08 October 2008

Do Something, Even If It's Wrong.

I came home from work and went right to the bathroom to get rid of what remained of the two cups of coffee I had earlier. She followed me. When I noticed the wallpaper had been changed she asked, "What d'ya think?"
I didn't like the change, and told her so.
Of course she was disappointed...
She had done a great job, and assumed I'd be pleased.
But we both liked the wallpaper she had covered. It had been on that bathroom wall since we moved into this house, and she grew tired of it. I still liked the old paper.
She did too. But it had been up there a while, so on a whim she decided to change it. We left the "changed" paper there, and I still don't like it as much as the previous wall covering.

You've gotta be careful of change.
It's not always a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Yes we should tread carefully...always. But Change is the one true constant. Sometimes certain situations demand it.

cj said...

I agree with Rodolfo to a certain degree, but change simply for the sake of change, with no clear cut plan, is foolhardy at best.