13 January 2009

Moron Global Warming, Part Deux-

More sea ice, BY FAR, than expected?
As someone who watches weather hourly, I've warned ya before how these idiots cannot forecast weather accurately for three days from now, much less three years/20 years hence.

So Polar Bears may not be in trouble?
Someone warn the Seals!


Anonymous said...

Any one pay attention to the recent study released by the National Academy of Sciences on the dire consequences of future major solar storms? One of the points was that the sun is in a lull right now. Funny how that coincides with the cooler temps and increased ice. You can't get anyone but FOX to admit it and draw a parallel between solar activity and temps on earth! Infuriating!

jinksto said...

This is SO obviously due oil shortage earlier this year. People drove less because of the higher oil prices which caused fewer greenhouse gases which caused the temperature to plummet... why are you repuglicans so blind!

Of course, we should leave the polar bear on the endangered list!!! If we don't, someone might eat one or something. It's ok if bears are eating the seals... "save the seals" is SOOO last century!! They can even eat a whale if they want!

(note for those who don't see the obvious jest in this comment.... please forgive me... (of course this departure in global warming is purely because The One got elected... I mean, that's obvious, right?))