27 August 2009

Just So You Know-

Sinclair thinks I'm filled with hate.
(Interesting... apparently some commenters disagreed.)


The Old Man said...

A man is known by his enemies, amigo. And if you don't exist, who did we eat lunch with?

cj said...

At the risk of being shooed away again...

I posted a response to good ol' Bob.

Had to.


cary said...

If it wasn't you and your lovely bride that TMBWitW, MEG and I had dinner with at Chevy's, then I'm cutting back on my dosage.

He sounds like a liberal - not happy unless everyone else is unhappy about something. Methinks he just wants to bag on you about being involved in your life instead of focusing on flying - because that's what the kind of pilot HE is does - everything rotates around stick time.

Poor guy - sure hope he's not married. The wife wouldn't be able to complete with the sexy lines of a nifty cool chopper.

Rita said...

Recently I attended a party with some friends I have had for years. As my very liberal friend began to rant and rave about politics, I finally managed one apparently "inflamed" comment where I disagreed about whether a certain rock celebrity loved his country.

That single comment had a greater effect than if I had thrown a grenade into the party.

What followed was an interrupted 30 minute tirade about how I was wrong and that my political views were wrong.

Feeling sorry for our hosts, I tried to explain to my friend that we would always disagree, but that I would still love her. No change.

After another 15 minutes, I apologized to my host for daring to disagree with the liberal and proceded to leave the party.

When Bob went to tell our liberal friend goodbye, she still was ranting and raving and then had the audacity to say, "SOME people should keep their opinion to themselves." Given that I had said one sentence and she literally screamed her opinion at all of us non-stop, Bob simply gave her a quick kiss goodbye and said, "Yes Amy, I suppose some people should." I guess her definition of "some people" mean only those who have a differing opinon.

Frankly I enjoy a good political debate with people who are mature enough not to start attacking me personally.

Greybeard said...

Thanks CJ and Rita for your defense of me at his site...
But he's certainly not willing to have a dialogue, is he? He accuses me of being bitter and hate-filled, but he just seems sad to me. Too bad too... the guy can write well when he's not trying to defend the indefensible.

Thanks too, Old Man and Cary...
Two bloggers I've met and enjoyed in person! The warrior brotherhood is something I'm proud to be a part of.

Like you Rita, I'm done over there. Shame too, 'cause when he wasn't ragging on me, his stuff was good.
(I've reluctantly removed his link from my blogroll.)

cj said...

GB -

You're welcome.

Did you see his response - Ted Kennedy wasn't even driving the car?

Good grief. He's a conspiracy theory goof.

Done there.


Cissy Apple said...

Good God! How did I miss this big fight? Hope Bob didn't break one of his perfectly-manicured nails as he was scratching your eyes out.