04 January 2007

Meet, Greet, Eat, Bleat...

If you're a pilot that Blogs or a Blogger that levitates with no visible means of support, there's something neat in the works you need to be aware of-
The IFR Pilot has started the ball rolling towards a meeting of folks who write Blogs I have read and enjoyed for some time now.

We're in the initial planning stage- still trying to sort out the best place to meet. (Right now, it looks as if we're gonna have access to a lot of Canadian beer).
If you fly and have an interest in meeting and sharing an experience with a bunch of folks with large egos, click this link to add your name to the mailing list.

I think it'll be lotsa fun.
I KNOW it'll be interesting!


Anonymous said...

Hey GB,

I think it will be great also and worst case scenario is that alot of beer will be consumed.

Lots of egos and opinions to be had but don't worry, I respect my elders old man ;)


Anonymous said...

That would be great to get a meeting together like that. As the fiance would say, though...you could probably cut the testosterone with a knife :). Sounds like Sara Jean and my fiance could start a support group. If you or she have any recomendations on how to make it work in such a strange lifestyle, I would certainly be interested! Happy flying.