05 October 2008

OTD@Destin, October 2008

Out The Door.
We've been here 9 Days. As always, time passed too quickly.
We've gained a few pounds and a lotta memories.

Have you ever been here?
I recommend it.
We're looking forward to our next trip down already.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't find a way to contact you directly so I'll ask here, and I do not mean any offense by posting here under this very sad story, but...

Do you know of a way to shove BLACK text color down to Google Reader and the like (RSS, Atom, etc.) instead of having the individual stories' text color follow all the way down out of your blogspot site itself? Most feed readers' configs, such as Google Reader, do bring the text color that you use here all the way down into their apps and we're having to highlight your text to see it on the white background used there.

Love the blog. Thanks for keeping it public. Many of my favorite blogs (hello, Teller, we miss you!) have been forced to go private for some reason and we miss them dearly.

Hopefully this comment will not be deemed 'stupid' or otherwise and as such, gleefully rejected, but I could certainly see how it might be. Geez, actually, it seems likely at this point after a cursory review but I'm gonna roll the bones...

-A. Coward

Dr. J said...

Glad liked our gem, Destin!

Y'all come back and visit again!

Maybe our site can be helpful for the weight and balance :-)

Greybeard said...

I almost deleted your comment thinking it was spam, Anon, until I read your reference to friend teller.
I'm pretty much a functional illiterate on computers, so I don't know the answer to your question, but maybe someone else can help you.

And rejecting comments?
It's odd how seldom I am "gleeful".