28 October 2008

Three Generations, From "Greatest" To "Gimme".

My Dad was a World War Two Veteran.
Awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star, at our dinner table he was a living history lesson.
Looking around at my contemporaries I find most of them also had live, talking examples of what it takes to preserve the freedoms granted to us in the Constitution sharing their homes.
Everyone calls them "The Greatest Generation".
When needed, they didn't shirk...
They answered the call.

The next generation, my generation, was different.
Many were like me...
Raised by a brave, unselfish man, there was no question what I had to do when I was called.
Running to Canada was out of the question.
Getting married to avoid duty was out of the question.
I served.
But many, for whatever reason, did not. I've heard all the explanations...
"Illegal", "Immoral", "Unnecessary".
If you agree with that line of thought, come talk to some of my Vietnamese friends.
Prepare to be embarrassed, or worse.

Now comes the "Gimme" generation.
Some of them come here and comment.
Intelligent and quite able to speak their minds, they have all the answers to life's problems because they were raised in an environment where self-esteem was all-important.
Many have never felt the sting of switch or belt against their buttocks as children...
That would hurt their egos. That would embarrass them.
Better to use logic with them, right?
Rationalize with a precocious 7 year old.

But what has that attitude gotten us?
Selfish, self-centered kids, raised in a poor teaching environment, they have almost no ability to discern what is best in the long-term for themselves, for their children.
They are young enough to have never seen the abject failure that Socialism has brought in EVERY country that has tried it.
(One misguided soul responded that Socialism was successful in Sweden.
She had no idea of the social unrest there, and also didn't know Sweden is slowly moving towards Capitalism to resolve problems. They're also considering joining NATO because they cannot afford to defend themselves against aggressors.)

So here we are, facing an important election with large numbers of these "me!" generation kids fainting to the sounds of the most unqualified, misguided man to ever run for the office of President of the United States.
No amount of logic seems to make a dent...
"Don't confuse me, I already have my mind made up."

In spite of millions and millions being spent... lots of talk with nothing being said... our only hope is that many of these kids have actually turned out pretty well... (take a look at our all-volunteer military.)

The poll numbers ARE tightening.
Is the "in the tank" big media in for a huge surprise?
Won't surprise me.


Autorotate said...

I can't believe my generation. Seriously it is absurd. I am thankful my parents were a bit older than most and they actually were AROUND, unlike many today.

Anonymous said...

"the most unqualified, misguided man to ever run for the office of President of the United States."

so in your opinion, George W. Bush makes a better president than Obama ever could be?

rodolfo said...

You're being too dramatic about this. The McCain campaign and GOP operatives have tried every fear mongering trick in the book and this whole socialism diatribe is just the latest. What's pathetic is just how blatantly overt they've been deploying these generated smears to the masses hoping that one will stick. Pathetic.

In other words vote for Senator McCain because he's NOT:

-Jesus the Messiah
-Left Wing Liberal
-Unaccomplished Elite
-Black Liberation
-have friends from the 60s

It makes no sense and appears desperate and cynical.

Is this what the Greatest Generation has succumbed to in their golden years? Mindless witch-hunting?

cj said...

You've hit the nail right on the head - it's Generation Me and they have no clue that anything or anyone could possibly mean more than they do to themselves.

If you look at what Obama is promising there's little wonder why it appeals to Generation Me.

Strangely enough, however, I will be thankful for one thing, on a personal level - Obama managed to get my lodest niece interested in politics. She's at the very beginning of her political awareness and I have faith that she, like me, will grow up and leave her misguided liberal beliefs behind.

Our fathers, btw, are another thing we have in common. Mine was in the Air Force during WWII.

Faith, my friend. I'm hopeful we'll see a 'Dewey defeats Truman' moment next week.


Scoon said...

Have you ever wondered how many of the so called 'gimme' generation - including some that comment here - have served actively in the Iraq conflict?

Perhaps even lost limbs, and known people who lost their lives?

Being in the military doesn't restrict you to certain political views. Only your narrow-mindedness does.

But I guess you know so much about just about everthing that it can't possibly be the case...

can it?

Michael said...

I had the snerk pleasure of speaking with someone on the DCCC on some of the ads that they were running in the state of Georgia yesterday and the guy actually hung up on me.

I wasn't that surprised but he was quite rude.

I am a supporter of the fairtax because is makes sense. I am a supporter of McCain for many reasons and they are all moral reasons. I have a problem with a candidate who states that he doesn't want his children punished with a child if they make a mistake. If you don't want a child then keep your pants on.

jinksto said...

I think I'm starting to like rodolfo... He lists a lot of great reasons not to vote for Obama. Thank You Sir, for the summary of reasons.

I don't agree with some of your list and typically you've added in a few that haven't been raised by ANYONE of EITHER party in your own attempt at real misdirection. Given this, how is your comment not a "smear" itself?.

Socialism is what it is. The definition is freely available to everyone and it's easy enough to compare the policies to the definition. I saw the Obama speech where he denied that his policies are socialism by saying, in effect (that means "to paraphrase"), "because I don't want them to be". The policy defines itself regardless of the intent.

You say that Republicans have been Overt in criticism of Mr. Obama and you say it like it's a bad thing. The opposite of overt is covert... which, in previous comments here you've also accused the McCain campaign of doing.

Which do you prefer? I think I prefer a candidate that will stand up and say, "this person took these actions. Here is the proof. I don't agree with these actions and that's why I think that I'm the better candidate". It's not a "smear" just because you don't think it's "bad". It's not a "smear" because these things are documented and easily proven. My definition of "smear" starts with, "an untrue statement". It's possible that I'm wrong in that.

Greybeard didn't say that his generation was the Greatest Generation. He said his fathers was and I, personally, think that he was right.

As for witch hunts... I think sometimes they might just be justified if there's a big sign out there that says, "Here there be witches!" and your princes keep getting turned into frogs for no apparent reason.

OlePrairiedog said...

Message to anonymous and Rudolfo.


Open your eyes and read what you wrote or have someone read it to you.

cj said...

Hey, Scoon -

Those serving in our military are the exceptions to the rule.

I deal with members of "Generation Me" ever day at work. I know how they think and act and it saddens me no end, believe me. I wish it was different and I'm thankful for those exceptions that can still give me reason for hope.


Flightfire said...

Every generation thinks it's better than the one that follows it. You're not special. The founding fathers probably thought that everyone was screwing up their ideas. You can bet the southern slave owners thought the country was going to hell in a handbasket after the war. Some of the Greatest Generation still can't get over the fact that a black man is running for president.

I do appreciate you calling me and all my friends selfish bastards though. Does this include your son, or is he different somehow?

Greybeard said...

He is strikingly different from others in his generation, FlightFire.
He has CLASS, and respects what his elders have done for him.