25 November 2009

Thanksgiving Outrage

I am SO thankful for those still ready to be our sword and shield, since I'm getting too old to carry them myself.
I am outraged at those in my government that still don't seem to have gotten the message that we are at war and must fight those who would deny us our future Thanksgiving Days.
If I knew where to march, I'd grab my pitchfork, light my torch, and call for you to do the same.

Bizarro world!

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cj said...

I've been trying to think of a way to frame a post on this very same thing but haven't come up with anything I like.

I like this, however, so thanks. It's an upside down world, isn't it?

A white cop is tarred and feather as a racist, no facts known, by the president...

While a radical Islamist hides in plan sight in the Army until he kills 13 people in the name of Allah... and the president says we shouldn't rush to judgement.

A terrorist is caught and winds up with a bloody lip... after he engineered the deaths of four Americans... yet it's the SEALS who are on trial.

I know where I can get my hands on some pitchforks, btw.



Too Old? I think not. I can see you piloting a helo with mini-guns mounted and blazing away. Am I right? You bet I am.

Get well soon, and all my best to your better half and to your son.