13 August 2022

"The Nest"

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus.
And we have differing views on what's best for our kids.
Women are natural nurturers.
Men? "Rub it off! You're okay."

Our son was 39 on his last birthday. While he lived in our home I used to emphasize to my wife that the most important goal for us as parents was to insure he could "spread his wings and fly"... survive in the cruel world as an adult.
She coddled him.
I wanted him to "toughen up".
For the most part, she won that battle. (I won a few.)
He had a Mother AND a Father (parents!)  living in the same home he grew up in.
And I think today that speaks VOLUMES.
He's turned out pretty well. (He's politically conservative!)

How many of these drug-addled, "triggered/woke" young people today had the luxury of a Father who could tie a knot in their ass when they got out of line?
How many Fathers were strong enough to do it?

Broken homes...
I think it might be the MAJOR problem we have in the country today.
And I don't see the problem getting fixed in the near future.


Ed Bonderenka said...


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Children learn from what they see, not hear, IMO. Your example will guide them.

Old NFO said...

That IS the major problem. When there is no male role model, it usually doesn't go well or end well.