23 October 2008

For FlightFire-

In comments to a post below, FlightFire stated that voter registration shenanigans weren't a problem so long as the citizen only voted in one location.
This article should be a "gentle education".
No charge, FF.
You're welcome.

Think "Voter Fraud" WILL NOT be an issue on 5 November?


rodolfo said...

This whole ACORN stunt has been widely overblown. The fact is there is no evidence to suggest there is a *systematic* attempt by ACORN to steal the election. It was ACORN themselves who turned in the fake registration to authorities and fired those canvassers who tried to take advantage of the system.

What is true is that ACORN needs a new policy on their hiring process and how they compensate their employees. If the employee essentially work for commission they'll naturally try to cheat the system. by fudging their numbers. It's not right but that's human nature sometimes.

What's important is that voter registration fraud isn't tied to the Obama campaign. If you really want to make a big deal about it ask yourself this:

Why did Senator McCain give the keynote speech at an ACORN rally back in 2006?

You seem to know a lot about voter fraud GB. Any personal stories you'd like to share?

Greybeard said...

And I'll try just one more question, Rodolfo, and if you don't answer it, I won't respond to any more of your trying to cover up Obama supporters feces:
Which candidate does ACORN support, and therefore which candidate is most likely to benefit from their law-breaking?
Simple question.
Your simple answer?

rodolfo said...

The answer to your question will only be relevant should there be a 51-49 split. That's what your team is hoping for and that's why there's this systematic push by you and the GOP to make ACORN a national issue. I'm hoping for a blowout. It's the only way to put to rest the failed politics of the past eight years.

Greybeard said...

Since you refuse, I'll answer the question for you.
ACORN, perpetrator of much fraud this election season, has endorsed Obama.

rodolfo said...

Of course you fail to mention it's voter *registration* fraud as opposed to actual *voting* fraud. Big distinction.

And why are Al Qaeda supporters endorsing McCain?


Is John McCain a secret scary Muslim???

Greybeard said...

You heard it here, folks.
Okay with Rodolfo!

cj said...

Rodolfo -

You cannot seriously be that stupid. You just can't be.

But, let's talk radical endorsements for Obama - like the leaders of Hamas, Iran, Cuba, etc, etc, etc...


texasnana said...

Hey Rodolfo - I could be wrong but I am guessing you are not a Fox News fan? LOL