01 May 2009

Cabela's Update, 1 May

Still waiting.

Up to this point I've been aware of Cabela's problems and as I have shared with you here, they've been excellent about keeping me notified of progress toward getting me my ammunition.
A review:
I ordered 1,000 cartridges of .30 Caliber carbine ammo on 9 March. The first notice that delivery would be delayed came via email about 3 weeks later. The second email "delay" notice I got from them indicated they expected the hardware in their doors on 24 April.
So now a week later my ears are perked, expecting to hear the approach of the brown truck...


This afternoon I called their customer service 800 number and chatted with Lori, who answered the phone personally after one ring. You can write the rest of this yourself... "still delayed, expecting delivery now by mid-month. Would I like to cancel the order?"
And start this process all over? Ha!
I'll keep you posted.


camerapilot said...

Went online, typed in "9mm ammo shortage in USA." and got an ear full of reasons/excuses for the shortages in .30 cal, 9mm & 5.56. Frankly the info offered left me bewildered. I don't know what to believe.........

Just John said...

I discovered that Cabela's and shipping to FPO addresses is also not a good mix. The ammo shortage issue is a whole different ball of wax though.

Greybeard said...

Thanks for stopping by, Gunny.
Are you saying Cabela's has trouble shipping say, a hunting vest to an FPO address? Wonder why?

Dropped by your blog and notice you're into Geo-caching. I used to love orienteering and finding one of my paramedics is an avid geo cache type was pleased at how similar it is to orienteering.
Neat stuff... I'd love to pursue it when I can spare the time.

the golden horse said...

I still have a sneaking suspicion, that when the date comes and goes of having to register all ammo, you will get yours.

Greybeard said...

That thought crossed my mind, GH.

Polling indicates the issue is moving 180 degrees from gun control advocate's position.
Now, any illogical restriction... ammo OR guns, will be a call to arms for me, and tens of thousands of other "potential domestic terrorists".
Surely they have the sense not to poke that bear...
Don't they?

wksaz said...

If the order to "poke" does come, I think they will not expect the mass mutiny from the "poke-rs" that will certainly follow.

These people know whats up.