22 January 2009

The Obama Irony

I relieve stress in my life by trying to see humor when things are going wrong. Almost always they could get worse, so I joke and hope they don't.

We have now elected a Marxist/Socialist President.
His number one advisor, Michelle, is also a Marxist/Socialist, only she is bitter and more vocal about it than he. So I'm forced to turn to humor...

It could always be worse, right? And I fear it soon WILL BE.
And it is there that I find black humor and great irony. Let me explain:
Most of us would agree Obama would not have been elected without the overwhelming support of folks under age 25. When Obama starts nationalizing and socializing much of private enterprise, who will be hurt worst by those actions?
The young... because they have the least seniority and they will have to suffer longer for those mistakes.

A few quick thoughts to illustrate:
He intends to spend a super-quadrillion dollars to stimulate the economy. Where will that money come from? I'm hearing he has two choices- Raise taxes or increase the money supply.
-Raising taxes is counter-productive for a man that wants to increase the number of jobs and lower the unemployment rate... Increasing taxes runs marginal companies out of business and motivates solvent businesses to move where the tax load is not so burdensome. So raising taxes is not a happy option.

-Increasing the money supply makes every dollar worth less. Print a little more money, all dollars are worth a little less. Print a lot more money, and the U.S. begins to look a lot like Zimbabwe, where it takes a swimming pool full of money to buy a gallon of milk...
Again, not a happy path to take.

Some of us are old enough to remember a commercial for "Fram" oil filters that had the kicker, "Pay me now, or pay me later". The idea of the commercial was that you could spend a little more money for a Fram oil filter, or you could suffer damage to your engine that would cost you an order of magnitude more.
In my opinion, that's the crossroad we face today. We can suffer some today... let Darwin do his work and allow weak businesses, to include financial institutions and automobile manufacturers to fail, or-
We can choose to spend a ton of money on those failing entities to prop them up and pay geometrically more later because of our mistake.

So young folks, you got what you wanted. And because of your choice we will all suffer, but you young-uns will suffer more and longer. With a Marxist/Socialist President (and Congress) it is obvious which choice we are about to make.

Keep an eye on my "Misery Index" posts...
Can Obama beat Jimmy Carter's record high?
Sure he can... Obama is "The One"!


cj said...

Good point but not much comfort. I love some of those young 'uns mightily...


Greybeard said...

The school of hard knocks, CJ...
Actions have consequences.
And the sooner they learn that fact the better.

The Old Man said...

This is the "tough love" the social scientists are so enamoured of. Fortuantely, there is a group of young'uns who are going to have to redirect the Ship of State. We're related to some of the tough ones, and some of their friends are of the same stripe.
We're living in interesting times...

Bumps Stump said...

Greybeard . . . Okay. Obama won. Why did this disaster happen? In no particular order: @ Many Blacks voted for him because he is Black and had no interest or knowledge of his radical socialist agenda. @ He raised and spent millions more on his well greased candidacy than his opponent spent. @ Republicans (Bush) was unfairly blamed for the war in Iraq, slow federal response to Katrina, and not finding Bin Laden. @ The "hate Bush campaign" and the far left biased media put the nail in the Republican coffin. @ Then the Republican Party Leadership selected a candidate that has represented less than 2% of the party, has a record of being the worst Republican Senator in years and rarely supports his party's programs. @ Then Sen. McCain proceeds to select a totally unknown Governor from one of our least populated states who is then unfairly thrust into the arena and expected to be a wizard in foreign policy and military management.

Greybeard . . . We are in for a disaster.

You've a great blog.


Anonymous said...

GB-JUST SO YOU KNOW - I chose to have a root canal instead of watching "The Messiah" take the Oath of Office. Your feelings on his/her presidency are the same as mine, by the way.


Greybeard said...

Ahh, but Bo, you and I were raised to be responsible for our own actions.
(And we LOVE our root canals!)
So we're different from all the rest, doncha know!

texasnana said...

GB - I tried so hard to get my daughter to understand that Obama is a Socialist and his presidency would be bad for the country. Unforturnately, I was not thoroughly convinced McCain was any better (dang! Pittsburgh won) When I expressed my concern over the "stimulus package" her reply was "why, I want my share". Their lives have been so easy they do not have any idea what is ahead. They are so consumed with the latest episode of Lost, The HIll, etc. they do not grasp the reality of every day life. My prayer is we will see a new emergence of true conservative leadership much like the Raegan era and/or another Newt Gingrich hiding in the wings waiting for the right moment. We cannot survive too many more years of Harry & Nancy. On the other hand, if this is it, I sure hope our children remember all the years we took care of them.

Greybeard said...

I've said it before, TN...
Me, me, me, me, me!
And consider this-
Your kids were raised in a Christian home and OUGHT to know better! (How does a Christian vote for someone with this attitude toward abortion?)
Imagine all the kids out there that were brought up in the ME-ME system!

My offspring was not swayed by the hysteria, thank God...
don't know how I would have handled it if he had.
But you are right on one thing-
I was not gonna vote for McCain until he selected Sarah. After he selected her I actually thought there might be hope for some Conservative ideas.
Still, my conscience is clear.
Bring on the turmoil...
I'll sit back and smile and think to myself, "Told ya so!"

texasnana said...

She believed the platitudes P.O. released when his stance on abortion was publicized. I think she also got caught up in "change" - it was an emotional decision rather than a thought out practical one. I tried to tell her what the Carter years were like - but of course she chose to believe the media rather than her ultra conservative political junkie mama. I won't deny the historical significance of his winning the election; like Limbaugh I hope I am wrong about his intent for this counry - but if I am right, I too hope he fails.