05 November 2009

We Want Cyrano!

Sara Jean says, "We should elect the guy that writes Obama's speeches."
Many times, she is the wisest person in the room.


Rita said...

Well, maybe, except for the idiot that today had Obama give his speech on the killings in TX.

Honestly I was shocked that he first proceeded to talk about whatever stupid conference he was at for at least a full minute before he bothered to say anything about the shooting in TX.

What kind of president wouldn't have led off with the tragedy FIRST and then addressed whatever nonsense conference he was attending?

Just shows where his priority really is.

Greybeard said...

Do you think that was a written speech, Rita? It was as bad or worse than anything GWB ever did, and he always had that "Deer-in-headlights" look when he gave speeches.
I think Cyrano COULD NOT have done worse.

Rita said...

I take it back, it was a full two minutes before he said he had more remarks he wanted to say about the conference, but apparently then felt the need to mention Ft. Hood. I spent those two minutes yelling at the screen asking what in the name of God was he talking about.

I don't know who's decision it was for him to walk out and first carry on as usual. All I know is that I doubt his words brought any comfort to anyone at a time where you look to the President to do so.

jinksto said...

I didn't get past his crediting a Congressional Medal of Honor "winner" to a NON Congressional Medal of Honor recipient in his goofy little "shout out". Turned it off after that. In one sentence he insults every man who has ever served and died for the country and in the next he delivers dry words of condolence.

cary said...

Uhm, I think he, uhm, wasn't on a uhm, prepared speech. I uhm believe he was uhm not on the uhm teleuhmprompter either, I think uhm he was uhm speaking uhm off uhm the uhm cuff.

And badly.

Why do the liberals bash GWB for not jumping up and scaring hell out of the kids he was reading to, but give Obummer a pass for his obviously fouled up set of priorities?