19 August 2009

I'm Furious!

This upset me so much I went to bed angry!
I left a comment at that link that I think is worthy of your time, if Bob will publish it and leave it there.


jinksto said...

hah hah hah hah... not sure why he even included that paragraph, it doesn't tie with the rest of the post.

Unfortunately, he's like most Americans. Some are slowly waking up lately but only slowly. Too many are like this fellow. Nothing solid to believe in. Temporary friends and no real home. He misses what he's lost and he can't seem to find what he wants. He doesn't care about the country except on the fourth of July.

I had a brief online chat with one of my Aunts regarding health care who said that because her son didn't have health care and his friends didn't she supported the government option. No thought about how she could get it. No thought about how he should work hard and get a job that provided it. Her only thought was what she could get out of the deal. Bah. Blind.

I'm not defending either of them... or even comparing them. I'm just saying that the "I don't really care" attitude covers a lot of ground. We are at fault, you and I and other soldiers. We've kept our wars in far off lands and kept them safe. Now, when the country needs defending from the inside they fail us and we have to do it ourselves.

His note, is actually something that I've been thinking about lately. Most of my recent posts have been about politics. It's a frustrating, tiring topic and I want to write other things. But, the blog is about me and it's for ME to highlight the things that I'm thinking about. Right now, that's where my mind is so that's what I writ about.

I Love your aviation posts. I like your non-avaition, non-political stuff too. I read your blog as part of my every day effort to form my own opinions about what's going on in the country. Sometimes I agree with you completely, sometimes only mostly. But you often see a side of an issue that I miss in my own investigations so I very much appreciate the political posts too.

Think I'll go write another "I love NC" post now. :)

I'll just leave you my favorite quote from the movie Red Dawn:

The Colonel: All that hate's gonna burn you up, kid.
Robert: It keeps me warm.

Stay warm.

Rita said...

Geez, I po'd now too. Here I was about to go to bed and I'm all riled up now.

Just consider the source.

cj said...


I know you've got thicker skin than that, pal.

This guy needs to understand life is about change, about people moving on with their lives. Good grief. All that angst about growing up.


The Old Man said...

Hate to put some wood on the fire - but read this:

Then be afraid.....

Greybeard said...

Hey Rita-
I just saw a new word today that will interest you:

Interesting, isn't it? In his post "The Bob" admits he "doesn't like to read", yet he makes the claim he wouldn't like me if we were face to face? If he's basing his comments only on my latest stuff, after the election and the idiocy coming out of Washington, how can he think he knows anything about me other than what he's read in my profile?

Yet he calls me sad?
Funny, I think I might like him if I met him.
That's "Might", with a capitol "M".

Rita said...

That's a good word. I think I'll start using that one.

cj said...

GB -

Good job, my man. It was there when I was there.

Like I said - so much angst over life. People change, they grow, they move on. Bob seems to want things to stand still. That's sad and it's just not the reality of life.

If you're like me, you don't go to bed angry. Our lives are not about hatred; they're about passion for the things we care about. Family, loved ones, and our country happen to head that list. We cannot sit idly by while what we love is damaged and perhaps destroyed.

I wouldn't want it to be any other way.


Rita said...

Good reply. I was the anon ahead of you.