25 January 2007

A Day For Personal Reflection

Indulge me please. It's a landmark day for me.
Today I'm 60 years old.

Remember my post about "The Ants And the Grasshopper"?
All my life, I've been an Ant.
For years, I have squirrelled away a goodly portion of my earnings for later use, denying my family the instant gratification those funds could have provided in order to have security "when I get old."
And there's the problem- when I started down this path, "old" was when I turned 60, or 62, or 65.

I'm through the first of those gates and I don't feel old.
I'm blessed with health good enough for me to pass a flight physical and pursue my job as a commercial pilot.
Still, I'm 60.
The Army will start paying me a pension I have anticipated for 41 years.
The day is here. I can't believe it.

Now what?
How wonderful to have options... "the first day of the rest of my life".
Life now presents different paths to follow... and I have decisions to make.
How odd that there is stress in making these decisions, even though things have gone pretty much as planned!

Have I run my race? 60, 62, or 65... Is it time to do the cooldown lap?
What a weird feeling.


Terry said...

Happy birthday my friend. Its just a number. How you feel is the direction you go.

Each day is and adventure, with the sights and sounds that fill your mind with happiness.

I think you said that in the many past post.

k said...

Best birthday wishes!

Your body will let you know when to start cooling down. And when it does, people will be there for you like you have been for them throughout your life. It's not just a job, it's karma.

Have a super day!

Flyin Dutchman said...

Hey GB !

Happy Birthday !

As per usual here is my quote for you which I think applies well for anyone who is on the "mature" side of life :)

"Old age, believe me, is a good and pleasant thing. It is true you are gently shouldered off the stage, but then you are given such a comfortable front stall as spectator."
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Happy 60th and another 30 at least of being a spectator :)

Di said...


OlePrairiedog said...

Well, you young whippersnapper, how does it feel really. I didn't notice except for a feeling of relief. We are all growed up now. So I guess, we have to decide what we really want to be now. Scary, Huh.

Many happy returns, my brother, eat the cake.

Flightfire said...

Happy B-day

I'm looking for an explanatiion about something. I know commercial airline pilots are forced to retire at age 60. I beieve this is because of rules relating to receiving an ATP cert. Are there similar rules governing helicopter pilots? Or can you fly under a commercial certificate for your whole life? Thanks

chicpilot said...

Happy Birthday GB! I think being a pilot helps you retain your youth, especially when the guys I work with act like they are 6 most of the time.... So that would put you at about, maybe.... 28? Cheers to you

Anonymous said...

Lead this is Slick,Happy B-day,Now carry on with the next mission,We have hours to log.

The Old Man said...

M' MAN! Been busy enough to miss your birthday (4 more than I). God Bless, fellow old crock - may you have nothing but cold LZs and Donut Dolly runs until ETS from this vale of tears.

My sympathies to Sara Jean iffen you ever retire.....

mkquilts said...

Happy Birthday a little late, my dear friend. I've flown the last six out of seven days - two trips to Tokyo and back. You're about six weeks younger than I am. I didn't mind turing 60. I'm still here, I can still see and hear reasonably well and I can still manage cabin crews on a 777 with the best of them! And, all the pilots are younger and junior to me!! There are some advantages to turing sixty - it doesn't cost as much to go to the movies is just one of them!