13 August 2009

Hurling Day

Man I loved that show! (I hadn't realized until researching for this post that the great Jim Henson was involved with "Dinosaurs".)
"Hurling Day" was one of my favorite episodes and highlights Obama's problem. He must calm his elderly constituency about "Death Panel" problems associated with cutting medical costs.

Two quick thoughts:
1. The left called GWB Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!
But this is the closest thing to eugenics I have seen proposed by any administration and what do we hear from the left? Crickets chirping.

2. If we are fortunate we'll all get very old. Do you want some bureaucrat to decide whether you live or die?


cary said...

I don't even want bureaucrats deciding ANYTHING in my life.

Call me crazy, but I believe the constitution when it talks about "inalienable rights" endowed by my creator... deciding whether or not I want end-of-life care is one of those inalienable rights, I think. If I can afford it, I'll stick around as long as I can.

CG said...

Obama is a Kenyan-born Nazi Muslim planning to euthanize seniors while putting them in concentration camps. The Clintons were drug-runners who murdered Vince Foster.

I guess you really believe all that?

Greybeard said...

You forgot they also murdered Ron Brown, CG.

cj said...

Isn't it amazing how they pull out the same tired old tirade to combat anyone who dares to speak against The One?

Good grief.

Dinosaurs was great, btw. I loved the baby. "Not the mama!"


the golden horse said...

Boy, if there ever was a reason to get the masses to vote during the next election..this is it.

CG, I am disappointed you didn't mention all 50 plus mysterious deaths. But, then again, this was all a smokescreen to get off the subject at hand.