30 November 2009


(I've also seen it spelled "Taqiyya".)
Are you familar with the term? If you are, you're a step ahead of this old rotorhead. I was quite aware of the concept, but had never heard the term to describe it.

The night before Christ's execution, Peter was asked if he knew Christ. Fulfilling prophecy, he denied Jesus three times.

Peter was ashamed and mortified at his own behavior.
Christians are supposed to be strong in their faith...
The faith builds a strong foundation for trust. When you can trust those around you, society can flourish and grow.

Muslims are taught a little differently.
If their lives are threatened they can lie, cheat, and deceive without religious repercussions.
That doctrine is called
What sort of culture is built on such a foundation?

Now, walk another step with me-
When you hear Obama administration officials talk about how closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay and bringing these followers of Allah to the U.S. will strengthen us as a society and build goodwill between us and the rest of the world, think of Taqiya.
When you hear what a terrible thing waterboarding is, think of Taqiya.
When you hear Navy Seals have beaten a Muslim prisoner, think of Taqiya.
When you hear President(?) Obama spent several of his formative years in Islamic schools in Indonesia...
Think of Taqiya!

In spite of what this administration would have you believe, WE ARE AT WAR.
And right now, because we want to believe "everyone is just like us"...
We're losing.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Yes. It is considered ADMIRABLE to LIE to infidels.

Imagine that.


cj said...

Yet another reason to value the 'religion of peace'...

It's time to wake up.