04 November 2009

Post-Election Questions-

Many pundits have said Obama's Presidency would be considered a failure if he didn't get some form... ANY form of health care reform passed.
Apparently, negative attitudes toward this Obamanation of a bill drove Senior citizens to vote for republicans. What message do you think moderate democrats will take from last night's election? Why is crazy Nancy still pushing for a vote on the bill this week? Is she afraid constituents will further sour on the bill as they learn more about its contents?
Is Obama already a Lame Duck President, less than a year into his first term?

Isn't it amazing? Who'd have thought we'd be entertaining these questions today?

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jinksto said...

I think it's a Democrat's wake up call. Notice how even the liberal media is blowing the addition of two Republican Governors way out of proportion? They don't affect the votes that are coming for Congress.

Here's the conspiracy theory:

The Media plays it up, scaring Democrats.
The white house plays it down pretending to be scared and blowing it off.
Democrats wake up for a minute and profess undying love for Obama while Pelosi rams a healthcare bill through to prove the point. Bet they push for a healthcare bill vote in the next two weeks.

When did I become such a pessimist?