29 October 2008

Half And Half

From a comment to a post at Epi's blog-

Him: "You know, he's half black and half white. Is it the black part you don't like or the white part?"

Me: "It's not the black or the white, it's the red."

My feelings exactly.


cj said...




Lots of this type of conversation going on. My experience of late is that it's taking a toll on friendships. Honest research leads to informed opinions, but that seems to be rare.

Anonymous said...

soo...you would`nt mind at all Sarah Palin being your President and Commander in Chief in case McCain should decease in the next 4 years?
just wondering..

cary said...

No, I wouldn't mind at all. That presupposes McCain winning. Are you ready to concede the election on behalf of the Obamanation?

Let's turn that around, too - are YOU ready to accept Biden as commander in chief, in case some racist idiot decided to assassinate Obama in the next four years?

So much for change, if that happens...

cj said...

Anon -

Yup, I'm perfectly comfortable with Governor Palin as President if something were to happen to McCain.

And Cary asks a valid question - how do you feel about Biden being president?


rodolfo said...

Senator Biden went through an experience that perhaps none of us here could attest to going through. But Joe the Biden got back up and turned lemons into lemonade. The guy's a fighter and I'll be fine with either Barack or him as President.

cj said...

Rodolfo -

Which experience would that be? His getting caught for plagarizing speeches?
No, I would think you're talking about the horrible accident that claimed the life of his wife and child.

While I haven't lost anyone in a traffic accident, I have policed them and held the hand of person who lay trapped inside a car, dying. It's not fun.

I would be more impressed had Biden not tried to claim political mileage out of the accident by make it into something it never was, however.