficult weather conditions, and when to put their foot down and say "Nope... not gonna do it."

It looks to be the kind of day we'll make those decisions.

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