17 January 2009

Flight 1549

The aircraft enters view from left to right at about 3:31 into the tape. Amazing.
Well done, crew!


Anonymous said...

I agree, pretty amazing.
Lots of good decisions being made by pilots and crew.
Great job by the ferry boats and all rescue teams.
Hats off to all involved.
John K

Epijunky said...

Amazing footage...

The shot of all of those people standing on the wings of that plane... Wow.

cj said...

What an amazing feat. The pilot and his crew are true heroes.

Oh, and I have the plane showing up at about the 2:04 mark.


Epijunky said...

Hey CJ, I think GB was talking about the timestamp that is embedded in the video as opposed to the time of the video clip... If that makes sense.

It threw me off too.

cj said...

Epi -

Thanks for catching that! I was going by the Youtube counter...